Magical Moments Advent Calendar Day 17

We count down the days to Christmas by unveiling 24 magical Kdrama moments. Next up, “Lie to Me”.

Episode 8 of Lie to Me

Kong Ah Jung (Yoon Eun Hye) found her way to the home of Hyun Ki Joon (Kang Ji Hwan) the night before, despite being plastered. In the morning, Ah Jung is embarrassed, whereas Ki Joon is enjoying teasing her. On his suggestion, Ah Jung goes fix her appearance. Ki Joon spies her bottle of cola, and gets a flash of inspiration.

Let to Me magic 1

Next thing, the usually dignified and solemn Ki Joon is frantically shaking the bottle of cola to create a ticking time bomb of liquid refreshment. He stops just in time for Ah Jung’s return, and acts nonchalant.

Lie to Me magic 5

The bottle explodes as Ah Jung twists the cap off, and Ki Joon explodes in laughter. Ah Jung directs the bottle at Ki Joon in retaliation, and they chase each other, fighting for control of the bottle. Ki Joon manages to subdue Ah Jung by placing her arms behind her back, and they are panting face to face when they suddenly realize their close proximity to each other. The empty bottle drops out of Ah Jung’s hands.

Lie to Me magic 8

They stare at each other, and Ki Joon dips in for a kiss, but Ah Jung turns her head aside. She asks Ki Joon if this is acting or real. Ki Joon quietly affirms that it is real, and we are treated to one of the best kisses in K-dramaland.

Lie to Me magic 9

They pull apart, breathless, and Ki Joon calls it her second kiss ever. She protests as he laughs, then to prove him wrong, she draws him in for another great kiss. They are both giddy when they separate, though the sugar and caffeine of the cola they are drenched in could be a contributing factor. A phone call interrupts the moment, but Ki Joon makes sure he is holding Ah Jung’s hand as he answers the call.

Lie to Me magic 11

Unfortunately, “Lie to Me” was not a good show, but this was pretty much the perfect kissing scene: lots of sexual tension between the leads; he initiates, but doesn’t force a kiss on her; she initiates a kiss in return; and the afterglow is blissful, free of angst or guilt. Finally, how cute was it that Ki Joon could not even let go of Ah Jung’s hand to answer the phone? Just perfection.

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