Commitment movie review

Big Bang member, T.O.P. plays a North Korean spy who kills to save his sister. You can probably guess the rest of the story.

Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다: ★.5

Side Dish: North Korea apparently launched a cooking website for the country’s housewives, which is weird since their citizens have neither reliable access to the internet nor food. However, here is an article about the site, which includes a link.

In the aftermath of his father’s death, teenage North Korean spy, Myung Hoon (T.O.P.) is trained as an assassin then sent to South Korea to finish the mission that his father failed to complete. At stake is the fate of his sister who remains imprisoned in a work camp.

While attending high school in South Korea, Myung Hoon finds kinship with fellow outsider, Hye In (Han Ye Ri) who shares the same name as his sister. Hye In eventually drops out of school, but she and Myung Hoon maintain their friendship.

Myung Hoon is eventually tasked with dispatching another North Korean spy who serves a competing political camp. Of course, he quickly finds out that those in power consider all of their agents expendable.

By now, it feels like I have seen Commitment numerous times before. Korean films appear to enjoy telling stories of trained killers who are double crossed, then must use their skill set against their former superiors. As a result, this is a safe star vehicle for T.O.P.: a proven formula that does not require him to emote much more than looking intense or to tear up when the moment warranted it.

Indeed, T.O.P. was a little wooden at times in his depiction of the North Korean spy, especially in the quieter moments with the equally reserved Han Ye Ri.  In combination with a predictable plot of mutual redemption, it made the non-action scenes sentimental and dull.

Unfortunately, the action sequences did not make the wait worthwhile. The camera zoomed in too close on the action at times, creating a flurry of limbs effect. When the fight choreography was visible, it was uninspired.

I watched much of the movie in a daze, but was roused to annoyance with the ending, which featured a completely unnecessary sacrifice.

Fans of T.O.P. will enjoy this movie, if only because he looks good, his voice sounds great, and his acting is passable so as not to be embarrassing. I am sure we can all agree that there is room for improvement so, please do not send me hate mail. Email T.O.P. instead, and encourage him to make his next project one that will push his personal boundaries.


      1. Haha… some people are to sensitive about their favorite idols… Even though TOP is my #1 bias i understand that everyone has their own opinion… And those fans who are just to sensitive about their randoms just make people dislike that fandom… EXO fans are a good example of overly sensitive fans…


  1. Don’t get too comfortable @Junggugeo. It can still happen:) It think all spy films follow the same basic foundation and doesn’t matter what geographical sphere they are based. I am not big on “Spy” films but I love the action that they bring and your review on the fight scenes has me rethinking my choice in watching BUT just starring at TOP for about 2 hours may reign me in ;P


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