“Soulmate” episode 7 recap

Mi Jin gets excited at the prospect of being paired off with the other unattractive comedic relief.

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Episode Recap

Soo Kyung (Lee Soo Kyung) has just taken leave of her fiancé, Phillip (Choi Phillip) after proposing that they break up. She is hurt that he seemed to consider her proposal, then sent her home alone.

Phillip calls her at home to smooth things over, and to remind her of their upcoming trip to Ahn Myun Island. They are to be joined by Phillip’s friend and his new girlfriend, who are going dutch.

Soo Kyung puzzles over why Phillip would mention the other couple going dutch. Her co-worker, Yu Jin (Sa Kang) and boss, Mi Jin (Kim Mi Jin) thinks Phillip wants her to pay her own way. Or, perhaps Phillip wants Soo Kyung’s gratitude for covering the expense. Either way, Soo Kyung is annoyed.

Speaking with his friend, Phillip states that he does not want Soo Kyung to pay. With some nudging, Phillip admits that he would have appreciated Soo Kyung offering to pay. They both bitch about having to cover everything, and not even receiving thanks.

Meanwhile, Soo Kyung and friends are not unsympathetic about the financial burden of dating on men, but they are put off by their stinginess. She observes that men are ready to pay for everything at the beginning of a relationship, then start expecting contributions from the girl as they become more comfortable.

Soo Kyung gets a call from womanizing gym rat, Hwan (Jung Hwan) who proposes that they go rollerblading. Soo Kyung turns Hwan down, then faces questioning from her friends about the man calling her who is not Phillip. Soo Kyung decides to unload Hwan onto Mi Jin, who has a taste for men that suffer from verbal diarrhea.

Soo Kyung and Phillip bicker over payment for the vacation. Soo Kyung is indignant as she volunteers to pay her own way. Phillip expresses his resentment over being expected to treat her like a princess. Soo Kyung starts to cry angry tears as she questions Phillip’s commitment to their relationship based on his indifference the night before. Alarmed at how upset Soo Kyung is, Phillip finally apologizes. Soo Kyung calls him an idiot then hangs up.

In the car headed towards the vacation cabin, Phillip tries to be cheerful while Soo Kyung is still upset, though she claims not to be. Phillip quickly loses patience with Soo Kyung, and it is his turn to sulk and be short, while Soo Kyung tries to be nice.

Four years earlier, Phillip secretly visited Soo Kyung at her family home. He claimed to be hungry, but satiated after seeing Soo Kyung’s face. Regardless, Soo Kyung fed Phillip through the window. He declared that he would live with her forever.

Soo Kyung is interrupted from her memories by Phillip changing the radio station. They fight over the radio, then Soo Kyung orders Phillip to pull over to the side of the road so she can get out. Just as when she proposed breaking up, Soo Kyung is shocked that Phillip calls her on her bluff. Soo Kyung is left by the side of the road crying. Except, the scene is a misleading dream sequence. Soo Kyung and Phillip both remain in the car, each thinking smugly that the other did not have the guts to see their threats through.

In a café, Hwan is sitting in uncomfortable silence with Mi Jin. Neither is impressed with the physical appearance of the other. They are both waiting for Soo Kyung, unaware that she has no intention of showing up. Hwan and Mi Jin bicker then decide to drink soju in order to dull the pain of being with each other.

At the cabin, Phillip receives a text and his buddy happily claims that it is from another woman. Phillip frantically denies this while Soo Kyung shoots lasers from her eyes. She feigns indifference while in the presence of the other couple.

With soju goggles on, Hwan and Mi Jin develop an appreciation for each other. Soo Kyung has confirmed that she will not be joining them. The talk between Hwan and Mi Jin gets saucy, but when Hwan proposes that they sleep together, Mi Jin spews food from her mouth onto Hwan’s face. Mi Jin apologizes profusely and is about to wipe Hwan’s face when he stops her claiming that he is allergic to napkins.

Hwan and Mi Jin hurry back to his car for wet wipes to clean up. They voice their growing appreciation for each other, Mi Jun admits to being a virgin, and after Hwan promises to go easy on her, Mi Jun jumps on top of him. They are interrupted by a pair of cops who assume that Hwan is sexually assaulting Mi Jin, and Mi Jin is too busy crying in shame to correct them.

When Hwan is released from the police station, Mi Jin is outside waiting with tofu. Hwan points out that he was not imprisoned, so the tofu is inappropriate, but he angrily stuffs some in his mouth. Hwan asks Mi Jin why she was crying when the cops showed up, and she claims modesty. She offers up her nude shoulder and meaty thighs as compensation, but Hwan will have none of it.

After pulling up at a gas station, Phillip leaves the car. Phillip’s cell phone rings, and the ring tone reminds Soo Kyung of the time, four years ago, when Phillip serenaded her through her window. She mentions the ring tone to Phillip after he returns to the car, and this appears to break the tension. Phillip volunteers to get Soo Kyung a coffee, and she is buoyed by her memories.


We are obviously watching the death throes of Soo Kyung and Phillip’s relationship. She repeatedly tests his commitment to her, and he is sorely tempted to take her up on her offer to end it. For a series with such broad caricatures, it is surprisingly realistic about the stop and start leading up to a break up. Soo Kyung and Phillip alternate between putting in an effort for old time’s sake, and giving in to resentment. All this is necessary to the story, but that doesn’t make it enjoyable to watch.

Hwan and Mi Jin provided the comic relief of this episode. Admittedly, the look on Hwan’s face as he was being hauled away by the cops was priceless, but Mi Jin’s inability to simply explain the situation was annoying.

I am ready for Soo Kyung and Phillip’s relationship to kick the bucket. Let’s get on with the romance!

Soulmate (소울메이트)

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