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Madame Antoine episode 13 recap

Soo Hyun tries his best to get Hye Rim to fall madly in love with him. Mi Ran’s secret crush is revealed to be public knowledge. The Chairman is haunted by his family.

Madame Antoine episode 11 recap

Hye Rim cranks up the crazy, as Soo Hyun struggles to keep up. Ji Ho attempts to court Yoo Rim. Everyone wishes Mi Ran luck in dating Seung Chan.

Madame Antoine episode 10 recap

Hye Rim cannot decide if Soo Hyun is deceiving her, Soo Hyun cannot give up on his experiment, and Seung Chan cannot talk sense into either of them.

Madame Antoine episode 4 recap

Soo Hyun is desperate to raise Hye Rim’s brain activity, Ji Ho is desperate to be seen as a man, and Seung Chan is in desperate need of a new career.