“Heirs” series review

Illegitimate chaebol heir, Kim Tan, falls in love at first sight with a poor woman, Cha Eun Sang, when they accidentally meet in LA, then follows her back to Korea. She ends up living in the maid quarters of his family’s house, and enrolling in his school. Their love blossoms as they face the disapproval of his father, the hatred of their peers, his bitchy fiancee, the unrequited love of school bully Choi Young Do, the bitterness of his brother, and the fact that Eun Sang has to work for a living. Eun Sang contributes to the upbeat mood by weeping a lot.

Young Do torments Weepy in “Heirs”.

Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다: ★★★
Only 만: ★★

Side dish: Young Do fuels his hate for Kim Tan with a bowl of instant ramen from the convenience store. I haven’t tried it, but this one looks awesome: FoodMon DJ-DOC Instant Ramen Rice Toppoki.

Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다: I think it’s safe to describe “Heirs” as a story about chaebol teenagers in the playground of the damned.

Only 만: First world problems taken to their unnatural conclusion.

중국어 캐나다: Plus, one very weepy maid’s daughter (Park Shin Hye). She shall henceforth be known as Weepy. I don’t care what her character name is.

: I honestly don’t remember. Weepy describes her perfectly. The whole thing was dragged down by the presence of the worst heroine ever. Passive, I could handle. But, she killed any chemistry between herself and either of the male leads… thus negating the entire point of the story.

중국어 캐나다: I think it’s safe to assume that the network was hoping for a sure fire hit. They hired Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, and every other hot, young actor in K-drama. For the record, I was enamoured with the second male lead, and resident asshole, Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) first. You thought he looked weird.

: For the record, he looks weird. But he did improve over the course of the drama. To the point where he’s hot.

중국어 캐나다: His charisma and bitchy dialogue made Young Do the main reason to watch this teenage angst fest.

: The only reason as far as I’m concerned. I literally tuned in to watch him. But, even he couldn’t save this drama from itself.

중국어 캐나다: To Lee Min Ho’s credit, this was the first time I understood the hype about him. His character, Kim Tan was very good at staring longingly at just about anything.

: Honestly, the villains had more charisma than the two leads: Young Do, Kim Tan’s scorned fiancé, Rachel (Kim Ji Won), Kim Tan’s half-brother, Won (Choi Jin Hyuk). I cared more about all of these people than whether Kim Tan and Weepy were going to make it.

중국어 캐나다: What does that say about us?

: I blame the writers. Plus Park Shin Hye. She dragged this mess down even further than the unnecessary extension episodes did. Kim Woo Bin agrees with us!

중국어 캐나다: Who wants to date someone who kisses like a piece of toast? Still, I would recommend “Heirs” to others.

: I wouldn’t, but I watched it all in one go; you watched it as it aired. All the flaws were magnified for me.

중국어 캐나다: But, interested viewers should start after the characters return to Korea (Episode 4), and up to the point that Weepy abandons Kim Tan (Episode 16). They can just end thinking that Weepy is a cowardly, backstabbing bitch. The End. I give “Heirs” three stars for bitchy dialogue and Young Do.

: I give “Heirs” two stars, but only for the excellent villains. Young Do is one of my favourite drama characters so far. I even forgive him for his weeping scene.

중국어 캐나다: : Oh, we forgot to mention that the sexual tension between Kim Tan and Young Do was palpable. Let Tumblr pick up where “Heirs” failed to tread.

: I’m sure it already has.


  1. I hate bullying , I’ve been there, so to me to say the only real character that I liked it was the elementary school boy YD means a lot, he has all the elements, rite?! Anyway my first time watching LMH and his gaze effect got me till the last episode! This guy has playful flirting eyes! Lolololololo


    1. I’m sure if we were forced to actually interact with Young Do, we would find him less entertaining. As a TV character, he’s hilarious. And, yes, Lee Min Ho’s eyes were dreamy. Everything else about him is a little bland.


  2. Lol at Weepy. Honestly, I really really really wanted to love The Heirs. Even though I couldn’t understand why anyone did anything in the drama and why Park Shin Hye had to cry every five minutes, I liked The Heirs. It’s probably one of the worst dramas I’ve ever watched plot and character development wise, but I still enjoyed it. The supporting cast carried the show in all honesty (and omg that OST was life). Woobie was a gem too but Lee Min Ho….don’t understand the hype behind him. Thought I understood after watching in City Hunter but after The Heirs he disappointed me. I think he needs to take on more adult roles.


    1. I watched Heirs all in one go after it was over, and I think I cursed JK every time I was subjected to another bout of Eun Sang’s pointless weeping. Honestly, I didn’t understand most of what went on, either, but Kim Woo Bin went a long way towards this show not getting a zero rating. As for Lee Min Ho, agreed, 26 is already borderline for playing teenagers; any older and he’ll look ridiculous. He definitely needs to take on more adult roles.


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