Friday Feature: Chemistry with Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye finally pursed her lips to kiss in “Pinocchio”. But, how much chemistry did she generate with her leading men?

Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk

In “Pinocchio”, Lee Jong Suk’s Dal Po grew up with Park Shin Hye’s In Ha, and carries a torch for her in spite of being her uncle (by adoption). Later, Dal Po and In Ha are rookie journalists at competing networks, and must struggle against past family grievances.

Skinship: There is a saucy dream in which toast is the only thing blocking In Ha and Dal Po from kissing. However, after this tease, In Ha and Dal Po actually do lock lips, and both are active participants. Any longtime viewer of Park Shin Hye’s dramas can appreciate what a breakthrough this is.

Chemistry: Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk generated some heat during intimate moments. Sadly, outside of skinship, they came across as kissing cousins.

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Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk

You're Beautiful

Park Shin Hye’s character, Mi Nyeo spent most of “You’re Beautiful” masquerading as a man, and doing a poor job of it. So, her relationship with Jang Geun Suk’s grouchy idol singer, Tae Kyung was more comedic than romantic.

Skinship: Mi Nyeo hugs an unwilling Tae Kyung repeatedly, then later, it is Tae Kyung’s turn to hug a weepy Mi Nyeo with conviction. Their kisses tended to be freeze frame affairs in which one or both of them were wide eyed with shock. In one case, an intoxicated Mi Nyeo falls face first into Tae Kyung and vomits in his mouth.

Chemistry: Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk were like two family friendly cartoon characters.

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Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa

Heartstrings 3

Someone must have noticed the chemistry between Park Shin Hye, and Jung Yong Hwa, the second male lead of “You’re Beautiful”, because they were paired up in “Heartstrings”. Park Shin Hye is classical music nerd, Gyu Won, and Jung Yong Hwa plays Shin, the aloof leader of a popular band.

Skinship: Gyu Won gets caught up in her own fantasy while riding on the back of Shin’s bike with her arms wrapped around his waist. After Shin transforms from indifferent jerk to perfect boyfriend, there is dreamy hand holding, and some hugging. Unfortunately, kissing is frequently preempted by Gyu Won’s friend (a running joke), and when it does happen, the kissing is open eyed on both sides.

Chemistry: Bad kissing aside, Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa did actually have a spark, and made a cute couple.

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Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho


Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) is a maid’s daughter pursued by rich teenagers, Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Young Do (Kim Woo Bin). Eun Sang gets buffeted around like a play thing while Tan and Young Do work out their issues with each other.

Skinship: Eun Sang’s first kiss with Tan is actually him marking his territory, because it was violently forced upon her as she attempted to answer a call from Young Do. Eun Sang also gets the wrist pull a lot.

Chemistry: Jong Yong Hwa was initially cast as the second lead in “Heirs”, but he thought better of a third run at Park Shin Hye, and the role went to Kim Woo Bin, instead.

This casting change was beneficial to the scenes with Kim Woo Bin and Lee Min Ho, because every time Tan and Young Do had a bitchy confrontation, the chemistry between the two actors went from simmering to explosive. The spluttering sparks between Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye could not hold a flame.

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Readers: Which pairing with Park Shin Hye was your favourite?

If you would rather see two of Park Shin Hye’s male leads together, we understand.


  1. My favorite is with Jung Yong Hwa and Jang Geun Suk. I believe that chemistry is not all about skinship and kissing and I should believe that the leads are falling in love or are having a matching frequency. Hence, I picked these two.
    Heartstrings had this first crush and first love kind of feel in its romance and I felt giddy in their romance. You’re beautiful pairing was cute and funny and I squealed with every progress they made in their relationship….
    Kissing wise, I think she participated a lot in Heirs…haven’t seen Pinocchio’s kiss yet…I enjoyed her chemistry with LMH, which was more due to their BTS clips and videos that I saw…and with LJS, the chemistry is great…very comfortable.


    1. Thanks for your comment!

      Once you see Park Shin Hye kiss in “Pinocchio”, you will realize that she never really kissed before that drama. It’s just too bad that her chemistry with Lee Jong Suk wasn’t stronger.


  2. Actually I have always felt her best chemistry so far was with Yoon Shi Yoon in Flower Boy Next Door. She plays against her usual bubbly character type and I liked that. They made the most believable couple she has ever been part of.


  3. Firstly, I have to throw in my two cents and say that I do not think a kiss in a drama defines chemistry between actors. I think you can have mad chemistry between platonic characters. I personally did not see any major chemistry between the characters of Minam and Creepy Stalker with Tight Pants (Yong Hwa). I would say however she seemed to work well with Yoon Shi Yoon in Flower Boy Next Door. I also have to add a disclaimer that maybe I just liked her character, Dok-mi, more than her other characters. I didn’t much care for her character in Pinocchio and did not find the drama or the romance compelling despite big love for Lee Jong Suk. At least between FBND and specifically Pinocchio, she’s more of a real girl now as the director let her open her mouth. I think PSH is adorable and does cute innocent young girls fine, which is great in Korea for career longevity because they do love the 30 year old virgins thing. That said, Lee Jong Suk is a major touchy feely person and has chemistry with stuffed bears and probably lamp posts, so if he can’t incite some kind of chemistry with PSH, I have to concede defeat with this actress and say maybe she should stick with fairly chaste dramas that don’t take to much skinship.


      1. I’d actually credit the director with that lol, as they call the shots on what is filmed and aired. And really, they could not put her in a movie with Mr. Hot Lips and get away with just a lip press. She wasn’t playing a teen character as in Heirs!


  4. The dramas that have seen with Park Shin Hye hadn’t left in awe of PSH acting skills. I could take her or leave her. Her leading men are the causes of me watching a drama with her as female lead. Currently in Pinocchio,( I am still viewing) I am enjoying her character immensely. I find that she has a comfortable chemistry with Lee Jong Suk. It’s not a hot off the press explosive chemistry but it’s an adorable type chemistry (if that makes any sense). As far as the kiss, I totally agree with Junggugeo. LJS got her to kiss like an adult and it was the shocked and amused me at the same time. I was overflowing with giddiness and clapping like crazy.


  5. I’m really shocked. Park Shin Hye, an active participant of a kiss. I’ve been avoiding her dramas because I know I will be cringing at the kiss scenes but now I may actually check out Pinocchio.

    That said, I would have been pretty satisfied with Heirs if Kim Tan and Young Do were the main couple.


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