Friday Feature: Party party

Noonas Over Forks turns one year old on January 20. Join in on the party by playing our official soundtrack.

Friday Feature: Toppo Sticks review

Who doesn’t love a pretzel stick with creamy filling? It’s Friday, so read on to see which flavour of the Lotte company’s Toppo sticks…

Friday Feature: Model/Actors

When you’re tall and good-looking, why limit yourself to one profession? It’s the start of a new year, so let’s take a moment to…

Friday Feature: Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a shopping holiday on December 26. People line up and get into physical altercations to save money. What K-drama door crashers…

Friday Feature: Actor/Singer

Why simply stick to one branch of the Korean entertainment industry when you can dominate two of them? We assess the success of Korean…

Friday Feature: One good thing

The entire series may be going down in flames, but some actors soldier on, making the most of the situation. Here are the actors…

Friday Feature: Favourite Villains

Ever watch a drama for a character you love to hate? It’s Friday, so let’s reminisce about our favourite villains.

Friday Feature: Make me pretty

Korean skin care is quite the industry, even by North American standards. We sample a few and report the results.

Friday Feature: Shrimp chip showdown

How much variation can there be on the packaged shrimp cracker? Not much, but enough for me to form an opinion and rank them.

Friday Feature: Oh no, not again

There are some K-drama tropes that we see coming a mile away, and dread like a migraine. We outline the warning signs of pain…