“Soulmate” episode 15 recap

Okay, that’s pretty dreamy, especially with the hair band out of frame.

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Episode Recap

Joo Ho (Lee Joo Ho), the younger brother of Soo Kyung (Lee Soo Kyung) stalks and harrasses Yu Jin (Sa Kang) and her boyfriend, Dong Wook (Shin Dong Wook). He recites lines from dramas while weeping and wailing . His angsty courtship display appears to have an effect on Yu Jin who expresses dissatisfaction with Dong Wook

Dong Wook is about to pummel Joo Ho when Yu Jin steps in to defend Joo Ho. Yu Jin challenges Dong Wook to tell her that he loves her, then laments that a stranger can say the words that her boyfriend cannot.

Yu Jin is commiserating over soju with Soo Kyung and her boss, Mi Jin (Kim Mi Jin) about her boyfriend’s inability to apologize or express love for her. When Dong Wook calls Yu Jin, she gets Soo Kyung to answer the phone. Soo Kyung awkwardly announces that Yu Jin is breaking up with him then promptly ends the call.

Mi Jin supports the breakup by saying that the relationship has taken up too much of Yu Jin’s life. Soo Kyung challenges her on her own lack of productivity due to her obsession with Hwan (Jung Hwan). After doing an accounting of the hours dedicated to Hwan, Mi Jin realizes that she has been chasing Hwan uselessly.

Mi Jin proposes to Hwan that they break up, and he scoffs that they were not even dating. Regardless, he happily goes along with Mi Jin’s proposal, though he is disturbed when she unfurls a poster of herself for him to tread on as he walks away.

Yu Jin comes home to find Joo Ho waiting for her while spouting more sweet nothings. Dong Wook catches them, and has a jealous fit. Yet, Dong Wook still cannot tell Yu Jin that he loves her.

Mi Jin walks around in a haze after the break up. When she can no longer take the separation, Mi Jin attempts to call Hwan, but ends up listening to the complaints of an old woman about her electrical bill instead.

Yu Jin asks Soo Kyung to meet with Dong Wook on her behalf in order to return all of Dong Wook’s gifts, and to convey her feelings. Soo Kyung chooses to be more succinct by telling Dong Wook that his claim of ownership over Yu Jin is not equivalent to love. Dong Wook is stopped cold when he hears Soo Kyung’s think that he has never loved anyone.

Soo Kyung is then enlisted by Mi Jin to check in on Hwan. Hwan is happy and healthy in the aftermath of his breakup with Mi Jin, but Soo Kyung lies to Mi Jin to make her feel better. Of course, this backfires and Mi Jin calls Hwan. When a woman answers the phone and tells Mi Jin to come and fetch Hwan from room 302, Mi Jin goes on a rampage through the love hotel district, searching frantically  for the correct room. Amazingly, Mi Jin finds Hwan, who is drunk in a bathtub.

A week later, Mi Jin and Yu Jin are back with their respective boyfriends, and avoiding Soo Kyung out of guilt. Soo Kyung discovers the truth when both Hwan and Dong Wook arrive to pick up Mi Jin and Yu Jin after work. Dong Wook now appears to be able to say, “I love you” to Yu Jin.

When Dong Wook spots Soo Kyung, he walks over to ask her how she is. Soo Kyung is flustered as Dong Wook smiles and reassures her that she will meet her soul mate, too.


It is quite ridiculous that Yu Jin equates Joo Ho’s flowery speech with professions of love, but disturbing that she attributes her mistakes, interference and nagging with love. Mi Jin is equally off-putting while chasing after Hwan and forcing herself on him, though, at least, we can attribute her warped view of love to comedic relief.

The cowardly women end up using Soo Kyung to do what they cannot: communicate with their boyfriends. As a result, Soo Kyung becomes the sole female character to root for, because she can actually carry a straightforward conversation, and she is the only one who broke up with her boyfriend, and stuck by her decision.

Dong Wook’s compassionate regard for Soo Kyung seems like a quick turnaround from bickering. Granted, she has always been more averse to him than he is to her. I still cannot say if Dong Wook and Soo Kyung have chemistry, but their hook up is becoming more and more appealing in comparison to the terrible alternatives around them.

Soulmate Ep 15.13

Soulmate (소울메이트)

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