“Fated to Love You” Episode 15 recap

Pissed off does not even begin to cover how Mi Young feels.

Side dish: Mi Young kept herself up all night with a bottomless cup of coffee. If you also love your caffeine, try Voodoo Child Café next time you’re in need of a fix. They made a bear on my cappuccino last time I was there.

Episode Recap

After walking in on his rival’s elaborate wedding proposal, Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) slinks away unseen, and misses seeing his ex-wife, Kim Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) turn Daniel (Choi Jin Hyuk) down. All three end up sitting alone, looking morose with Gun believing that he has lost Mi Young, Mi Young feeling remorseful about her uncertain feelings for Daniel, and Daniel dealing with the disappointment of having to continue his patient pursuit of Mi Young.

After learning that Mi Young is still single, Gun’s grandmother meets up with her ex-granddaughter-in-law. She attempts to gauge the possibility of Mi Young and Gun reconciling, but Mi Young makes it clear there is none.

Gun runs into Mi Young on the anniversary of the loss of their Dog Poopie at the site of the accident. This is when Mi Young gives voice to her bitterness at being abandoned by Gun prior to the miscarriage. She tells Gun to forget about their baby, and Gun stays silent about the illness that prompted his actions. Gun is left alone to eat cake by the side of the road with the memory of Dog Poopie.

After shooting down her ex-husband with a death stare, Mi Young unknowingly confides in Gun via text. She continues to believe that Gun is an older woman who bought her favourite painting, and is grateful to receive comfort from him.

Daniel finds out that he has just moved in beside Gun’s ex-girlfriend, Kang Se Ra (Wang Ji Won). Se Ra refuses to confirm whether she and Gun are back together. Meanwhile, her mother invades Gun’s office to discuss that very topic. She accuses Gun of maintaining a friendship with Se Ra to her emotional detriment since Se Ra would like to be more than friends.

A guilt-ridden Gun decides to eat the pain away by visiting Mi Young’s mother, and inadvertently runs into Mi Young. Mi Young echoes the accusations of Se Ra’s mother that he is oblivious to the pain he is causing her mother by maintaining a relationship.

When Mi Young brings up a proposed collaboration between her and Gun’s company, Gun denies that he has any ulterior motive in having her work for him. He then challenges her to take on the job in order to prove that she is not a coward. Mi Young not only takes the job, but earns Gun’s admiration by coldly slapping down his attempt to intimidate her into spending time with him.

Mi Young throws herself into the project for Gun’s company, working all night without eating or sleeping, but is forced by Daniel to take a picnic break. Daniel admits that he does not feel comfortable with Mi Young working with her ex, but is supportive of any work that will benefit her professionally in Korea.

Following Daniel’s advice to get away from her desk, Mi Young decides to visit the botanical gardens where Gun’s company sources its products. Coincidentally, Gun is enjoying the grounds, and after spotting his ex-wife, stalks her then makes random bird noises to mask his presence. Mi Young eventually finds Gun, and again requests that they avoid meeting each other.

A sudden rain storm forces the couple to huddle under a coat together then traps them at the botanical garden building. The intimate situation is more than Mi Young can take, and she attempts to leave. After coming into contact with Mi Young, Gun realizes that she is running a fever. The heat between them ramps up after Gun grabs Mi Young to prevent her departure, and their heads inch ever closer to each other.


Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다: Wow, Mi Young is a hardass.

Only 만: I guess being a hardass is easier than trying to figure out what Gun is thinking right now.

Junggugeo Kaenada: I understand Mi Young’s resentment towards Gun for abandoning her and their unborn baby, but it’s painful to watch knowing that Gun acted out of noble idiocy.

Only: I don’t know how he’s going to woo Mi Young back without explaining what prompted his past actions. Though, I honestly can’t tell if Gun is trying to woo her back or if he just wants to spend time with her.



Junggugeo Kaenada: I don’t think Gun has much of a plan. He is just doing whatever gives him some degree of hope and comfort, which would explain his relationships with Se Ra and Mi Young’s mother. In both cases, Gun has been accused of being oblivious to the emotional baggage maintaining a relationship with him entails.

Only: It’s clear that Gun hasn’t really thought through what he’s doing. He’s handing Mi Young off to Daniel one minute, chasing her around an arboretum the next, and eating at her mom’s restaurant in the meantime. You’re right; there’s no way he has a plan.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Well, Daniel had a plan in regards to Mi Young, and it hasn’t done him any good. He is obviously putting up a brave front, but there is an air of defeat about his approach to Mi Young.

Only: Daniel redeemed himself for me somewhat by backing off his previous aggressive approach. Though, maybe he’s still being creepy, and I was just mesmerized by the fabulous picnic he prepared for Mi Young.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Yes, that was nice, and yet, Mi Young seemed morose. Maybe, she was just tired?

Only: Or her mind was on someone else? She seems to look at Daniel with sadness, but at Gun with anger. I’m not sure which is worse, though at least anger is a stronger emotion.

Junggugeo Kaenada: I am not sure how they are going to soften Mi Young up; she was all flinty this episode. Her Post-It girl persona is such a distant memory.

Only: It would be a K-drama first if Gun had an honest conversation with Mi Young about the past and explained himself, so I predict we’ll see her soften up via the accidental reveal of Gun’s medical issues.

Junggugeo Kaenada: I never thought I would miss the pushover version of Mi Young, but I think I do. This current incarnation of Mi Young is harsh.

Only: Though, it does highlight one thing I’ve always liked about Gun, which is that he likes strong women. He was in love with Se Ra, who put him in a headlock every time she saw him, and made him wait six years while she got her career going. He’s clearly happy to see Mi Young be strong and find success.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Is it really this new, harder Mi Young that he is attracted, or is it just lingering affection for his snail? Just as Mi Young cannot differentiate between being grateful or being in love with Daniel, I am not convinced that Gun’s attraction towards Mi Young is not fueled in part by guilt and nostalgia.

Only: I suspect we won’t find out until Gun figures out what he wants, and actually talks to Mi Young about it, rather than his current approach of pushing her away while sneaking around.

Can we take a moment to talk about how much I’m enjoying Secretary Tak?

Junggugeo Kaenada: Secretary Tak is taking after his boss in that he is showing both his absurd and serious sides to great effect.

Only: His interactions with Gun are surprisingly cute, how he’s begging for attention one moment, and taking care of him the next.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Cute Gun/Secretary Tak shipping aside, this was an unusually stagnant episode, which might explain why I am at a loss to explain what happened.

Only: Nothing’s moved forward at all. Gun is still confused about what he wants; Mi Young’s feelings are still undecided; and Daniel has backed off but hasn’t given up. The only thing that we learned in this episode is how angry Mi Young is at Gun.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Yes, that sums it up. On to the next episode!

Fated to Love You (운명처럼 널 사랑해)

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