Magical Moments Advent Calendar Day 24

Join us as we count down the days to Christmas by unveiling 24 magical Kdrama moments. The Christmas Eve edition features “King of High School Savvy”!

Episode 8 of King of High School Savvy

High school hockey player, Lee Min Suk (Seo In Guk) makes all the wrong moves when, at the behest of his older brother, Hyung Suk, he takes Hyung Suk’s place as a company director. He ends up falling for his brother’s oddball secretary, Jung Soo Young (Lee Ha Na), but she’s been in love with the other company director for so long that she rejects him outright. But, it doesn’t take long for her to figure out that she does like Min Suk, and to immediately act on those feelings. Thinking that he’s on a business trip to Osaka, she goes looking for him at the airport. In fact, Min Suk is busy escaping a hockey training camp, in order to find her, and tell her that he can’t give up on her.


They finally manage to get in touch and decide to meet in the neighbourhood they both live in, but end up on opposite sides of the street. An impatient Soo Young resorts to spelling out “OK” with her body to convey her feelings, but Min Suk is too concerned about telling her he still likes her to pay attention.

Unable to wait any longer, Min Suk runs across a pedestrian overpass, and hugs Soo Young from behind, confessing that he’s unable to give up on his feelings for her.


Soo Young may be one of the most straightforward female leads ever, because she just turns around and tells him she likes him back, then puckers up for a kiss.


Unfortunately, she manages to bump his injured arm along the way. Min Suk shrugs off her concern, puts his injured arm around her, and pulls her in for a kiss.


I love how Soo Young has so little hesitation in telling Min Suk she likes him. Sadly, this sweet moment is doomed to be short-lived, since Soo Young doesn’t yet know that Min Suk is not Hyung Suk, but his high schooler brother instead. Still, I was happy to see these two goofballs getting together.

For more “King of High School Savvy” moments, read on, or check out our series review.

Bonus: Episode 14 of King of High School Savvy

Another great moment in “King of High School Savvy” came when Min Suk had to take care of his sick and unconscious rival, Yoo Jin Woo (Lee Soo Hyuk). The fantastic pictures say it all; I may love these two together more than the main pairing.








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