Friday Feature: Cheon Song Yi Ate Here

Cheon Song Yi gained a taste for fried chicken and beer when her career sank. Should she wish to film her next project in Toronto, here are some places to continue the love affair.

Cheon Song Yi eats the pain away.

Gushi Japanese Street Food

If the weather is nice, Cheon Song Yi will enjoy browsing the coverted shipping containers of 707 Market where she will find Gushi Japanese Street Food. Gushi Chicken is boneless, Japanese fried chicken marinated in garlic sauce with a golden potato starch batter. They use dark meat, but white meat is optional.

Bellwoods Brewery

While munching on fried chicken, Cheon Song Yi can walk over to Bellwoods Brewery. This small craft brew pub uses the small size of its batches as an opportunity to experiment. They tend to favour hoppy American craft beer, and Belgium farmhouse and trappist styles. Cheon Song Yi can enjoy her pint in the front patio or purchase bottles to go from the Bottleshop.


This family business is not to be confused with the chain of restaurants. Chick-N-Joy has been serving fresh, never frozen chicken since 1977. There is no batter on their fried chicken, but rather, a skin made lightly, crispy with seasoning, reminiscent of Kentucky Fried Chicken in the 1980s. Their french fries are made from hand cut potatoes.

The Only Café

The great thing about The Only Café is that they understand if you don’t want to eat their crappy, microwaved burrito. So, Cheon Song Yi can bring her fried chicken with her when she enjoys sampling from 24 taps and one cask. The taps and cask feature local and import craft beers and the selection is always changing so, Cheon Song Yi can always look forward to something new.

The Thompson Diner

Of all the suggested places, The Thompson Diner is the only one where Cheon Song Yi can enjoy fried chicken and beer in the same establishment. Their Buttermilk Fried Chicken is moist under the crust of batter, and their Spiked Milkshakes will introduce some calcium into Cheon Song Yi’s diet. Best of all, the Diner is 24 hours so Cheon Song Yi can stop by whenever filming is done.

Readers: what fried chicken and beer establishments would you recommend to Cheon Song Yi in your city?

Plot out Cheon Song Yi’s next eating spree in the Comments below.

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