“Soulmate” episode 5 recap

How can you doubt Dong Wook’s sincerity? Look at those accumulating tears!

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Episode Recap

Yu Jin (Sa Kang) is rushing out of a movie theatre with Dong Wook (Shin Dong Wook) running to catch up. Yu Jin looks uncomfortable, but she denies that it is because they saw a horror movie, or that they have to walk for 20 minutes to a restaurant. Without warning, Yu Jin jumps into a taxi and rides away.

Three days later, Dong Wook has yet to reach Yu Jin. He recounts his date with Yu Jin to his buddies, Ryohei (Otani Ryohei) and Hwan (Jung Hwan) step by step, while they make multiple suggestions of where things might have gone wrong. By the end, Dong Wook is still clueless.

Yu Jin’s boss, Mi Jin (Kim Mi Jin) and co-worker, Soo Kyung (Lee Soo Kyung) rush over to her apartment and find swollen eyes behind her oversized sunglasses. Yu Jin recounts her date, revealing that a full bladder was the reason why she acted distant then ran away from Dong Wook. The last straw was Dong Wook grabbing her around the waist and pushing her on the spine, thus stimulating her bladder.

Mi Jin and Soo Kyung recommend honesty, but Yu Jin has already vomited twice in front of Dong Wook, and she does not want to add urination to his impression of her. Her two friends continue to insist that she tell the truth, since the three days of silence has probably done more damage to their relationship than any bodily fluids.

Anxiety has brought about an improvement in Dong Wook’s hair. He answers Yu Jin’s phone call, demanding to know what the problem is. Yu Jin tearfully explains her bladder problem. Dong Wook breaks down into a fit of laughter, and Yu Jin angrily hangs up in humiliation.

Ryohei and Hwan visit Dong Wook’s sweet bachelor pad, where Dong Wook is sulking about not being able to reach Yu Jin since he laughed at her bladder problem seven days ago. Hwan and Ryohei are convinced that Yu Jin has dumped him. Dong Wook denies this vehemently. The three men then argue over what women find the most attractive.

Meanwhile, Yu Jin admits to her roommate, Min Ae (Jang Min Ae) that she has been refusing Dong Wook’s calls, and stalking him on his website. Someone has been leaving messages on his site, calling him “oppa”. They contemplate the power of the word, and try to figure out the nature of the writer’s relationship with Dong Wook. Min Ae’s speculation drives Yu Jin crazy with anxiety.

At work, Mi Jin and Soo Kyung warn Yu Jin that her stubborn refusal to communicate with Dong Wook could result in a breakup. However, Dong Wook is no longer calling, and Yu Jin seems resigned to the end of their relationship. She passes her book of dating rules on to Soo Kyung.

Min Ae is shopping for men’s underwear when Ryohei enters the store. Min Ae hints that the purchase is not for him, but he thanks her anyway. Outside the store, Ryohei bets Min Ae ₩10,000 that he can make her kiss him, then he simply kisses her and pays the penalty. Min Ae recognizes the tactic from the internet, but forgives his lack of originality, because he is a good kisser. She gifts him with the underwear she just purchased in place of returning the ₩10,000.

Ryohei makes a cooking lesson video then sends it along with all the ingredients in gift boxes to Min Ae. It is to tide Min Ae over until his return from a business trip. Yu Jin is impressed, but Min Ae still intends to date both Ryohei, and meek Phillip (Choi Phillip). Min Ae abides by the same theory as Dong Wook that boredom is the worst thing that can happen to a relationship.

Dong Wook takes the unprecedented step of making a mix CD for Yu Jin, and drops it off. The next morning, Yu Jin is thrilled to bits, but Min Ae correctly guesses that Dong Wook used a pre scheduled text to make it appear that he stayed up all night creating the CD. She then waves Ryohei’s video tape, and Yu Jin no longer has faith in Dong Wook’s feelings.

Fearing that he will not be able to win her back as quickly as he told his friends, Dong Wook calls for Yu Jin from below her window. Min Ae correctly identifies this as Step 2 in the strategy to win someone back: the Romeo and Juliet method. She directs Yu Jin to ignore Dong Wook.

Dong Wook is left humiliated and shivering outside. However, Dong Wook is determined to win Yu Jin back regardless. He attempts to flag down a passing taxi, but it already carries a passenger and drives on. The passenger turns out to be Soo Kyung, and once again, the two unknowingly pass each other.

Dong Wook sleeps in his bed, but wakes up early in order to return to his place under Yu Jin’s window. Assuming that Dong Wook had spent the night outside, Yu Jin is ready to run downstairs, but Min Ae stops her. She advises Yu Jin to propose breaking up, and if Dong Wook readily agrees, then he is not the one true love that Yu Jin wants. Yu Jin agrees not to cave in to Dong Wook’s manipulation.

Yu Jin goes down to speak with Dong Wook, and proposes breaking up. Dong Wook becomes emotional as he expresses his hatred of the idea of breaking up while feelings remain. He challenges Yu Jin to look him in the eye and express unadulterated disdain towards him. Yu Jin hesitates, because Min Ae had not prepared her for this response. Yu Jin proceeds to admit that she feels incompatible with him.

Dong Wook surprises even himself by admitting that his pursuit of Yu Jin was initially calculated, and he questioned whether she was worth the effort. Now, he is sure that she is the one. Yu Jin has no objection as Dong Wook kisses her. Unfortunately, Dong Wook’s internal dialogue reveals that he is still plotting, and that romance is not love.


The whole basis of the conflict between Dong Wook and Yu Jin is ludicrous. Surprisingly, I was not annoyed by such a contrived reason to keep them apart and at odds. Yu Jin’s extreme reluctance to simply announce the call of nature fits with her character. I also cannot fault her for wanting to forgive Dong Wook after each of his attempts to win her back. Though Dong Wook claims to be calculating as he is kissing Yu Jin, it appears that he has conflicted feelings for Yu Jin, and they help sell his sincerity.

Are the viewers expected to become attached to the pairing of Dong Wook and Yu Jin, considering that Soo Kyung is repeatedly dangled before Dong Wook, and vice versa? The relationship of Dong Wook and Yu Jin is like a stopgap, but I give the actors credit for providing intensity at the end of this absurd episode.

Soulmate (소울메이트)

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  1. LOL moment in your review “Anxiety has brought about an improvement in Dong Wook’s hair.
    The mental dating tactics battle between two pros, Min Ae and Dong Wook, was entertaining.
    You seemed more positive about this episode.


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