Goblin episode 14

Side dish: They should really eat some Québecois cuisine while they’re in Québec. Here’s a recipe for sugar pie from Quebec’s favourite chef, Ricardo.

Episode Recap

As Shin (Gong Yoo) disappears into glowing embers, lightning strikes all over the city, and everyone’s memories of Shin start to fade. Through her tears, former Goblin’s Bride, Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) desperately writes down everything she can about Shin before she forgets it.

Meanwhile, Shin has passed on to the next world, where God offers him a chance to move on and forget everything. Shin turns it down, and decides to stay in a frozen wasteland (limbo?), so he can honour his contract with Eun Tak.

Nine years later, Eun Tak has become a radio producer who becomes melancholy every time it rains, but no memory of why. She goes to a coffee shop where she passes by Yeo (Lee Dong Wook), who she only remembers as the death god who came for her when she was 9 years old. That evening, Eun Tak contemplates the only physical reminder she has of Shin, a burned out note in her book of poetry. Later, she goes to the restaurant owned by Sun (Yoo In Na) and meets with her high school class rep (Go Bo Gyeol), who has become a lawyer. But, nothing can lift her spirits as the rain continues, and Eun Tak ends the evening by herself in tears.

The next day is the first snowfall of the season, and while Shin wanders the frozen wasteland, clutching the contract they made together, Eun Tak lights and blows out a candle, while wishing to be saved from her amnesiac melancholy. Shin is summoned from the frozen wasteland, to the rooftop where Eun Tak is sitting, but the moment is bittersweet; Eun Tak has no memory of him. Later, he discovers that neither do Duk Hwa (Yook Sung-jae), Secretary Kim (Jo Woo Jin), and Sun.

In fact, Shin is surprised to learn that the only one who remembers him is Yeo. Back at his teahouse, Yeo welcomes him back, and apologizes for his sins in their past. Shin forgives him, and they both return to the house, where Shin gets cleaned up. Their reunion is interrupted by the arrival of Duk Hwa, who is surprised to see Shin there.

That day, Eun Tak makes a typo on her broadcast, that says that the temperature is 22 degrees rather than 2 degrees. Her boss is chewing her out when the temperature actually becomes 22 degrees, and flowers blossom outside the studio. Later, when Eun Tak blows out a candle at a café, Shin appears at her table, but their conversation is at cross-purposes as he tries to tell her how much he misses her and she tells him to get lost.

Eventually, Shin realizes that he’ll need money, and he goes to Secretary Kim and Duk Hwa, and reveals himself to be Duk Hwa’s mystery uncle and the Kim Shin of the Chairman’s will.

Eun Tak screws up at work again, and loses sponsors because of it. Her boss insists that she get a sponsorship contract, but she’s stumped as to how, until she runs into Shin. The contract turns out to be with his own company, and to prove his bona fides, Shin gets Secretary Kim to sign it, thus saving Eun Tak’s job and show. Eun Tak is surprised at this development, especially when Secretary Kim calls Shin the President. In the planning session, the team decide that the next episode will be about finding people you’ve forgotten.

Back at the house, Duk Hwa shows up with Eun Tak’s letter from Canada (that she mailed nine years ago), that arrived at his building where Sun’s restaurant used to be. Shin asks Yeo to deliver it for him, but Yeo keeps missing Sun at the restaurant and finally gives it to her employee, much to his heartbreak. Of course, Yeo runs into Sun after, but she doesn’t recognize him and he sheds a single tear watching her walk away.

When Eun Tak gets the letter and realizes that she wrote it to her mother from Canada nine years ago, she’s baffled and scared, since she has no memory of being there. In the midst of trying to piece together the clues, Eun Tak gets a phone call from Shin, then inadvertently summons him by blowing out a candle. Shin takes the opportunity to surreptitiously watch Eun Tak’s response when he asks her out for a walk, and she agrees.

The letter inspires Eun Tak to go back to Québec City, to the Chateau Frontenac, to find out about her letter, and discovers that it had been caught in the mail chute for ten years. Eun Tak takes a melancholy walk around the city, and by chance comes across the door that brought her to Canada ten years ago. As she looks at it and wonders, Shin coincidentally walks through it. Shocked by the sight of her, Shin tries to go back, while Eun Tak wonders why he followed her. Somehow, he talks her into taking him to dinner, and they leave.

Back in Korea, Yeo stares longingly into the darkness for Sun, who is drinking by herself in her restaurant.


So… I really enjoyed this episode! I’m kind of a jerk, so when we spend entire episodes on tears and sadness, I tend to check out early. This time, the emotional content was there, in the devastation left behind by Shin’s disappearance from Eun Tak’s memories, but it was balanced by Shin’s return, and his reunion with her. I wasn’t even annoyed by the sidestep of the rules that brought Shin back, because it made sense in terms of the story: Shin’s life has always been guided by the whims of God, so it’s not that surprising when he’s occasionally shown some mercy (though nine years in a frozen wasteland does sound pretty crappy).

In fact, rather than dwelling on Shin’s death, it’s like the show hit the reset button. There will obviously still be consequences to what happened in the past, but it’s kind of nice to see a hesitant Shin with an adult Eun Tak, who has friends and is used to taking care of herself, despite her mysterious, bone-deep sadness.

I’m hoping the next episode will give us a bit more of Yeo and Sun. I admired her decision not to entangle her life with his again, but their relationship still seems to have some life in it yet. Even if they don’t end up together, it would be nice to see closure for Yeo, who would clearly like to say sorry to her at least.

I’m looking forward to seeing the next two episodes!

Goblin (쓸쓸하고 찬란하神-도깨비)

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