Friday Feature: Drama Blender – “Jersey Heirs”

Kim Tan Laundry

Jersey Heirs

An illegitimate son of a chaebol family, Kim Tan is sent to the US to remove him from succession for company CEO. Unacquainted with American geography, he ends up in New Jersey, working at a t-shirt shop on the Jersey Shore with Vinnie, Ronnie and The Situation. At his impressionable young age, he dives into the Jersey lifestyle, and trades in his collection of fabulous sweaters for wifebeaters, muscles, and a perpetual tan. But, his life really changes when he meets Cha Eun Snooki, a guidette from a poor family with a penchant for drinking and smushing. When they both return to Korea, they face a host of troubles, not least of which is the disapproval of his family and friends for his blowback hairstyle. – Only 만 

Readers: Which drama would you stick in a blender?

Leave us suggestions for the next Drama Blender in the Comments below.


  1. No no no….i never saw heirs..but this is just wrong. Hehe. I would actually love to see a drama blend of Monk and Queen In-Hyun man. Though I dropped the drama half way cuz I just the characters and actors were a miss for me. However, from the six episodes I saw, I would say the main character is a detective genius* this word is not used loosely because I think Adrian Monk is a smart and weird genius of he can deduct clues just from looking at the smallest detail. He had the worst ocd and lots of fears in man history. In saeguk land, his wife gets murdered. So he gets a chance to go back in time to save her, only he goes comes in too far in the future to see the reincarnation of his wife. Because of his weird habits and overt attention to detail at his work, he accidentally gets his wife killed. He is given a chance to go back in time to save her and his marriage only he went in to the future and sees the reincarnation of his wife. He ends up falling in love all over again with her and as he tries to solve the murder of his wife, he begins to see that through the reincarnation in the present that maybe the wife wasn’t as perfect as he thought. Good for angst in the past and the present. Nope he is not going to catch a break. Hehe….


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