Let’s Eat Episode 5 recap


Pizza (피자) 
“We can taste the fours seasons from this brazier pizza.” 

Bungeoppang (붕어빵)
“Filled completely with sweet red beans.”

Budae Jjigae (부대찌개)
“It is tastier to have it on your rice bowl. The soup soaked rice is really excellent.”

Episode Recap

After gorging on pizza, neighbours Soo Kyung, Dae Young and Jin Yi return to their officetel to find their maintenance bills have arrived. Jin Yi’s is unusually high due to her heating usage. Soo Kyung advises her to turn down the heat, and put on a sweater. Dae Young’s method for saving money is to not go home, and just hang out in heated establishments.

In order to pay the maintenance fee, Jin Yi must sell one of her designer bags. Of course, she is incapable of bargaining, and ends up buying a bag. Jin Yi runs into Kyung Mi coming out of Soo Kyung’s apartment after using it to hide from her in-laws and children without Soo Kyung’s knowledge. Kyung Mi takes Jin Yi grocery shopping, and gives her a tutorial on how to be frugal.

Let's Eat 5.8

At work, Soo Kyung is very agreeable to her boss, Attorney Kim’s nagging, because she is expecting her year-end bonus. Little does she know that Attorney Kim is determined to push her to her limits. After becoming distracted by Soo Kyung acting hot and bothered by budae jjigae, Attorney Kim drops the bomb that the lunch is her bonus. She loses her appetite then rebounds, and orders more to get the most of her bonus.

Soo Kyung’s co-worker, Kyu Sik receives an actual cash bonus, but pretends there is none coming when Kyung Mi, his wife asks. Kyung Mi knows better, and takes him into the bedroom for a beating. Their kids know there will be no dinner tonight.

Dae Young goes to get some legal advice from Attorney Kim. Dae Young has discovered that he was listed as the beneficiary of a former client who has died. Her younger brother threatens to sue Dae Young, but Attorney Kim says that the brother’s suit is unlikely to succeed. Soo Kyung learns about Dae Young’s insurance beneficiary payout, and instantly suspects him of having rewritten the contract to make himself the beneficiary.

Let's Eat 5.9

Soo Kyung runs into Dae Young who offers her a ride home, which she reluctantly accepts for fear of the “don’t ask” assailant. Dae Young takes a detour into the wealthy neighbourhood of Hannam-dong to pick up Jin Yi’s package. Jin Yi had mistakenly had a package sent to her old home, but after travelling there with Dae Young and Soo Kyung, insisted on leaving without the package. At the time, Soo Kyung was outraged by Jin Yi’s wastefulness, but Dae Young explains how his personal history gives him insight into Jin Yi’s feelings about coming face-to-face with her past. Soo Kyung is impressed by Dae Young’s kindness.

Soo Kyung asks Dae Young how he’s going to spend the $100,000 beneficiary payout. Dae Young says he will pay off his student loans, as well as his parents’ debts. Dae Young then suggests that Soo Kyung get into insurance brokerage.

Let's Eat 5.11

They bring the package to a grateful Jin Yi, and notice a pile of expired milk. Both Soo Kyung and Dae Young share advice on what to do with expired milk. Jin Yi happily notes that they are getting along, and Soo Kyung and Dae Young instantly return to status quo. They decide to split the milk Jin Yi receives, as well as sharing the bike she got for ordering the milk.

Jin Yi and Soo Kyung are sorting their garbage when Soo Kyung comes across an insurance contract. It is for the previous tenant in Jin Yi’s apartment who died suddenly, and Dae Young is listed as the beneficiary. Soo Kyung reacts in horror as the episode ends.


Soo Kyung was appallingly dense in this episode, stuffing her face as she completely misses the reason Jin Yi wishes to avoid seeing her old home. Jin Yi’s ignorance is more forgivable, but it was a little tiresome to have to listen to everyone’s common sense advice on how to save money, though Dae Young’s advice to stay away from home and suck heating from other sources was original.

I can’t say the food excited me much either, but here it is.

Pizza (피자)
Let's Eat 5.4
I had no idea that Koreans like to eat pickles with their pizza. I do know that they like to put corn on pizza in Hong Kong. It was not to my taste, but I’ll try pickles on pizza, because I’ll try anything once.

Bungeoppang (붕어빵)
Let's Eat 5.7
Unfortunately, they did not really showcase bungeoppang; it was just mentioned, and then, Soo Kyung is stuffing her face with one. Hot, fresh bungeoppang is crunchy on the outside, but chewy just underneath, and the red bean filling is my favourite. I have even had the Binggrae bungeobang, which is filled with ice cream, but it lacked the crunchiness on the outside, which made all the difference.

Budae Jjigae (부대찌개)
Let's Eat 5.6
I believe we tried this dish after seeing it on “Let’s Eat”, and I even went to a restaurant renowned for it in Seoul. It’s full of guilty pleasures, but I can’t say I’m crazy about it, because it does taste like a student budget, homemade concoction.

Let’s Eat (식샤를 합시다)

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