Friday Feature: Go Eun Chan ate here

Go Eun Chan of “First Shop of Coffee Prince” is quite the voracious eater, which amazes and delights her boyfriend, Choi Han Gyul. If Eun Chan were to visit Toronto, where would she find cuisine to amaze and delight her?

Eun Chan is not one to stand on ceremony.

Kimchi Fried Rice

As you may have guessed from watching “Coffee Prince”, making kimchi fried rice at home is not difficult. But, maybe Eun Chan wants to relive her happy moments with Han Gyul, with minimal effort. I’ve had the kimchi fried rice at Joons Restaurant and I enjoyed it, but if she’s in the market for trying something a little more exotic, she can try the Buta Kimchi Bibimbap at Guu Izakaya, a Japanese take on a Korean classic. – Only 만


As a barista trained in Italy, Eun Chan is very particular about her coffee. So, even if she is not picky about what she stuffs in her mouth otherwise, she will want to try some good coffee. There are a number of good local coffee roasters, but we’ll recommend Pilot Coffee Roasters. You can buy a cup from Te Aro. –Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다


One of Eun Chan’s many part-time jobs is delivering black bean noodle. A great place to get black bean noodle is Song Cook’s, which has a dazzling array of black bean noodle varieties to choose from. It’s also conveniently located next to Galleria Supermarket, where she can stock up on Choco Pie and other fabulous treats from home. –

Chinese Food

I fear that Eun Chan has not actually had authentic Chinese food in Korea. Perhaps she would like to try Shanghai cuisine at Ding Tai Fung. The bao and dumplings are made from scratch onsite. Diners can choose to have their dumplings steamed or fried. The steamed ones feature piping hot soup inside. The fried dumplings have a thin crispy layer. I would also recommend the green onion pancakes. Ding Tai Fung. – 중국어 캐나다


Having spent two years in Italy, it’s entirely possible that Eun Chan developed a taste for fabulous pizza. There’s been an explosion of authentic Neapolitan pizza places in Toronto, but the two major players are Pizzeria Libretto and Queen Margherita Pizza. I’m going to throw my credibility to the winds and say I have no preference between the two; they both make a pretty delicious pizza. If she’s in the Kensington Market area, though, I will recommend she forego both of those options and try out the equally delicious Pizzeria Via Mercanti. –


At some point, Eun Chan may begin to miss her co-workers, especially grumpy waffleman, Noh Sun Ki. She can comfort herself with a waffle from Starving Artist. The restaurant boasts, “Everything is made of waffles, on waffles, between waffles or made in a waffle iron.” She should try the Waffle Bacon, because Sun Ki is unlikely to integrate bacon into his batter. Starving Artist. We recommend the potato waffle. – 중국어 캐나다

Readers: where would you recommend for Go Eun Chan in your city?

Plot out Eun Chan’s dream eating spree in the Comments below.

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