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Coffee Prince episode 5 recap

Min Yeop quits his job, Han Gyul saves Eun Chan from an oncoming car, and The First Shop of Coffee Prince team go on a retreat.

Coffee Prince episode 4 recap

Han Gyul and Eun Chan remain prickly with each other. The First Shop of Coffee Prince has its grand opening, then suffers a dry spell.

Coffee Prince episode 3 recap

Eun Chan spends the night at Han Gyul’s, Yoo Joo and Han Seong play footsie, and the First Shop of Coffee Prince staff assemble.

Coffee Prince episode 1 recap

“First Shop of Coffee Prince” burst off the screen and into Kdrama fans’ hearts in 2007. Join us as we do episodic reviews that…

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon episode 14

Bong Soon attempts to live an ordinary life, Min Hyuk helps with the transition, and the Dobong-dong kidnapper is out for vengeance.