Magical Moments Advent Calendar Day 19

We count down the days to Christmas by unveiling 24 magical Kdrama moments. Next up, “Doctor Stranger”.

Episode 11 of Doctor Stranger

It is the morning after the work social at a noraebang. Chi Gyu wakes up in nothing but his underwear, lying in an unfamiliar bed next to someone under the sheets. He suspects that it might be the director’s daughter, and fellow doctor, Soo Hyun (Kang So Ra), but it turns out to be a mannequin he had picked up the night before.

While speaking on the phone with his boss, Chi Gyu is alarmed by the sudden appearance of a hand creeping up his body. He quickly hangs up and peels back the covers to find his nebbish colleague, Bong Hyun. Chi Gyu screams, “Oh my God!” while smacking Bong Hyun away with a pillow.

Doctor Stranger magic 1

Chi Gyu and Bong Hyun both run screaming out of the bedroom, and fall at the base of a flight of stairs. That is when they remember that Soo Hyun had crawled upstairs the night before, followed by North Korean surgeon, Hoon (Lee Jong Suk). The trail of discarded clothing leads to Hoon in bed with someone. Bong Hyun and Chi Gyu are scandalized.

Doctor Stranger magic 3

Bong Hyun runs over and whips the covers off to find Hoon snuggling with his boss, Hyung Wook (Choi Jung Woo). Bong Hyun screams in horror while Chi Gyu again shrieks, “Oh my God!” The noise rouses up Hyung Wook who shoves Hoon off the bed. Soo Hyun pops up from the floor beside the bed, and squeals at the mannequin beside her.

Doctor Stranger magic 4

An alarmed Soo Hyun demands to know why everyone is in their underwear. She swings the mannequin arm in order to chase Chi Gyu and Bong Hyun out of the room. Meanwhile, Hoon is back on the bed and wrapping arms and legs around his struggling boss.

Doctor Stranger magic 6

“Doctor Stranger” was a long melodramatic trudge, but comedic scenes like this one did pop up occasionally. It was the oasis that got me through the series.

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  1. I totally forget about this scene. That turned out being the best scene of the entire drama and the most misleading because I truly thought they may be getting back on track. SMH, didn’t happen.


  2. I was sooo tempted to watch this because of Lee Jong-suk, but I like to marathon and by the time it was half way in, criticism was too high. 😦


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