진짜?!: Ex-Girlfriend Club cut down to 12 episodes


Bad news! “Ex-Girlfriend Club” will be cut down from 16 episodes to 12, due to low ratings. It looks like tvN is not going to replace it with anything in the meantime, so “Oh, My Ghost” will still premiere on its projected date of July 3. What does this mean for the story? Myeong Soo and Soo Jin will just get together four episodes faster.

If Noonas Over Forks had an office, it would be flooded with tears.

More details at Dramabeans.

Ex-Girlfriend Club (구여친클럽)

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  1. Gutted i wonder if they realize how popular it is internationally? Man….a pox on them and their houses. Nothing will be this fun for a long time


  2. ΟMG. again?? Why, tvN..WHYYYY??? It’s the third time in a row!! What’s wrong with this cable’s CEOs? Dough over anything, I guess >_<
    No respect for BYH and, especially, for SJH, fcol…I couldn't see that coming after she was in EC mega-hit.
    What is left for us now is the new AM '88 series full of idols whose their agencies probably are sponsoring the whole project, tsk,tsk,tsk…No good, tvN! That's one-way ticket to NOT artistic dramas!


  3. I SWEAR they do this EVERY time there is a good show! This is the shit I left American TV for because it doesn’t happen in Korean dramas very often… but Hariaharia is right, this is the THIRD time… why even bring the show to the network, knowing it’s a different format that it’s not the norm, and then axe it when it doesn’t get the ratings you want? What else wil you put in there? NOTHING. Bastards.

    This one hurts more than Surplus Princess.


  4. It would have been fair if the drama’s really bad, but Ex-Girlfriend Club is well-baked. The story may be predictable, but it’s well-developed and grounded. Even the comedy is blended well without sounding trite.

    It’s a pity the network only cares about the ratings. It’s a pity the foreign fans can only do so much. *sigh*

    *cry in silence* </3


  5. So fustrating. How can they cut a good drama. Darn i feel so sad. My summer was good because of this drama. Soooooo sad 😦


  6. I saw this news couple hours on Soompi. Imagine my immense sadness. And then sadness turned to outrage! This is second time I’m experiencing this from tvN. if I had known they were the ones who axed Surplus Princess I would’ve been waiting for the ax. Is ratings all they care about? The show is so amazing. Its not like its a bad show. Those ratings….

    Meanwhile there were tonnes of shows that got to complete their run and they were awful. *Sigh* Hopefully the cast and crew aren’t too disheartened bc of this. I can only imagine what next weeks ep will look like cuz of the shortened run. And im worried cuz now that the show is getting so much buzz, ppl might tune in and just see the rushed stuff resulting from the bad news.


  7. I just started this show yesterday. I guess that’ll free up four hours, but seriously. Hope it can be wrapped in a satisfactory way. Don’t go all Blade Man on us, show!


  8. International viewers do not have the same tastes as korean viewers and what matters most are the local ratings at the end of the day. They will also be the main ones to purchase the products such as DVDs. Many times, what seems awful to westerners is entertaining to koreans and vice versa. Anyway, it makes sense that they cut it if the local audience detests it. The same would be done to a flopping western show, even if that show was a huge hit on the internet with the eastern audience. 🙂

    It happened to Surplus Princess too as mentionned above, and while I enjoyed the show and regretted to see it end so fast, I have come to accept that that’s the rule of the game. I didn’t think they had to cut it but the lead was too boring for words. The ending was half decent, still quiet decent considering how rushed it was. I have no opinion on this show, the trailer didn’t appeal to me enough to give it a try.


  9. To all whom mentioned ratings / cash…..surely Intl exposure is a monetizing factor? Licensing deals with China alone is huge money. And, SJH is nothing to sneeze at with her fan base internationally. I’m really upset personally but also puzzled at the loigic. It seems very shortsighted.


    1. Then was it a huge hit in China or too moderate? When I mentionned international, I meant more western international fans. China and Japan matter much more than the rest, probably because they have much in common culturally. Yes western fans do matter but there is a hierarchy. Again, for instance if a show doesn’t work in America, rarely will the american industry milk it abroad… the number 1 money generator in any industry are the locals. Exceptions do exist but remain exceptions. I think it makes sense.


      1. Just wanna add this to avoid misunderstandings, the cultural similarities probably impact the tastes in China/Taiwan and Japan (similar, although there are exceptions). There are even drama “competitions” for different versions of a same show. So it makes sense that they concentrate on Asia/Korea a bit more if something flops. Hopefully I won’t be misunderstood. I know the feeling, when they stopped Surplus Princess I was a bit frustrated, but business is business. We don’t know the impact on their investment as much as they do.


      2. If tvN-land comes down with “business as usual” cruel sickness, then we’re practically doomed. I have always thought the motto “The maximum profit with minimum effort” was part of the major-3…
        Should the cable secure the commercial time, everything else is pure profit inside executives’ deep pockets. Therefore I fail to see the big loss of a relatively small cable of SK, in terms of viewers, since the usual 1% is the main goal (at least,it used to be).
        I can perfectly see, though, the non-artistic vortex the cable is being in. If money is always the issue, they should merge with one of the major broadcasting channels and put us all out of our misery, then. Otherwise, if the standard becomes Misaeng, AM series or the variety programmes rating-wise, is there an alternative in the meantime for other time slots and different days or just re-runs???


      3. Hey HariaHaria, I know that this feeling of frustration is legitimate, but their business decision has to be as well. Apparently, and I stand corrected, ExC only reached 1% in the first episode and then it went downhill from there.

        It doesn’t matter if we fail to see the big loss or not. People don’t cut something they’ve invested in just because. This industry is a business first, small cable or big. If they didn’t believe in its success, they would have never given it a shot to begin with. tvN has had quite a few good dramas, I love this channel. Maybe Misaeng has indeed become the standard, maybe they have bigger goals, companies generally want to evolve, and when they get successful their standards are almost bound to change. Local ratings matter at the end of the day.


  10. Chinese licensing deals, from my understanding; arent concurrent. Meaning, the package deal is done for post air time in SK. Song JiHyo is huge in china due to RM, so i would be seriously shocked if a chinese licensing deal werent on the table. There is also a chinese RM movie released this year . i find it interesting that EGfc has over 21k favorited viewers in viki, and producer less than a quarter of that on DF. Viki has a larger amt of traffic thàn DF, but i still find it indicative.


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