episode recap

Coffee Prince episode 17 recap

It’s the final episode of “Coffee Prince”! Eun Chan goes to Italy, everyone cries and then, we fast forward two years.

Coffee Prince episode 15 recap

Yoo Joo warms up to the idea of marriage, Han Gyul repeatedly proposes to Eun Chan, but Eun Chan has a five year plan.

Coffee Prince episode 14 recap

Han Gyul’s family are shocked by his relationship with Eun Chan and the possibility that he might stay in Korea. Yoo Joo reveals her pregnancy to Han Seong.

Coffee Prince episode 13 recap

Han Gyul invites Eun Chan to join him in New York. Eun Chan feels the pull of familial obligations. Yoo Joo reappears in Han Seong’s bed.

Coffee Prince episode 12 recap

After much individual moping, and cheer leading from everyone else on the sidelines, Han Gyul and Eun Chan reconcile.

Coffee Prince episode 11 recap

Han Gyul finds out the truth about Eun Chan. Mr. Hong plays cupid. Yoo Joo and Han Seong don’t trust each other.

Coffee Prince episode 10 recap

Han Gyul struggles to get over Eun Chan, the Coffee Princes put on a concert, and Yoo Joo gets an offer from her ex-boyfriend she can’t refuse.

Coffee Prince episode 9 recap

Han Gyul and Eun Chan enjoy being sworn brothers, until an overnight trip to the beach pushes Han Gyul past his limits.