A GIVEAWAY! To celebrate us!

On April 30, Noona Over Forks will celebrate its 100th Day of existence, and we’re giving away a Three Month Viki.com Membership to one of our lucky readers.

Kim Woo Bin and Choi Jin Hyuk in competition! Fighting!

From April 15 until April 29, any mention of us on Twitter or Tumblr, and every comment made on our blog (other than this post) will count as one entry into a random draw that will be made on April 30.

Five additional entrants located within economical mailing distance from Toronto will be randomly selected to receive the traditional 100 Day gift of rice cakes and/or a Korean fashion magazine and/or whatever we find on sale at Pat Mart.

Thanks for reading our blog and sharing our love of Korean dramas and food. You obviously have great taste.

Love, Jung-gug-eo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다 and Only


  1. Aww, happy 100 days! Here is looking for many more 🙂 & you’re not *too* far from me in the grand schemes of geography…I hail from mid-Michigan.

    Awesome Woo Bin skin by the way. Makes me wish I actually had that kind of phone, but alas, I don’t. Again, congrats and I hope to see many more 100 days from you guys!


    1. NeeNee, you are the winner of the Kim Woo Bin skin by default. Sad for us, good for you! Please email us your contact information if you would like to try manipulating the skin to fit your device or slap it on the ceiling above your bed.


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