Friday Feature: Choi Jin Hyuk memories

Choi Jin Hyuk will begin serving his mandatory military enlistment next month. Let us look back fondly on some of his dramas to date.

Gu Family Book

Full disclosure: Not only did I not make it all the way through this drama, but I also only watched the episodes with Choi Jin Hyuk in them. From what I saw, it’s not surprising that the role of gumiho, Wol Ryung became something of a career renaissance for Choi Jin Hyuk, even though he only appeared in a handful of episodes. Wol Ryung was not only fantastically cute and sweet in his good incarnation, he was also pretty hot when he went evil. Too bad about the rest of the show. – Only

Acting: Choi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk icon    Aegyo: Choi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk icon



Choi Jin Hyuk was intimidating and cold as Kim Won, the older brother of the teenage male lead, Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho). In an attempt to consolidate his control over the family conglomerate, he sends Tan into exile in the US, and is hostile when the teenager returns to Korea. Even the woman he loves seemed to tread carefully around him. It was only at the very end of the series, when he had given up on personal happiness for the sake of business, that emotion actually breaks through his hard mask in spectacular fashion. – Junggugeo Kaenada

Acting: Choi Jin Hyuk icon Choi Jin Hyuk icon Choi Jin Hyuk icon half     Aegyo: Choi Jin Hyuk icon

Emergency Couple


Playing Chang Min, chaebol ex-husband to Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) and fellow medical intern, Choi Jin Hyuk alternated convincingly between being an ass to Jin Hee and showing genuine concern for her. His increasing jealousy over the rapport between Jin Hee and their boss is super entertaining, and his sentimental memories of happier times is sad, but cute. Best of all, Chang Min matures into an apologetic heartthrob who Jin Hee must pursue. Choi Jin Hyuk was helped by amazing chemistry with Song Ji Hyo, but he hit all the right notes in both comedic and dramatic moments. – JK

Acting: Choi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk icon     Aegyo: Choi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk icon

Fated to Love You

Fated to Love You Ep 7.6

Daniel was a man of many faces throughout this drama’s 20 episode run. Initially, the female lead, Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) mistakes him for a priest, and he acts correspondingly helpful and sympathetic. When Daniel reveals his true identity as a world renowned designer, it is part of his charm offensive in pursuing Mi Young, and becoming a thorn in the side of rival, Gun (Jang Hyuk). After helping Mi Young become a promising designer and artist in her own right, Daniel becomes the creepy suitor who just won’t give up. In the end, Mi Young chooses Gun, and a muted Daniel focuses on his newly discovered younger sister. Throughout all these incarnations of Daniel, Choi Jin Hyuk offered variations on cute, but bland. Thank goodness Daniel’s wardrobe in the first half of the series was so flamboyant. – JK

Acting: Choi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk icon     Aegyo: Choi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk icon half

Pride and Prejudice


In his first leading role in a major network drama, Choi Jin Hyuk played Goo Dong Chi, an incorruptible prosecutor with a yen for justice. We can get into his character, but suffice it to say, he spent 99.5% of the drama looking intensely worried, and the other 0.5% being flirty with his junior prosecutor, Han Yeol Moo (Baek Jin Hee). The most important detail to note here is that despite the muddled writing, this show was still worth watching because his weird haircut made him look super cute. – Only

Acting: Choi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk icon half    Aegyo: Choi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk iconChoi Jin Hyuk icon

Readers: Which Choi Jin Hyuk drama will you watch on repeat until his return to civilian life?

Can he possibly get any more buff?


  1. His parts in Gu Family Book are the only parts in Gu Family Book that are watchable, tolerable and enjoyable. Gumihot Daddy is worth re-watching, especially Dark Gumihot Daddy. Hubba hubba. That being said, Emergency Couple was great for him, he got to display his entire acting range, though I do love that cold chaebol of his in Heirs – but I will never ever ever re-watch that piece of overwrought turdfest again. Not even for CJH. Okay, maybe just his parts. But that’s it! No mopey, slow-mo first world problems for me! And I can’t watch FTLY because I can’t bear seeing him in 2nd lead syndrome purgatory (which I already had to deal with in I Need Romance and Panda and Hedgehog). I did enjoy most of Pride and Prejudice, especially CJH’s character. He was equal parts smart, sassy, bratty, snarky, cocky, sweet, flirty, and serious.


    1. I agree with you completely. Though I may end up rewatching some of his scenes in Heirs, because it’s the first thing I saw him in. Also, I admire your dedication in sitting through Panda and Hedgehog and I Need Romance; I couldn’t do it. 🙂


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