“Soulmate” episode 13 recap

Failure to wear matching clothes with your partner is a big deal.

Side dish: Yu Jin thought gimbap was evidence of destiny. See for yourself by following the Gimbap recipe by The Kitchn. And, even if your significant other does not show up with gimbap as well, you will have your own refreshing roll to munch on.

Episode Recap

Soo Kyung (Lee Soo Kyung) has just finished having lunch with her ex-fiancé when her cheerful demeanor disintegrates as she sits on a public bench. Suddenly Dong Wook (Shin Dong Wook) is next to her, and places one of his bud earphones in her ear. This dreamy moment is broken when Soo Kyung suddenly realizes that a complete stranger is touching her shoulder. They bicker, and strangely enough, Dong Wook is capable of hearing Soo Kyung’s thoughts.

Dong Wook is wondering if he has lost his mind, when his girlfriend, Yu Jin, (Sa Kang) arrives. They have both brought gimbap to eat. Yu Jin thinks it’s a sign that they are soul mates, but Dong Wook scoffs at the idea, and thinks it simply means that they will be thirsty. Yu Jin is determined to stick by her beliefs.

At work, when Yu Jin refers to Dong Wook as her soulmate, Soo Kyung is equally cynical about the idea. Their boss, Mi Jin (Kim Mi Jin) uses her and her reluctant boyfriend’s motor mouths as evidence that they were made for each other. Soo Kyung wants to check Yu Jin’s boyfriend out for herself. Yu Jin worries that Soo Kyung will fall in love with him, but Yu Jin reassures her that she is not the type to steal a girlfriend’s man.

Of course, Soo Kyung and Dong Wook instantly recognize each other, and Dong Wook hears her call him a psycho in
her mind. Yu Jin points out that they already met when Soo Kyung ran into Dong Wook’s arms at the chapel. Soo Kyung continues to think uncharitable thoughts towards Dong Wook, all of which he hears.

Dong Wook goes to see a shrink about hearing Soo Kyung’s voice in his head. The shrink comes on to him, and after he rejects her, she diagnoses Dong Wook as suffering from delusions of grandeur.

Meanwhile, Mi Jin won’t leave Hwan alone though he insists that they are just friends. Mi Jin tries her best to convince Hwan of their connection, and though Hwan is briefly convinced, he violently pulls back from the idea.

Dong Wook decides to introduce Hwan to Soo Kyung, but it turns out that Soo Kyung had unloaded Hwan onto Mi Jin, though Hwan is still interested in Soo Kyung. Unbeknownst to Dong Wook, Yu Jin had scouted ahead in an attempt to dress in the same colours as Dong Wook to create proof that they are fated for one another. Unfortunately, she gets it wrong, and ends up looking like she is paired up with Hwan. It is worth noting that Soo Kyung and Dong Wook are wearing the same colours, and he continues to hear Soo Kyung’s thoughts, but not his girlfriend’s nor his friend’s. Dong Wook stares at Soo Kyung as she continues to insult him in her mind.

Dong Wook starts feeling self conscious about his hair style and and his laugh, thanks to Soo Kyung. He ditches his signature head band just as Yu Jin adopts it, again in an attempt to show their affinity for each other. Yu Jin grows distressed over their lack of connection in spite of her efforts, and Dong Wook reassures her by reiterating that he does not believe in such superstition.


It has taken over half the series for the lead couple to finally interact. And, because there are still many episodes left, Dong Wook and and Soo Kyung must despise each other before they begin loving one another.

I am relieved that the story is finally starting what it has been hinting heavily about thus far. It remains to be seen whether Dong Wook and Soo Kyung have any chemistry beyond the external indicators that they are meant to be together.

I do wonder how Dong Wook and Soo Kyung will get together without hurting Yu Jin. And, who will be stuck with Yu Jin? Regardless, I have had enough of watching the slow death of two relationships; I am looking forward to watching the development of a relationship that is meant to succeed.

Soulmate (소울메이트)

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