1. That Hee Chul is a bit of a lech is the biggest understatement I’ve read in years. He really needs to learn how to properly interact with a live girl, and maybe not bring his dolls with him on his honeymoon?


      1. Hahahaha. I’ve just seen a bunch of his appearances on variety shows. He is always way too committed to things, kind of conceited, and painfully honest. There was an episode of come to play where a girl group had to pick there ideal guy, and then they all hung out for a while, and then they chose again. The first time, tons of them chose Heechul. The second time, no one did.


  2. enjoying Heechul in this with Puff…. since his return.. and with Key too… did you see the completion on the beach to build a tower of stones? even tho he won, he gave her a piggy back at the close … I think they both show heart…


    1. But, not before he got Puff to carry him on rocks without shoes as punishment for losing. First, he’s a jerk, then he’s nice, then he’s a lech. He’s more entertaining than Key for sure.


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