Goblin episode 15

Shin and Eun Tak are finally reunited, while Yeo and Sun are conclusively separated. But there are still dark clouds on the horizon.

Goblin episode 14

Eun Tak loses her memories but not her emotions, Shin comes back from a frozen wasteland, and suddenly we’re back in Québec City!

Goblin episode 13

Shin gets no satisfaction, Yeo remembers everything, Sun is ready to move on, and Eun Tak is left in the dark.

Goblin episode 12

Everyone’s secrets are out as Shin confronts Joong Heon, Sun’s memories return and Yeo realizes who he is.

Goblin episode 11

Eun Tak learns that she is in constant peril, Sun learns about her possible past life, Yeo learns that his hat is not all powerful, and Shin learns that teenagers are careless.