The Noonas


“Older sister” in Korean, used by a male to address a female who he is not necessarily related to.


An implement with two or more prongs used for lifting food to the mouth or pinning it down.

Noonas Over Forks

A pun on the old Japanese saying “dumplings over flowers,” which refers to people who attend Hanami (flower festival), but instead of enjoying the flowers, focus more on the materialistic side of the event such as eating food and buying souvenirs. (Thank you Asian Wiki)

Only 만

antlergirl I’m a drama fan from Canada. I have garish red hair, and a voracious appetite for useless facts. I can usually be found stuffing my face with random food.

Currently watching

Favourite Kdramas
“First Shop of Coffee Prince”, “King of High School Savvy”

Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다

Cloud_Gate I watched my first Korean drama in December 2012, and used to stick almost exclusively to romantic comedies, but have started to see the upside of melodramas. Currently, trying to learn Korean to justify my hours of K-drama watching (Talk to Me in Korean and the Learn Korean words and test app by boreumdal are the best). 사랑해요, 공유씨!

Currently watching
“Stranger”, “20th Century Boy and Girl”

Favourite Kdramas
“First Shop of Coffee Prince”, “King of High School Savvy”, “I Hear Your Voice”


  1. Hello fellow noona fans! Thanks for the follow. I approve of your choice of the male shower scene! If we get one in the first ep I just know its going to be a great series…. Thank you My Love From Another Star!
    Look forward to reading your thoughts on KDramas!


  2. Just wanted to stop by and say hi to some fellow Kdrama fans! I’m excited to read your thoughts on different Kdramas and food! I’m always interested to see what other people are currently watching. Thanks for the follow and I look forward to getting to know you better!


  3. Hello! Love your blog! I’ve been a Kdrama fan since 2006 and have lived in Toronto with my k-drama loving + foodie buddies until 2012. Recently moved to Edmonton, missing the k-drama fangirling and the food! Love your food reviews. You guys are awesome! Please keep food blogging!


  4. Great blog name! I’ve only recently started to watch K-drama, but it’s so addictive! I also saw Let’s Eat, great checklist, but I agree with passing over the “milk ramen”, also no pig trotters for me..


    1. No jokbal? I tried it recently and it was tasty… I’ve had it better elsewhere though. Thanks for reading. Let me know if you get through the rest of the checklist!


  5. Hi Only and JK!

    Wandering how to personally contact you guys for some collaboration proposal, if possible?

    Thanks in advance 😉


  6. Hi…..this twinkle from India, i am a big fan of korean dramas and korean people specially SEO IN GUK,
    This is my first attempt to your blog so can you please explain me in details what kind of posts are updates in this blogs


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