episode recap

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon episode 6

Min Hyuk and Gook Doo are sending mixed signals to each other and to Bong Soon, and Bong Soon’s grandmother comes by for a visit.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon episode 5

The kidnapper hits closer to home, forcing Bong Soon into action, while Gook Doo and Min Hyuk can’t stop thinking about Bong Soon.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon episode 4

Min Hyuk gets shot, Bong Soon carries him in her arms, and Gook Doo is busy worrying about Bong Soon`s safety instead of his unfaithful girlfriend.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon episode 3

Bong Soon sleeps over at Min Hyuk’s, Gook Doo introduces his girlfriend to a potential rival, and the Dobong-dong assailant strikes again.

Goblin episode 16

It’s the finale of “Goblin”! Have the box of tissue paper ready!

Goblin episode 15

Shin and Eun Tak are finally reunited, while Yeo and Sun are conclusively separated. But there are still dark clouds on the horizon.

Goblin episode 14

Eun Tak loses her memories but not her emotions, Shin comes back from a frozen wasteland, and suddenly we’re back in Québec City!