Lee Dong Wook

Bubblegum episode 9 recap

Sun Young is sad, Ri Hwan is sad, Haeng Ah is sad, Yi Seul is sad, Tae Hee is sad, Dong Il is sad, Ji Hoon is sad, Suk Joon only shows up briefly, but is definitely sad.

Bubblegum episode 8 recap

Sun Young hides her disease from Ri Hwan, Haeng Ah hides her knowledge of Sun Young’s rejection, and Ri Hwan pretends not to know about Haeng Ah’s pain.

Bubblegum episode 7 recap

Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah reveal their relationship, Se Young and Joon Soo hide theirs, and Ji Hoon gets relationship advice from a teenager.

Bubblegum episode 6 recap

Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah test out being a couple, Yi Seul waits for a text message, and Tae Hee dumps Ji Hoon like trash.