Magical Moments Advent Calendar Day 22

We count down the days to Christmas by unveiling 24 magical Kdrama moments. Next up, “Secret Garden”.

Episode 17 of Secret Garden


Their relationship may not have gotten the most screen time, but everyone knows the real love story of “Secret Garden” was between has-been pop star, Oska (Yoon Sang Hyun), and fresh-faced songwriter, Han Tae Sun (Lee Jong Suk).


Oska becomes enamoured with Tae Sun’s songwriting talent early on, and spends much of the show chasing him in an effort to work with him. Tae Sun, however, wants no part of the deal, and decides to randomly leave the country on a boat to China, after rescuing Oska from a plagiarism scandal. While staring longingly at a giant billboard of Oska at the port, Tae Sun is startled to find the real thing standing next to him, with his usual ahjumma hair and sunglasses.


Oska is desperate to convince Tae Sun to stay, and alternates between berating him for leaving, and making wild promises of becoming his trainee. When Tae Sun calls him insincere, Oska wonders why Tae Sun is hiding his true feelings, and playing hard to get. Lucky for us, Oska is not put off by Tae Sun’s cold response; he simply hoists a startled (but unresisting) Tae Sun over his shoulder and bodily carries him off.


There was a lot of weeping elsewhere in this episode, but you could always count on Tae Sun and Oska to bring the snappy dialogue. If the show had been about the two of them, I wouldn’t have been disappointed. At any rate, it’s no wonder Oska’s ostensible love interest, Yoon Seul, was jealous of Tae Sun.

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  1. I remember watching Han Tae Sun and thinking “who is this kid? He’s great!” I also loved how Oska just took him in stride.


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