Let’s Eat Episode 11 recap


“The battlefield lurking with the food we need to conquer.”

Canned salmon in kimchi stew
“It is clean and light.”

Episode Recap

Ever since finding out that Dae Young is the writer behind her favourite food blog, Soo Kyung calls him Mr. Shiksa, and acts like a fan girl around him. Soo Kyung’s excitement is brought to a screeching halt when Dae Young touches her face to remove leftover food.

Soo Kyung’s friend, Kyung Mi notes that her friend forgoes food in order to talk about Dae Young, and thinks that it may be love. Kyung Mi also cites her past dating history; Soo Kyung always started out as a fan before becoming a girlfriend. Soo Kyung denies that she sees the younger Dae Young as a man.

Let's Eat 11.2

Meanwhile, Soo Kyung reacts with suspicion towards every considerate gesture from Attorney Kim, convinced that he intends to kill her with kindness. When Attorney Kim hangs out by her desk to be close to her, Soo Kyung thinks he is monitoring her.

Jin Yi is losing hope regarding her father, because his attorney has decided to drop the case. She cheers up when Soo Kyung enlists Attorney Kim to take her case, and after she receives more orders for dog clothing.

With her father off her mind, Jin Yi is free to engage in a tug of war with Attorney Oh over Dae Young. Soo Kyung adds to the competition when she finds herself flustered at the sight of Dae Young. After witnessing Dae Young’s casual flirtation with both Jin Yi and Attorney Go, Soo Kyung angrily points out that he helped create this toxic love triangle.

Let's Eat 11.3

Jin Yi runs into the rookie delivery boy, and invites him into her apartment to eat canned salmon in kimchi stew. The delivery boy, Kwang Suk reveals that his father died from the shock of losing his business, so he must support his mother and sister back in Busan.

Soo Kyung turns down Dae Young for dinner, but accepts Attorney Kim’s invitation. Attorney Kim pretends to like dogs in an attempt to ingratiate himself with Soo Kyung. This backfires when Soo Kyung drags him to see puppies, and he is too scared to even touch one. He attempts to train the phobia out, at home, by petting a battery operated stuffed toy.

Let's Eat 11.6

On her way home, Soo Kyung slips on ice, but is caught by Dae Young. He offers to give her a piggyback ride. She turns him down in outrage, only to stumble into his arms again. A humiliated Soo Kyung takes off her shoes, and scurries away on stocking feet.

Soo Kyung inevitably runs into Dae Young again. While walking Barassi, she comes across Dae Young cooking ramen outside. He forces her to sit close to him, and clearly knows the way to her heart when he offers her the pot lid.

Epilogue: Soo Kyung finds that someone has been tampering with her front door’s key pad lock, and there are dirty footprints outside her door. Dae Young reassures her that it was probably just a drunk resident attempting to enter the wrong apartment. The horror music and camera work would seem to indicate otherwise.


A couple of cute meta moments in this episode. I never noticed that one of Soo Kyung’s ex-boyfriends was played by Choi Phillip, who played the actress’s boyfriend in “Soulmate”. Also, Yoon Doo Joon performs his BEAST bandmate’s song, “Trouble Maker” at the noraebang.

I am disappointed that Soo Kyung’s ex-husband is never shown in the flashbacks. It seems like a ripe opportunity for a love triangle in Season 2.

The only problem I have with the relationship between Soo Kyung and Dae Young is that I am not sure that I buy his interest in her. Though, to be fair, he does not appear to have interest in anything other than his next meal.

The dishes this episode were garbage. Are they even trying to be appetizing, anymore?

Let's Eat 11.1
I have been to buffets that attempt at refinement by eschewing troughs. Despite appearances, the quality still does not compare to single portion size restaurants.

Canned salmon in kimchi stew
Let's Eat 11.4
This does look delicious in a home arrest sort of way.

Let’s Eat (식샤를 합시다)

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