“Soulmate” episode 21 recap

Yu Jin can’t believe that Dong Wook did not enjoy being forced into marriage.

Side dish: Yu Jin suggests to Dong Wook that they make miso soup with chives, because it is purportedly one the 10 best foods for Koreans. Let’s take Yu Jin’s suggestion and go one step further: Miso Chive Gyoza. Thirsty for Tea provides the recipe and photos.

Episode Recap

Dong Wook (Shin Dong Wook) has revealed to Soo Kyung (Lee Soo Kyung) how connected they are, and that he can read her mind. Soo Kyung tearfully denies that he is her soul mate, so Dong Wook shuts the discussion down with a kiss.

Dong Wook returns to the bar where he left his fiancée, Yu Jin (Sa Kang). Yu Jin already knows that he left her for Soo Kyung. When Dong Wook cites destiny as the reason for his relationship with Soo Kyung, she bitterly throws back his previous claim about not believing in destiny. She wonders if their shared memories mean nothing in comparison.

Soo Kyung comes in to work to find Yu Jin absent, and dirty looks being thrown her way. Her boss, Mi Jin (Kim Mi Jin) takes her aside to confirm whether Soo Kyung had indeed become involved with Yu Jin’s fiancé. Amazingly, Mi Jin does not question Soo Kyung’s spacey soul mate logic, but advises her to make the wise decision.

Yu Jin’s roommate, Min Ae (Jang Mi In Ae) and her frenemy, Joo Hee (Ha Joo Hee) come across her tear-stained face. They take turns giving dating advice until Yu Jin loses it, because strategy has nothing to do with real love.

Dong Wook comes to pick up Soo Kyung after work and discovers the scorn she has been receiving from colleagues, because of their relationship. Just as he is about to whisk Soo Kyung away, Yu Jin suddenly appears and gets into Dong Wook’s car, purposely ignoring the relationship between her fiancé and Soo Kyung.

Dong Wook takes Yu Jin home, but stops her when she starts cheerfully discussing cooking. He admits his feelings for her were genuine, but that his love for Soo Kyung is on another level.

Soo Kyung comes home to find Dong Wook waiting for her. He takes her for a ride, and plays a John Lennon song, using Lennon and Yoko Ono as an example of scorned love that persevered.

Dong Wook and Soo Kyung sit by the river, and think back to when they first met, and when Dong Wook knew that she was the one. Soo Kyung hated Dong Wook’s hair band, but admits she was comforted by the music that played in his ear bud. Soulmate 21.9For Dong Wook, what convinced him they were destined for each other were the frequent run-ins and their shared emotions.

When Dong Wook and Soo Kyung return to her place, they are met by her brother, Joo Ho (Joo Ho). He lambasts his sister for stealing Yu Jin’s man, and hurting the woman he loves. This breaks the couple’s happy mood.

Dong Wook returns home and receives a call from Yu Jin as he arrives in front of his door. Unbeknownst to him, Yu Jin is watching from around the corner, and sees him ignore her call before entering his apartment. She is about to ring his door bell when she remembers all the times he rejected her. Yu Jin gives up and leaves.


As terrible as Yu Jin has been in recent episodes, I cannot help but feel sorry for her. Dong Wook and Soo Kyung’s betrayal of her is inexcusable, regardless of whatever destiny they feel they share. In any sane situation not involving mind reading and repeat chance encounters, Yu Jin is correct in pointing out that Dong Wook hardly knows Soo Kyung. Plus, Dong Wook never did communicate his problems with Yu Jin, so she was never even given the chance to salvage the relationship.

Mi Jin was never as appealing as she is in this episode. She gives Soo Kyung a chance to explain her side of the story, and while Mi Jin does not approve of Soo Kyung’s actions, she is supportive of Soo Kyung in the face of office-wide disdain. Mi Jin even admits that she is not so certain that she and Hwan are destined for each other. It is too bad they did not show this more reasonable and sensitive side of Mi Jin sooner, as it would have made her a more interesting character than the screechy idiot she was predominantly depicted as.

With only one episode left, I fear that Min Ae has been neglected and become one-dimensional, when her character had so much potential. Here is a woman who is seemingly knowledgeable about men and dating, and flaunts societal rules that dictate that she should be more like Yu Jin. Many times, hers was the voice of reason that Yu Jin needed. Then, we discover that Min Ae had created her persona by modeling herself after a more confident former classmate. Even her dating of both Phillip and Ryohei was interesting, because I am still not sure who she will end up with. Unfortunately, in this episode, she was completely oblivious to Yu Jin’s pain, treating it as a puzzle to be solved with the right tactic; I expected her to be cynical, but not completely off the mark. We will see whether, as the fallen woman, she is redeemed by either Ryohei or Phillip, because I doubt “Soulmate” has the guts to leave her exactly as she is.

Soulmate (소울메이트)

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