Friday Feature: Dream date

Who doesn’t fantasize about going on a date with a dreamy K-drama character? We take a look at the cold reality when we predict the outcome.

Goo Dae Young of “Let’s Eat”

Have you ever wanted to have a date with a guy who knows all the best places to eat delicious food? Look no further than Goo Dae Young, aka Mr. Shiksha. An insurance salesman who knows how to impress the noonas, a date with Goo Dae Young will probably be the tastiest date you’ve ever been on. Imagine: all the restaurants of Seoul at your feet, with the best tour guide ever.

 Pros: Great food, charming company, and a stylish date who knows the city’s restaurants like the back of his hand.
 Cons: Conversation will be limited. Before you eat, you’ll be forced to listen to a lecture about your meal, and while you eat, he’ll be too busy chowing down in orgasmic fashion. Afterwards, he’ll probably spend some time taking pictures of empty dishes rather than make small talk. And, if you want to do something other than stuff your face, you’re out of luck. – Only 만

Park Soo Ha of “I Hear Your Voice”

Dating someone with the ability to read minds could be intimidating, but Soo Ha is a compassionate guy who will forgive even your more unsavoury thoughts. The best part is that Soo Ha will know exactly what you want, and will, for instance, buy you that necklace you silently desire. Soo Ha is a great cook, having lived by himself since junior high. Also, you need never worry about teenage hooligans or even psychopathic killers, because Soo Ha is adept at dealing with both of them thanks to his mind reading abilities, and years of Tae Kwon Do training. However, if the psychopathic killer is wearing sunglasses, best to run away.

 Pros: A selfless mind reader who takes the initiative to do the things you only thought about.
 Cons: Due to his mind-reading abilities, Soo Ha avoids crowded places so a date at a concert, or a baseball stadium, or a fair are all out of the question. Also, he is 19 years old with unbelievably dewy skin, so you may look like a rough pedophile in comparison. – Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다

Shim Ji Hye of “Emergency Couple”

Looking for a date with a hot doctor who’s smart, sexy, confident, family-oriented, loyal and knows how to have a good time? Meet fabulous ER resident, Shim Ji Hye. Want to go dancing? She’s a ballroom dancing champion. Want to get some barbecue? She’s down. Want to have great meaningful conversation at a casual bar? She’s a great listener, and she’s funny. Want to have a home-cooked meal? No problem! She’ll whip you up a batch of Italian food, doenjang jjigae, or whatever your heart desires.

 Pros: Everything.
 Cons: You may find her awesome dance floor moves a bit intimidating. – 만

Cheon Song Yi of “My Love From the Stars”

Be the envy of the world by dating a glamourous movie star! Cheon Song Yi is beautiful with an enviable wardrobe of stylish couture clothing, and possesses the ability to seduce anyone in 15 seconds. Yet, she is down for chicken and beer, ice fishing, and even does her own stunts in her movies. With a few drinks, Song Yi becomes an epic drunk, which also means epic entertainment for the price of a few bottles of soju. In her quieter moments, Song Yi proves to be independent and loyal, which bodes well for a long term relationship.

 Pros: Backstage access to movie sets, movie premieres, and shopping sprees gratis at the best boutiques – dating Song Yi brings all these benefits.
 Cons: Song Yi is blunt and supremely confident in her physical appeal. Between the petty spats with rival actresses, and being a PR nightmare while paparazzi dog your every step, Song Yi may prove to be more excitement than you bargained for – 중국어 캐나다

Lee Gun of “Fated to Love You”

Despite seeming like a random bag of quirks packaged with a set of nice abs, Lee Gun manages to be surprisingly human. On a date, he would likely be a perfect gentleman, take you to dinner, and give you a makeover if you felt underdressed. He loves to laugh, he has a vivid imagination, and while he does hold a grudge, he can also be kind, caring and supportive. And, he’s not shy about taking his shirt off!

 Pros: A chaebol with paranoid snail fantasies and an insane laugh is still a chaebol. And his abs are spectacular.
 Cons: If you don’t like his company’s products, you may want to keep that to yourself. He appears to have some fairly conservative social values, while being mostly insane. Also, he’s in love with someone else. – 만

Choi Young Do of “The Heirs”

Choi Young Do is the meanest bitch at a high school for rich assholes, so at least a segment of the people he torments will deserve it, which means some guilt-free entertainment on a daily basis. Young Do has rock hard abs from fighting with his father in judo, he loves his dog, and he instantly becomes cuter with a simple flip of the hair.

 Pros: He’s a rich bad boy with a motorcycle, which is the classic recipe for a whirlwind romance that you will claim to regret, but secretly giggle about.
 Cons: Before being redeemed by love, Young Do will romance you with blackmail, veiled threats and slapstick physical assault. Dream date? Obviously, I am out of my mind.- 중국어 캐나다

Readers: which K-drama character would you love to paint the town red with?

Plan your dream rendezvous in the Comments below.


  1. Lee Gun! Lee Gun! how obvious am I? lol I want to go to karaoke with this wacko! and then get a yummy smooch. This guy is EVERYTHING to me at the moment 😀


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