Goblin episode 12

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Episode Recap

Both death god, Yeo (Lee Dong Wook), and restaurant owner, Sun (Yoo In Na) mope about the fact that they can’t be together. Meanwhile, new high school graduate, Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) is obsessed with a diary entry she found in the room of the goblin, Shin (Gong Yoo). Her attempts to decipher it reveal to Shin and Yeo that playboy Duk Hwa (Yook Sung Jae), who translated part of the letter for her in the first place, is not what he seems.

When Shin and Yeo go to confront Duk Hwa in a nightclub, they discover that he’s been possessed by God all along. Unfortunately, their time with God is brief as God berates them for bemoaning their fates. He tells them that fate is simply a question he asks humans, and it’s up to them to answer. With that, God makes his exit from Duk Hwa’s body, leaving Yeo to hold back an angry Shin from a bewildered Duk Hwa.

Meanwhile, the only female death god (I guess we don’t sin as much, huh?) gets a visit from evil ghost, Joong Heon (Kim Byung Chul) urging her to touch Sun and find out who she is. When she eventually does, the female death god discovers that she was Joong Heon’s henchman in the past.

In the meantime, Yeo’s moping is interrupted by the arrival of the death card for Chairman Yoo. Shin is broken-hearted by the news, but Duk Hwa takes it especially hard, since he was a disappointment to the Chairman. Duk Hwa vows to become just like his grandfather, and be a support for Shin.

When putting out the trash at work, Eun Tak is confronted by Joong Heon, who takes great joy in revealing to her that Yeo is actually Wang Yeo, the king who ordered Shin and Sun’s death in the past. Eun Tak is shocked enough to be unable to study, but when Yeo meets her at school and offers the theory that he’s either Wang Yeo or Joong Heon, she says nothing.

Yeo can’t take the suspense anymore, and goes to meet Sun. She’s excited to see him, but Yeo has other plans; he tells Sun that a death god’s kiss will make her remember her past life, and kisses her. Thrown back into her past life, Sun remembers the final fight of Kim Sun (Kim So Hyun) and Wang Yeo (Kim Min Jae), where he forced her to choose between him and Shin. Overwhelmed by her memories, Sun can barely get the words out to tell Yeo that he’s part of her past life. Heartbroken, Yeo erases all of her bad memories, and all of her memories of him.

Shin comes to the restaurant the next day on a lame pretext to see Sun, and brother and sister are finally reunited, as she reveals her newly returned memories of him. But, his happiness is bound to be short-lived as ominous signs pile up everywhere: Yeo receives a death card for Eun Tak, and Eun Tak can no longer see ghosts. Shortly after, Yeo discovers in the middle of a baduk game with Duk Hwa that the phantom pains in his chest started the day that Shin sent up lanterns for Kim Sun and Wang Yeo.

As Shin drives her home that day, Eun Tak reveals that she met Joong Heon, but doesn’t mention the revelation of Yeo’s true identity. Instead, Shin hears this news from a gleeful Joong Heon himself, when he eventually finds him.

Enraged, Shin searches for Yeo, even going so far as to ask Sun if she knows where she is. She says nothing, but in the end, Shin finds Yeo for himself at the Buddhist temple where Shin keeps altars for the dead.

As Yeo ponders his regrets towards Sun and Shin, Shin himself appears and puts a hand at Yeo’s throat, telling him that General Kim Shin has come see his majesty.


It’s no wonder that we had an appearance by God, and a baduk match this episode, because it looks like the board is finally set up for the end game. God did his bit in putting the pieces in place, and now it’s time for them to make their moves. Is Yeo going to run away? Is Shin going to kill Yeo? Will Joong Heon be able to tear everyone apart again?

I feel kind of bad for Shin in this situation, because his anger has nowhere to go. Killing Yeo will bring precious little satisfaction, because Yeo doesn’t remember his time as Wang Yeo. Instead, all he has are his regrets for what he now knows he did, and his longing for both Sun and Shin. Even worse, I don’t even know that a goblin can kill a death god (especially since he’s already dead), so even if Shin’s anger carries him past the first problem, he may be out of luck.

Which is probably good, because Shin is in danger of making the same mistakes that Yeo did in the past, and letting Joong Heon manipulate him into destroying the things he loves and the people who really care about him.

I’m not going to go on and on here, but I only have a few other things to say. First, that scene with Yeo and Sun was pretty devastating, and frankly, I’m more invested in these two than our lead couple. Second, Kim Min Jae’s eyebrows are basically perfect and I envy them wholeheartedly. Third, Joong Heon is legit creepy, which is probably why I didn’t recognize the actor from his goofy role in “Shopping King Louis”. Fourth, did Sun not tell Shin where Yeo was because she was protecting Yeo or because she had no memory of him? Fifth, does Lee Dong Wook’s hotness increase exponentially with facial hair? Is that just me? Sixth, I enjoyed this episode, but I would enjoy this show more if Euk Tak and Sun had something to do other than look concerned, goof around, and cry. Just throwing that out there.

Goblin (쓸쓸하고 찬란하神-도깨비)

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  • I know that scene where the grim reaper kisses Sunny was needed for the story to move along but I wasn’t sure if I liked it. All I could think was whether she really wanted to know about her past coz no where in the episode did she say that she wanted to. Or did I miss that part? It just takes the choice out of her hand.

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