Song Cook’s Authentic Korean Restaurant

About three weeks after returning from Seoul, we decided to have our first Korean meal at Song Cook’s Authentic Korean Restaurant. I am happy to report that it brought back happy memories of our eating frenzy. And, thanks to the traditional heated floor seating, we were also reminded of our jjimjilbang experience.

I was never a fan of Chinese sweet and sour chicken. Weirdly enough, I am a fan of the Khan Poung Gi Sweet and Spicy Chicken, even though they use breast meat. It is their signature chicken dish, which balances sweet, sour and spicy, and the meat remained moist under the batter.

We also ordered the Kalbi Jjim – marinated and steamed beef rib. The meat was fall-off-the-bone soft, and ridiculously flavourful.

The JTF Army Stew (aka Budae JJigae) could be easily replicated at home. This army hot pot consisted of kimchi, sausages, rice cakes, vegetable and ramen. But, since we don’t have a table top burner at home, it was a pleasure to have it cook at our table in the restaurant.

Finally, we ordered Grilled Mackerel (Go Deungeo Gui), which was a touch too salty, but the fish was still moist, and addictive.

This was not the first time we dined at Song Cook’s, but it is nice to know that even after eating the real deal in Seoul, options back home in Toronto are just as good.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Song Cook’s Authentic Korean Restaurant, 6-72 Steeles Avenue West, Thornhill

Dined October 2014 – Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다 

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