“Fated to Love You” Episode 12 recap

A French arts education will do wonders for that hair.

Side dish: Apropos of nothing, today I went to Rasta Pasta to have jerk chicken for lunch. If you can’t make it there, make your own jerk chicken following this recipe from BBC Good Food, and tell me how it is. I suspect it’s delicious.

Episode Recap

With his memories returned, Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) drives to see his wife, Kim Mi Young (Jang Na Ra), but doesn’t talk to her. Instead, he drives to Dr. Octopus for reassurance that his memory loss episode wasn’t his Huntington’s rearing its ugly head. Dr. Octopus has no words of comfort to give, unfortunately, and Gun is disconsolate.

Mi Young visits Daniel (Choi Jin Hyuk) to finally pick up the mug she made for Gun, and learns that he’s selling the café, and moving to France, having given up on finding his sister. She leaves to go to her prenatal class, which Gun surprises her by attending. Their task is to compose a letter for their baby, which Gun dictates. Clearly believing that he’s going to die, he composes a letter full of practical life advice for his child.

When they go out to eat afterwards, Mi Young reminds Gun of the fun they had together, assuring him that he’s a good husband, and that she’s trying to become stronger so that they can be together once his memory returns. He’s moved to tears when she gives him the cup he requested for his birthday.

Gun spends the rest of the afternoon looking at videos of families of Huntington’s patients and crying, until Secretary Tak shows up with a plan to make Mi Young feel better. Gun lets slip that his memory has returned, but prevents Secretary Tak from telling Mi Young. Instead, he goes to meet Se Ra, and breaks up with her. Se Ra is crushed, and blames Mi Young.

Daniel drowns his sorrows at a club, where he meets a drunk Se Ra. Daniel remembers Se Ra from when he ran into her in an earlier episode, and advises her not to take her misery out on other people. Since she has nothing else left in life, Se Ra refuses to comply.

Gun meets with his lawyer to go over the divorce agreement. He tears up the agreement stating that Mi Young and Gun are to raise the child together as a family, and instead, instructs the lawyer to give Mi Young parental rights, money, and in case of his death, Mi Young and the baby will inherit his fortune.

Mi Young and Se Ra meet at a café, where Se Ra lies to Mi Young that Gun intends to break up with her, and shows her a fake divorce agreement. Mi Young doesn’t believe her, but is summoned by Gun immediately afterwards to a restaurant, where he returns the Dog Poopie mug to her, and tells her about his plans for the divorce. She’s crushed, but walks away with some parting advice from Gun that gives away the fact that his memory has returned. Mi Young belatedly realizes this, and runs back to Gun, but gets hit by a car before she can catch up to him.

In the hospital, it comes to a choice between saving Mi Young or the baby, and Gun chooses Mi Young. When he breaks the news to her, Mi Young breaks down then passes out. Gun blames himself for the accident and vows to his dead parents to abandon Mi Young in order not to hurt her anymore, even though he wants to cling to her.

In the hospital, her brother-in-law and President Park come to apologize for starting the entire mess, followed shortly by a visit from Daniel. She tells him that she blames herself for what happened, since she’s been so wishy-washy, and lacking in strength. To make her feel better, Daniel gives Mi Young art supplies.

After she’s discharged, Mi Young moves in with Ji Yeon, then goes to confront Gun about his lying about his memory loss. She asks if they can stay together, but Gun apologizes then turns her down. Mi Young was clearly prepared for this, because she serves him with divorce papers, and gives him back the ring, walking away with her dignity, if not her heart, intact.

Afterwards, Mi Young visits Daniel, who gives her a brochure for an arts school in Paris, encouraging her to start over and live for herself.

Mi Young’s mom and Gun meet in the restaurant so that Mi Young’s mom can return the money he invested in her business. He asks to see Mi Young one last time, but finds out that Mi Young has gone abroad to start afresh. Gun chases Mi Young down at the airport, but he’s too late and she’s gone.

Three years later, at the same airport, a red headed Mi Young arrives in Korea, passing by a newly-shorn Gun. He stops and turns around, unsure if he is seeing his ex-wife, but is interrupted by the excited arrival of Secretary Tak. Mi Young, instead, is greeted at the airport by Daniel.


Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다: Rarely before have I been so grateful for a fast forward. Before the three year time skip featured at the end of this episode, my mind started drifting as I contemplated another eight episodes of misery and miscommunication.

Only 만: In the past two episodes, we’ve had amnesia, noble idiocy, and a time skip. Which of my least favourite tropes shall we go through next, do you think?

중국어 캐나다: The exes who hate each other then start rekindling their love?

: Dare to dream. To start with, I didn’t hate this episode, but I do want to have a small rant: not having incorporated much of Mi Young’s growth in the rest of the drama, it’s a bit of cheat, dear writer, to just use a traumatic event and a time skip to do it. Rant over.

중국어 캐나다: I don’t think Mi Young was going to undergo any transformation while she remained with Gun, because she had no reason to change. I could tell after the miscarriage that she was determined to finally change, and I got a little excited.

: Right, but then, why rush right through the couple falling in love and living together? Why not pace that and then incorporate the growth through that? Okay, this time, the rant is really over.

중국어 캐나다: Episode 12 was not showing much improvement over episode 11, so I am just grateful for the time skip, however cheap it may be. What did you think about Mi Young miscarrying the baby?

: Well, the writers seem to have written themselves into a corner, and the miscarriage was the only way out. In terms of the plot, it might not have been necessary, if the plot had moved forward at a different pace. I don’t mean slower, but maybe a little more spaced out.

중국어 캐나다: Well, the pacing is at a break neck speed in this drama, so it is understandable that they do not allow for any time to allow characters and scenarios to develop. The writers are also playing fast and loose with medical issues.

: Yes. I’m not sure why Gun was presented with the choice of saving the life of either Mi Young or the baby since at three months, the fetus had no chance of survival without Mi Young. As for his family history of Huntington’s, as one blogger pointed out, it isn’t a disease where he has to wait for symptoms to develop; Gun could have done a blood test at any time, if he wanted to know.

중국어 캐나다: I speculate that Gun was presented with the choice of either having Mi Young go into surgery and probably lose the baby, or not having Mi Young undergo surgery and increasing the chance of the baby surviving long enough that it can survive independent of its mother.

I have no explanation for the show’s approach to Huntington’s. It just seems sloppy, because they could have consulted any number of doctors or medical researchers before giving Gun an unidentified genetic condition.

: Shall we talk about what we liked about this episode?

중국어 캐나다: Before I sing the praises of time skips, an arts education in France, and Daniel’s hair makeover, I just want to say how disappointed I was with Se Ra this episode. This was the first time she has been a mean bitch towards Mi Young. Hopefully, the time skip will be kind to her, and return her to the tomboy ballerina we were first attracted to.

: Se Ra’s transformation from Episode 11 onwards was pretty awful. I think the only thing that can be said in her defence is that she has no idea that the marriage between Gun and Mi Young was not as it was presented in the press. But, it’s a weak defense, frankly.

중국어 캐나다: At the risk of getting hated on the way Se Ra has been attacked by some viewers, I will say that I am not sure I would have reacted differently. If my boyfriend of six years impregnated and married another woman after one major fight, I would have been pissed.

: Pissed is one thing. The way she’s been acting is another.

중국어 캐나다: Yes, I would like to think I would have more self-respect than Se Ra. Speaking of self-respect, Daniel can now hold his head up high with a new, improved dye job. Did that just appear this episode? I cannot recall seeing this transformation.

: Yep, it’s fresh and fabulous for episode 12. It’s great, because it was about time for everyone to get their mid-drama makeover. His fabulous new do is right on schedule.

중국어 캐나다: I guess the darker hair colour was more suited to the somber tone of this episode, but I have to say, I’m surprised they didn’t just save it for the skip forward, so that the transformation would make sense.

: Yes. Since they had a built-in reset button for the show, why not save the hair makeovers for then? How did you feel about Gun’s future hair?

중국어 캐나다: I liked his original, crazy Gun hair, but he looks cute with the shorter hair. More importantly, I loved how Mi Young looked: bold and confident like a fashion industry insider. I hope she will have the personality to match.

: Or, at least, the backbone to match. On the other hand, I predict that Gun will be much the same as when we left him, if a little sadder.

중국어 캐나다: I hope that Mi Young will be sassier, Gun will be sadder, and only she will be able to bring back the crazy laugh.

Fated to Love You (운명처럼 널 사랑해)

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  1. I know you guys didn’t watch the original but this was the major turning point in that one. I was hoping they wouldn’t go with this because the korean version humanized the characters to a point where I didn’t feel they needed this. The original MY was a complete pushover while the original Gun was a major douche. This happens. Second act starts with transformed characters. We didn’t need that here in my opinion but I still appreciate what they did. Its not the story I wanted but Im looking forward to see where they go from now on. The original Se Ra was a worse bitch. Like you said, I understand her anger but can’t condone her actions anymore.


    1. I’m never a fan of time skips when you can accomplish the same thing without resorting to tricks. I didn’t think it was necessary here either, but this is what we got unfortunately. If it signals a return to wackiness, then I’m on board. But yeah, we could definitely have gotten here without it.


    2. Gotta say in the original Gun was not a douche but self centered just like episode 1 Gun was. In the original they drive home the point that Gun patiently allows Se Ra to put her career first for 3 years while she wa in her prime ballet years


      1. I prefer this version in every way. The other one seems too conventional and predictable for my taste. Whereas the korean version uses the tropes in more refreshing ways in my opinion while keeping its characters, human, including Se Ra.


  2. I totally agree dramafan…i saw the original…and felt the change wasn’t needed…but so far the Korean version has proven to be its own. So I do believe that the change will be good in this. I know. Sounds contradictory. There is no hope for Se Ra anymore as she shows up in this episode. I thought from last, she would still try to see the situation everyone is in, but she still thinks of herself. I do hope it is the last we see of her and the only time we do see her is when Daniel knows that she is the sister, the show hinted back for us. Can’t wait to see the new and improved characters. Loving Gun’s hair. Makes him look younger and Mi Young is rocking her inner sexiness. Work it girl.


  3. Not having seen the original show, I have some sympathy for Se Ra, or at least understanding. Her mum is horrible, she seems to have no close friends (not surprising for someone who has devoted most waking hours to ballet), and her only escape is her relationship with Gun. No wonder she went a little nuts. I think there is enough groundwork here for Se Ra to redeem herself. I really hope that includes a change of hair colour for her as well – her colourist should be spoken to about how ill Se Ra’s hair colour is making her look. Daniel, on the other hand, could have green hair and still pull it off. Is it possible in kdrama world for Mi Young to kick Gun to the curb and walk off into the sunset with Daniel? Dare to dream.


  4. I was on board with this drama until episode 11 and just kinda scratched my head. It was a train wreck from beginning to end. I’m just not understanding why Gun has to be such a jerk to Mi Young in episode 12 as he was evolving quite nicely from jerk to man worthy to be loved. Yes, the Huntington’s Chorea is laughably mishandled and Gun’s reaction to it overboard. I really don’t think the drama needed to do a complete 360 in terms of story-line. The plot potential of recovering after losing the baby, dealing with the genetic disorder, and the Daniel Pitt problem would have been enough, don’t you think? Why the time jump? Do they think all we want is the “thump-thump” of sexual tension (although that is nice) and not a fully developed romance? Ice Cream is nice, but you can’t eat it 3 meals a day.


    1. Excellent point. To stretch your metaphor, I’m happy to eat a sundae, but not if I find a steak in the middle of it. I’d have been okay with watching them solve fluffier problems than a mishandled Huntington’s storyline and a car accident that ends in a miscarriage. Instead, they decided to spend two episodes delving into these serious storylines and then hit the reset button via a time skip. Why go there in the first place if they’re going to avoid it like this?

      I’d like to blame the writers, but I suspect their brief was to hit the plot points of the original. So let’s blame the original writers instead!


      1. But they might fill us in on what happened during the three years? Would that help? I am frustrated with some things but Geon’s reaction is fitting of the character. He has always been paranoid of his health and of not following his father’s footsteps. Still agree that I was perfectly happy with the slow progressing romance we were watching.


  5. I was on board with this drama until episode 11 and just kinda scratched my head. It was a train wreck from beginning to end. I’m just not understanding why Gun has to be such a jerk to Mi Young in episode 12 as he was evolving quite nicely from jerk to man worthy to be loved. Yes, the Huntington’s Chorea is laughably mishandled and Gun’s reaction to it overboard. I really don’t think the drama needed to do a complete 360 in terms of story-line. The plot potential of recovering after losing the baby, dealing with the genetic disorder, and the Daniel Pitt problem would have been enough, don’t you think? Why the time jump? Do they think all we want is the “thump-thump” of sexual tension (although that is nice) and not a fully developed romance? Ice Cream is nice, but you can’t eat it 3 meals a day.


    1. It is the Korean version that creates this muddled mess in ep 11 and 12. The original was clear, Lee Gun was falling in love with Mi Young , Se Ra sees this and to get rid of Mi Young lies by giving her an abortion agreement (not a doctored divorce agreement). In the original Mi Young believes the abortion agreement is legit because Lee Gun confirms he has an agreement for her (not abortion agreement but a generous divorce agreement). Mi Young literally runs away from Lee Gun into traffic and the miscarriage happens. Se Ra as the villian and instigator is cleaner and better to me.
      Can you tell I hate the Huntington’s Chorea in the Korean version? The original did not have this ticking bomb in it and therefore it is clearer.


  6. Enjoyed your recap. I look forward your take on things. As noted in my review that I too was surprised that they premiered the dark Daniel hair color before the time jump. Wonder if the actor Choi Jin Hyuk booked the wrong day for his hair appointment. I can visualize on set the producer making a comment about the hair color and Jim Hyuk replies “Oh, I was supposed to do that tomorrow?”


  7. i agree with kjtamuser.i liked the original ver.i felt there are some missing parts. such as mi young tranformation procces during 3 years.


  8. First of all, thanks for the recap and your comments. Awesome as always.

    I enjoy reading comments more than posting. But if I do feel strongly about a certain post, I join in. Anyway, I would have to slightly disagree with the blogger who posted facts on Huntington’s Disease(HD). Diagnosing HD isn’t as simple as doing a blood test. For people with known family histories of the disease, their doctors can only wait for the typical symptoms to manifest.

    Genetic testing is usually done more for people who manifest symptoms and have NO family history of HD. Hmmkay, because the disease has an autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance (50% chance of passing it on to their descendants), there is a strong motivation for those with histories to seek predictive genetic testing. I’m not going to get too technical now, if you happen to be positive (40 CAG repeats of the HTT alleles), it’s important to remember that it’s a predictive test, a positive result does not a diagnosis make. But if you are negative (< 26 CAG repeats), then the person's chances are better…meaning they might not manifest the disease at all. So maybe, Dr. Octopus was just playing it safe…well, too safe. Geon went overboard with fear and it wasn't a good thing.

    I feel, with the fatal genetic disease angle, the writers wrote themselves into a corner that's why it sucks. For instance, 3 years later, if Geon is still unsure of his future medical health, then the reason why he sent Mi Young away still stands. So in order for them to be together, Geon needs to be disease free or the diagnosis was faulty all along or he became enlightened and he decided to be with Mi Young no matter what. Heh. Oh I will still watch the drama, only because I want to see how Mi Young & Geon evolved and of course a better ACT 2. Huehahahaha! 🙂


    1. Hey, feel free to join in and comment at any time. So basically, you’re saying that regardless of the test, there’s still an outside chance that a person with a positive might not show symptoms, and a person with a negative might show symptoms. So it’s not completely out of the way for Gun to be freaking out over whether he has it, though he is still definitely playing noble idiot on flimsy evidence. Do I have it right?

      Also, since Huntington’s is passed on genetically, should he possibly have mentioned this to Mi Young already in relation to the baby?

      Anyway, yes, I’m with you… I’ll keep watching to see how this plays out, but I’ll be pretty disappointed if they picked up this heavy topic just to drop it without explanation because of a time skip.


  9. Yeah basically that’s it. Predictive genetic testing isn’t the golden standard of diagnosis but it can provide immeasurable relief to families with genetic diseases, specifically when they get negative results.

    Oh I definitely agree, Geon should have been upfront with Mi Young with it. She has the right to know, particularly when they decided to go ahead with the pregnancy. They should have had pre-natal genetic testing. Actually in some centers with advanced genetic testing facilities, they could even suppress the Huntington gene. ‘Dunno, I guess I wanted to see a man who was more proactive, someone who would directly seek experimental therapies (HD has no cure and he is a chaebol) rather than someone making sacrifices and trapped by his own fear.

    Thanks! 🙂 I luv your blog. 🙂


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