Let’s Eat Episode 6 recap


Mandu (만두)
“Just eat deliciously. I make hundreds of them, because of this moment, even though my back felt like it would break.”

Tofu bossam (두부 보쌈)
“This tofu. The softness and smoothness is like the fabric of pure white silk.”

Episode Recap

Nervous legal secretary, Soo Kyung decides to confirm her paranoid fantasies with her neighbour, fast-talking insurance salesman Dae Young, who has no time for her accusations. He simply takes away the sample contract for the dead neighbour that had Soo Kyung so worked up, and runs off.


Unmollified, Soo Kyung continues her paranoid ramblings while taking her dog, Barassi for a walk. Luckily, Barassi is more observant than her, and notices that a “don’t ask” attack is happening right in front of them.

A shaken Soo Kyung nervously describes what little she saw of the attacker to the police, only to realize halfway that her description matches Dae Young. On condition of anonymity, Soo Kyung shares her suspicions with the police officer, then nervously watches from the police car as he’s arrested.


At the police station, a belligerent Dae Young insists that he has an alibi, the younger brother of the dead woman who made Dae Young the beneficiary of her insurance contract. The younger brother refuses to attest to Dae Young’s innocence unless Dae Young hands over the $100,000 insurance benefit to him.


The next morning at the office, Soo Kyung inadvertently lets slip to her co-workers, Kyu Sik and Attorney Oh, that she was witness to the “don’t ask” attacks, and that she filed a report on Dae Young.

While she tries to convince them of his guilt, Dae Young meets with Soo Kyung’s boss, Attorney Kim to tell him that he’s going to give in to the younger brother’s demand to hand over the insurance benefit, since he doesn’t want to harm his reputation as a salesman. Soo Kyung ends up in a panic when they call her at the office to go to Dae Young’s apartment to get his legal seal and ID.


At Dae Young’s apartment, Soo Kyung is torn between her disgust at his messiness, and her paranoid imaginings. Attorney Kim sends her to the station to meet the younger brother, and despite her suspicion, it doesn’t take Soo Kyung long to realize that she’s accused Dae Young wrongly, thus robbing him of $100,000. Guilt is written all over her face, as Dae Young thanks her for her help.


Back at Kyu Sik’s house, his wife and Soo Kyung’s friend, Kyung Mi makes hundreds of dumplings, while her sons goof around. Kyung Mi phones Jin Yi to come pick some up for herself and Soo Kyung. When Jin Yi arrives, Kyung Mi’s younger son watches entranced as she stuffs her face.

Back at the office, Soo Kyung is in a fog of guilt as Attorney Kim and Attorney Oh berate her for her rashness. Kyu Sik advises her not to mention what happened to Dae Young.


Fresh out of lockup, Dae Young runs into Jin Yi, and decides he needs to eat tofu (the traditional fresh-from-prison food). They call up Soo Kyung to go along, but she refuses since she’s avoiding Dae Young. Instead, Soo Kyung ends up getting a ride from Attorney Kim, who makes her post online viewer comments regarding his TV appearance along the way, then tells her not to trust her paranoid instincts.

At the restaurant, instead of Dae Young giving his usual lecture, Jin Yi imitates him by using textile metaphors to describe the tofu bossam. She tells him to cheer up, and they proceed to stuff their faces, but it’s not the same without Soo Kyung to provide the orgasmic sound effects.


After dropping Soo Kyung off, Attorney Kim goes to the police station, and browbeats the police into providing better protection for Soo Kyung, since she’s the only “don’t ask” witness.


In the meantime, an exhausted Dae Young goes home, and gets a call from a worried Attorney Oh, who inadvertently lets the cat out of the bag about Soo Kyung reporting him. When an angry Dae Young goes out to get a beer to cool his head, he runs into Soo Kyung at the convenience store, and confronts her.


When he cuts off her apology with a threat to sue, Soo Kyung goes on the offensive with further accusations. Dae Young is so taken aback that he grabs her to stop her from continuing, then asks her why she couldn’t just apologize. Unable to respond, Soo Kyung watches him walk away.

When she goes back to her apartment to ring in the New Year alone, she ends up spilling ramyun all over the place (which Barassi quickly laps up), and moping over Dae Young’s award.



Oh, Soo Kyung. What else can you say? This episode doesn’t show her in the best light, since all the trouble she gets into is her own fault. On the upside, the mandu looked glorious, as did the bossam.

Also, I never thought I’d say this when I started the show, but Jin Yi actually seemed like the most sensible character for a minute there.

Mandu (만두)
JK and I went for mandu at a mom-and-pop restaurant called Royal Boonsik. They make their mandu in house, so I guess that’s the closest I’m going to get to a Korean mom making me mandu. In case you’re wondering, they were fantastic.

Tofu bossam (두부 보쌈)
I’ve had bossam with makgeolli, and despite the product placement, I’m with Dae Young on this: they go well together.

Let’s Eat (식샤를 합시다)

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    1. Ha ha! I think of Let’s Eat every time I eat Korean food… and that’s a lot. There’s no moving on after Let’s Eat!


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