Let’s Eat Episode 13 recap


Fried chicken and beer 
“Chicken with bones is the way to go.”

Japanese food

Episode Recap

Soo Kyung is in a difficult position after Attorney Kim confesses to liking her, because she has come to realize that she has feelings for Dae Young. She attempts to quash her wild imagination about Dae Young by moving her bed away from the wall they share. The noise sends Dae Young running over, and after helping her with the bed, he has Soo Kyung order fried chicken as payment for his assistance.

Dae Young encourages Soo Kyung to give Attorney Kim a chance. Thinking this means that Dae Young has no interest in her, Soo Kyung sheds tears after he leaves, ignoring texts from Attorney Kim. Meanwhile, Dae Young has a nightmare in which he watches Soo Kyung happily walk away hand-in-hand with Attorney Kim.

Let's Eat 13.4

The next morning, Soo Kyung finds Attorney Kim waiting to drive her to work. When Soo Kyung expresses doubt that they can be a couple, Attorney Kim begs her to give him one day to prove himself as a man.

Attorney Kim’s attention both helps and hinders Soo Kyung as a jealous Attorney Oh responds in petty ways while Kyu Sik butters up the boss’s potential new girlfriend. Later, his wife and Soo Kyung’s friend, Kyung Mi is found cleaning up Soo Kyung’s apartment, and his children request the favour of keeping their father employed until they finish college.

Dae Young has been feeling eyes watching him in the hallway of the officetel. When he finally makes a grab into the shadows, his dry cleaner comes tumbling out. The man is obviously not the “don’t ask” assailant.

Attorney Kim begins his charm offensive by booking an entire restaurant for lunch with Soo Kyung. There are long pauses of awkward silence as they wait for their food. Of course, Soo Kyung relaxes once she is able to stuff her face with Japanese dishes. Poor Attorney Kim stares lovingly at Soo Kyung while she is preoccupied with eating.

Let's Eat 13.7

Dae Young and Jin Yi accidentally walk into the Japanese restaurant, and end up joining them for lunch. When an uncomfortable Soo Kyung steps away, Dae Young reassures Attorney Kim that women only act self-conscious in the presence of the man they like, without realizing that he is the reason rather than Attorney Kim.

The delivery boy from Busan, Kwang Suk calls Jin Yi outside her apartment. After telling her where he will leave her package, his face turns sinister. Later, Dae Young points out to Jin Yi that it appears that the parcel has been tampered with, and they ask to see the officetel’s CCTV footage to find out who the culprit is.

Soo Kyung receives a call from the older brother of the victim of the “don’t ask” assailant that she saved. He insists on treating her to a meal in gratitude. Attorney Kim encourages her to meet with them, and not to take it too seriously.

Dae Young is alarmed when he learns that Soo Kyung is meeting with the victim’s brother since the victim is an only child. He tries unsuccessfully to reach Soo Kyung by phone as she waits on a deserted street, and a man approaches from an alleyway.


The great thing about “Let’s Eat” is that even as it shifts its focus to romance, it has not strayed into angst or melodrama. Or, away from food porn. Though, I wish there was more heat between Soo Kyung and Dae Young.

Soo Kyung is commendable in her practical approach to her potential romance with Attorney Kim. She realizes that he is a great catch for a divorcée like her without a career, family connections or money, but that his family may object to their relationship, so she refuses to jump the gun.

The food was nothing exotic, but looked very tasty, indeed.

Fried Chicken
Let's Eat 13.2
Let's Eat 13.3
My mouth watered while watching Dae Young munching on the dry finish fried chicken. I still remember the BHC Chicken we ate in Seoul with great fondness.

Japanese food
Let's Eat 13.5
Let's Eat 13.1
Let's Eat 13.6

Let’s Eat (식샤를 합시다)

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