Let’s Eat Episode 8 recap


Toowoomba Spaghetti
“You need not feel envious of a high class Italian restaurant.”

Single person ramyun
“Even at a time like this, my food goes down well.”

Mom’s feast, including soybean paste stew (된장 찌개), seasoned cockles (꼬막무침), egg custard (계란찜), soy braised beef (장조림), and rice crust soup (누룽지)
“Aigoo, my baby.”

Episode Recap


Nervous legal secretary Soo Kyung wakes up in the morning, only to discover that she’s hung over, and spectacularly late. Barassi, her Pomeranian, watches sadly as she races out the door without feeding him.

As Soo Kyung tries to flag down a taxi, her neighbour, fast-talking insurance broker, Dae Young, pulls up to give her a ride. They bicker as he drives, but things get interesting when he asks her to stick a pain-relief patch on his back. Soo Kyung gingerly puts it on Dae Young, as he explains that it was her excessive weight when he carried her that caused the pain in the first place.


When Dae Young drops Soo Kyung off in front of her office, we’re treated to the sight of her boss, Attorney Kim’s crestfallen face. He comes to the wrong conclusion about why they’re together.

Inside the office, Soo Kyung’s coworkers, Attorney Oh and Kyu Sik, speculate on why she’s wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Soo Kyung rebuffs their lame theories, just in time for Attorney Kim to come in, and throw a fit about the state of the office. Soo Kyung resorts to her usual solution of eating chocolate bars to comfort herself, but it’s not long before Attorney Kim takes those away too.


Back at the officetel, Dae Young finds a newly awakened Jin Yi wondering what to do with her milk. He kills two birds with one stone by making her a breakfast of Toowoomba spaghetti with her leftover ingredients and some ramen. He takes off immediately thereafter, leaving Jin Yi to shoot selfies with the spaghetti.


Back at the office, Attorney Kim gets a visit from a client whose wife is seeking to divorce him, but it’s actually a cameo by Kim Sung Soo (Lee Sang Woo), a character from “One Warm Word”. When Attorney Kim shows his client out, he takes the opportunity to point out that being divorced herself, Soo Kyung must be enjoying her freedom (i.e. that she’s loose). Without her chocolate bars to comfort her, Soo Kyung finally flies off the handle, and hands Attorney Kim all of the resignation letters she’s stored up, then storms out. Taken aback, Attorney Kim reads her letters, angry that he hasn’t been able to take his full revenge on her yet.


On the bus back home, Soo Kyung cries her regrets away, while Kyu Sik contemplates his own precarious position as an employee. Attorney Oh, for her part, carelessly dumps Soo Kyung’s duties on Kyu Sik.

Just off the bus, Soo Kyung gets a call from her mother, who is visiting from the provinces, and is just outside her house. Unable to tell her mother that she quit her job, Soo Kyung is forced to spend the day outside.

To comfort herself, Soo Kyung eats single person ramyun on the advice of the Mr. Shiksha blog. She runs into Dae Young at the same restaurant, and tells him about quitting her company. They end up at his customary coffee shop where she indulges in a chocolate dessert that she gets all over her face. She’s taken aback when he casually wipes it off of her, but follows him to a single person noraebang, where he shoves her into a booth by herself to relieve her stress, then takes off.


Unfortunately, Soo Kyung’s stress relief is short-lived, when a call from Attorney Oh reminds her that she is not missed. But, lucky for her, her mother has made her a spectacular dinner, which she wolfs down in her usual orgasmic fashion.


Back at home, Kyu Sik has a very “Misaeng” moment as he drinks away the pain of being an office worker. When his wife, Kyung Mi, suggests that she take Soo Kyung’s newly vacated job to take the pressure off of him, he avoids the question, and runs away.


Back at the officetel, it doesn’t take long for Soo Kyung’s mother’s hidden agenda to pop up, when she uses Soo Kyung’s post-meal stupor to introduce the idea of a marriage service. Soo Kyung balls at the $2,000 price tag, pointing out that since she’s old, divorced, and has a lousy job, she’ll only be introduced to men who are the same. The conversation devolves into a fight as the episode ends.

As an epilogue, we see Dae Young go to the same noraebang to work off his stress over losing the $100,000. Of course, since it’s Yoon Doo Joon, he sings “Fiction” by Beast.


Soo Kyung’s outlook looks surprisingly grim this episode. Not only is she out of work, but her mother considers her relationship status bad enough to spend $2,000 on. Added to that, Soo Kyung can’t even consider the possibility of moving back to the provinces with her mom, since her mom is not even willing to reveal to her neighbours that Soo Kyung is divorced. Though, given that she and her mother only seem to get along when Soo Kyung is eating, this doesn’t seem like much of a loss.

That said, the show takes great pains to keep the atmosphere light, which means that we can enjoy Soo Kyung’s troubles without worrying about them too much. Though, I’d like to add that despite the sympathy that Attorney Kim seems to get because of his unrequited love for Soo Kyung, he’s spent years being an ass to her, even worse as her employer, because she gave away his hairpin in university. There’s a limit to how much I can laugh off here, “Let’s Eat”, no matter how many characters think that Soo Kyung was stupid to quit.

Anyway, lucky for me, there was lots of food to distract me this episode, since Soo Kyung ate her pain away.

Toowoomba spaghetti

It may be my dislike of cream sauces, but this concoction looks pretty unappetizing.

Single person ramyun


Mom’s feast, including soybean paste stew (된장 찌개), seasoned cockles (꼬막무침), egg custard (계란찜), soy braised beef and eggs (장조림), and rice crust soup (누룽지)






This might be my favourite meal of this series. Everything looks delicious, and made with love. Awesome!

Let’s Eat (식샤를 합시다)

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