episode recap

Oh Hae Young Again episode 9 recap

Hae Young’s emotions finally boil over with Do Kyung, Jin Sang and Soo Kyung have some romantic adventures, and Tae Jin is back in the pictures.

Oh Hae Young Again episode 7 recap

Hae Young fights against humiliation and roadblocks to loving Do Kyung, while Do Kyung fights to remain indifferent towards her.

Oh Hae Young Again episode 6 recap

It’s Hae Young’s birthday so she’ll get some cake with Do Kyung and some routine humiliation. More is revealed about why the other Hae Young left Do Kyung at the altar.

Oh Hae Young Again episode 5 recap

Hae Young finally discovers who Do Kyung’s ex-fiancée is, and plots to make her jealous. Do Kyung becomes an unwilling participant in her plans.