“Soulmate” episode 9 recap

It’s been a gas. Let’s call it a night.

Side dish: Yu Jin never got around to cooking her mackerel stew for Dong Wook while their relationship was busy self-destructing. Not to worry, Maangchi has a Kimchi and Mackerel Camping Stew recipe for you to create your own.

Episode Recap

Dong Wook (Shin Dong Wook) stops his car in the middle of a bridge, and storms out with Yu Jin (Sa Kang) close behind. Dong Wook proposes ending their relationship, fed up with Yu Jin refusing his invitations to come to his apartment. He then tosses his expensive watch and shirt off the bridge as a romantic gesture. The sight of Dong Wook’s bare chest is enough to convince Yu Jin to accept his invitation.

The entire scene turns out to be an illustration by Dong Wook’s womanizing buddy, Hwan (Jung Hwan) of how to get a girl to your place. The formula is extreme anger followed immediately by something heartwarming. However, Dong Wook has a better idea for getting Yu Jin to take the next step.

Dong Wook leads Yu Jin on a wild goose chase for last minute movie tickets. As expected, everything is sold out, and Yu Jin is tired. Dong Wook smoothly suggests they buy and watch a movie at his place.

Once at his place, Dong Wook gives Yu Jin’s feet a soak, and a massage, but fails to deliver a kiss when she expects it. Dong Wook then sits at his desk, leaving her alone on his bed while they watch television.

It is at this point in the story that Yu Jin’s co-worker, Soo Kyung (Lee Soo Kyung) and boss, Mi Jin (Kim Ki Jin) interrupt her, dissatisfied with such a chaste account. Yu Jin then wails about the failure of her bodily functions to cooperate, having vomited twice in front of Dong Wook, and suffered relationship setbacks over a full bladder.

Yu Jin resumes her story with Dong Wook systematically ramping up the skinship. Yu Jin seems agreeable, but then, suddenly withdraws, because she feels gassy. Dong Wook jumps in to kiss her when they are interrupted by Hwan. Dong Wook hides Yu Jin under the covers just as Hwan enters the apartment. It seems impossible to get rid of Hwan, until he gets a whiff of Yu Jin’s gas. Unfortunately, the smell also kills the romance.

Mi Jin is reminded of her own romance killing moment, when she spewed food into Hwan’s face. Mi Jin goes to the gym where Hwan works, and marches right up to Hwan, who would rather pretend that they are not acquainted. She rebukes him for showing too much skin, then asks to begin the personal training session that she has paid for.

After the most awkward workout session ever, Hwan is driving Mi Jin to the nearest subway station without any clue where that might be. Mi Jin is persistent about making herself Hwan’s woman in spite of his objections, and efforts to make himself unappealing.

Meanwhile, Yu Jin refuses to enter Dong Wook’s apartment, because of embarrassment. She eventually gets talked into entering, but can’t stop hearing fart references in everything Dong Wook says and does. Yu Jin ends up running out, and Dong Wook buries his head in a pillow in frustration.

Out with his buddies, Dong Wook finally spots Soo Kyung, who he has been having repeat missed encounters with. Unfortunately, all he sees is the receding back of her and her fiancé, Phillip (Choi Phillip).

Dong Wook receives a call from an apologetic Yu Jin. He gets pissy, so she challenges him on his real reason for asking her over (skinship). He then returns the question, asking why she came over (skinship). They bicker some more, and Yu Jin ends the call by telling him never to call her again.

After hanging up, Yu Jin bitches to her roommate, Min Ae (Jang Mi In Ae). She appears determined to prove that she can live without Dong Wook, but Min Ae leaves her with some advice: women need to need to give sometimes, too.

While hanging out with Dong Wook, Hwan receives a call from Mi Jin who reports that she is standing in front of his home. Hwan ends up giving Mi Jin a tour of his place, which is decorated with many pinup posters. However, Hwan has a trump card: his buddy Ryohei (Otani Ryohei) posing as his lover. This backfires when Mi Jin encourages them to kiss, and Ryohei abandons Hwan after having his face smushed.

Yu Jin thinks back to all of Dong Wook’s better moments, and musters up the courage to show up unannounced at his apartment. Despite his objections, Yu Jin goes running in and finds a woman inside. Dong Wook repeatedly directs Yu Jin to go home, while Yu Jin obliviously continues to prepare mackerel stew. The anonymous woman awkwardly takes her leave saying that they can continue mixing music later.

After Dong Wook yells at Yu Jin, she calls her mother asking how to prepare the mackerel, and breaks down in the process. Dong Wook guiltily encloses Yu Jin in a hug from behind, but the damage to their relationship is obviously done.


I think the novelty of pairing player, Dong Wook with naive Yu Jin has worn thin, for both the couple and the viewers. I have never really believed in this pairing anyway, but it has been surprisingly entertaining to watch Dong Wook attempt to move skinship along, and Yu Jin’s bodily functions spoiling both of their fun.

Meanwhile, there’s the comic relief of Hwan and Mi Jin, which I actually find less funny than Dong Wook and Yu Jin. Her predatory interest in Hwan versus his adverse reaction are so predictable, right down to his, “No, thanks, I’m gay” strategy. Unlike the other couples in this drama, it looks pretty much like Hwan and Mi Jin will end up together, so expect to see more of her coming on strong, and him putting up a fight until he buckles.

Soulmate (소울메이트)

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