Goblin episode 15

Side dish: Eating all that fried chicken at Sun’s restaurant can’t be healthy. How about roast chicken instead? Here’s Thomas Keller’s recipe for roast chicken from The Comfort of Cooking. I can certify that your chicken will turn out great and it’s only slightly more work-intensive than going out for fried chicken.

Episode Recap

As Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) wanders around Québec City, a random stranger greets her, followed by a woman selling jewellery on the street. The woman tells her that she’s the one who made Eun Tak’s necklace, and that the French word “destin” on her necklace means a match made in heaven (it doesn’t), or a destiny beyond man’s boundaries (nope).

Eun Tak is already confused when she suddenly runs into Shin (Gong Yoo), who browbeats her into buying him a meal, then shows her around the city. Their conversation is at cross purposes as Eun Tak gets increasingly annoyed at Shin’s insistence in talking about his first love, not realizing that he’s talking about herself.

Finally, they split up, but Eun Tak notices Shin sitting outside her hotel. Wondering whether he has something to do with her lost memories, Eun Tak goes to ask him, but he avoids the question by asking her if she likes him. At first, she denies it, then admits that she does. In response, Shin takes her back to the restaurant they ate at nine years ago, thus making his vision of Eun Tak’s future come true.

Back in Seoul, restaurant owner, Sun (Yoo In Na) watches the security camera footage of death god, Yeo (Lee Dong Wook), and then tracks him down by asking her former landlod, playboy chaebol, Duk Hwa (Yook Sung Jae) for his contact info. Yeo is shocked to get a call from Sun.

Back in Québec City, Eun Tak’s memories of her past trip start to return as she flips through a guide. When she sees the little cemetery where Shin’s past servants are buried, Eun Tak goes back there, only to run into Shin, while standing over what looks like his grave. During their conversation, Shin inadvertently reveals that he knows she can see ghosts, and she finally asks him if he’s the Kim Shin of her note to herself. Shin denies it and walks away.

Back in Seoul, Yeo meets Sun at a coffee shop, where she tells him that he looked more handsome on the security camera footage. She tells him not to cry on the street in the cold, then leaves. Yeo cries as she goes, and it turns out, so does Sun, who remembers everything.

On the night of Shin’s death, Sun was visited by God in the form of Eun Tak’s friend, a neighbourhood boy. She tells the boy that God shouldn’t take her memories without asking her, and God grants her wish. Five years later, Eun Tak meets Sun for what she thinks is the first time, when she moves into the rooftop apartment above her. As Yeo cries over the portrait of Sun he drew in the Goryeo era, Sun cries as she types out a letter to Yeo, wishing that in the next life, their fate will be happier.

Back in Québec, as Eun Tak catches a maple leaf, her memories return, and desperate to see Shin, she runs through the town until she comes across a candle and blows it out. Crying, she yells out that she missed him and she wanted to see him, until he appears and kisses her.

Newly reunited, the two of them canoodle on the couch until it’s time for Eun Tak to go home. Shin sees her off on her flight then meets her on the other end, where he takes her to a hotel. He kisses her again, and my head explodes into hearts and flowers.

When she finally goes home, Eun Tak can’t get a hold of Sun. Yeo, meanwhile, sees off a couple separated by the split of the two Koreas, finally reunited in death. When Yeo goes home, Shin is excited to introduce him to Eun Tak again, now that she remembers them both. Yeo is happy until he realizes that she’s 29, the age when she’ll meet a death god again.

But, things seem to be going well, as Eun Tak and Shin enjoy their honeymoon phase and Eun Tak tells her psychiatrist that she’s learned how to be happy. Until one day, Eun Tak summons Shin because of a nightmare of him disappearing on her. As Shin leaves Eun Tak’s apartment that day, he runs into Sun. She doesn’t acknowledge that she remembers him, but he has a vision of her later, laughing with Yeo, and leaves, satisfied that she’ll be happy.

That day, on her way to work, Eun Tak gets a visit from her money-grubbing aunt, who has come by so Eun Tak can feed her. Later, at work, the class rep (Go Bo Gyul), now a guest on her show, points out that Eun Tak looks off and invites her out to a drink, but Eun Tak turns her down to visit Sun instead. At the restaurant, Eun Tak discovers that Sun is moving, both her store and the apartment.

Eun Tak meets up with Shin, and finally figures out that she was his first love. Shin takes the opportunity to ask Eun Tak to marry him.


This really is the wish fulfillment episode, with romantic gestures, affection and kisses galore. I really like the dynamic between these two, now that Eun Tak is an adult, and I’m glad that things seem to be working out for them, though I do wonder how things will fall out. Can Shin stay a goblin forever? Or, does he become human at some point? Are we going to watch a similar scene at Yeo’s teahouse with Shin and Eun Tak? Why can Eun Tak see ghosts again?

All that aside, there’s not much point dwelling on how the series could end since the next episode was played immediately after. Instead, let’s dwell on all the great kisses this episode. Did your head explode when he brought her back from the airport and kissed her? Mine did. However this ends, at least we got some great moments between these two.

Another great moment was when Sun unknowingly pointed out to God that she wanted to make her own decisions about her life. There have obviously been consequences for her, but it was satisfying to see one of the women on this show make her needs and wants known, and to make decisions for her herself.

If nothing else, I’m impressed with how well this show ties up its loose ends. Thanks to Yeo’s earlier warning, I wondered about what was going to happen to Eun Tak when she turned 29 and it did come up again this episode, when Yeo realized she was 29 and was meeting a death god again. There’s some dark clouds gathering on the horizon of what seems to be a perfect happy ending so far, so I guess we’ll have to watch the next episode to see how they pan out.

Goblin (쓸쓸하고 찬란하神-도깨비)

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