100 Days of Noonas Over Forks

We started Noonas Over Forks 100 days ago, and we could not be more thrilled at the response we have received from other K-drama and food enthusiasts.

Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin are ready to celebrate with us.

As a token of our gratitude, we have chosen one lucky winner via random draw from a pool of everyone who has commented on our blog or mentioned us in Twitter or Tumblr since April 14. We have also drawn five additional names, and if these people reside within economical mailing distance of Toronto, they will receive something fun in the mail.

The grand prize winner of a Three Month Viki.com Membership is:


Five lucky recipients of mystery gifts in the mail are:






Congratulations! We ask these lucky people to contact us (noonasoverforks(at)gmail.com) with your name and mailing address. We may have to draw additional names if everyone listed above lives in Australia (sorry, Australia!).

To everyone else who participated, no hard feelings, okay? We will continue to do our best providing K-drama recaps and food features.

Love, Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다 and Only


  1. It’s me it’s me it’s me it’s me?!?!? Really me??? ^^ ( u can’t see me jumping jumping and smiling ! )
    I’m just happy to be here enjoying ur posts guys!
    Thank you !!!


    1. Congrats and make sure to get in touch via email! I can’t guarantee we’ll answer tonight since we’re celebrating at a karaoke bar. Be glad you’re not here… None of us can sing 😉


  2. Woah! Thank you, but I don’t think my mom will let me with all these shipping stuff. 😦 So, I hope someone else will be able to get the prize I couldn’t claim. Thank you so much! I was really glad when I found it out 🙂
    Your blog’s really interesting! More power! 🙂


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