Madam Cutie on Duty episode 19 recap

Side dish: Sadly, the roast goose that Tai Shu bought to celebrate a divorce was forgotten when his mother appeared. Make your own Chinese roast goose on a budget thanks to Eating Richly.

Episode Recap

Tai Shu’s father, Bak angrily barges into his estranged wife, Suki’s apartment. He is struck silent by the sight of a painting of a tree on the wall, which hearkens back to happier memories. Their fake daughter-in-law, Apple (Priscilla Wong) intervenes, placing the blame for Suki’s plastic surgery obsession on Bak, though Suki remains apologetic. Bak and Suki both become teary and reconcile as Apple looks on.

Madam Cutie on Duty 19.1

Meanwhile, Tai Shu (Edwin Siu) waits at home with celebratory roast goose, while glumly remembering his mother. He puts on a happy face when Bak arrives home, thinking his father is finally divorced. He is shocked to see Apple and Suki at the door. Bak explains the situation, and defends Suki, claiming that he is partly to blame for her disappearance. Tai Shu shoves his father aside to tell Suki that he will never forgive her for the hardships he faced growing up without a mother.

Apple follows Tai Shu as he storms out. She defends Suki’s reasons for leaving, and reprimands him for refusing to support a reconciliation that obviously makes his father happy. When Tai Shu claims not to care about his mother, Apple simply shows him video footage of his sleepwalking and begging his mother not to abandon him. Apple states that life isn’t fair, and it is up to them to make the best of their lot in life. Tai Shu points out that Apple is not actually his wife, and his family affair is none of her concern.

Madam Cutie on Duty 19.2

Back at the apartment, Suki volunteers to leave Hong Kong. Bak offers to leave with her if Tai Shu does not accept her. Suki insists that their son cannot be abandoned by both parents. Apple looks sad.

Suave police officer, Valentino has just arranged a hook up when he runs into Apple in front of the hotel. Apple proposes that he spend the night with her, and Valentino cancels his plans. Unfortunately, Apple has binge eating in mind. Valentino watches in horror as Apple gorges on cake. She appears oblivious to Valentino’s sexual overtures.

Madam Cutie on Duty 19.3

Tai Shu returns home where Apple’s mother is waiting. An inebriated Tai Shu complains about his mother’s obsession with plastic surgery, but Apple’s mother assumes he is speaking about Apple. She weaves a tale of woe about ugly Apple’s unhappy childhood. Tai Shu appears disturbed, but confused.

A embittered Valentino calls Tai Shu, and purposely misleads him by stating that he and Apple spent the evening together at a hotel. Tai Shu denies that he is interested in Apple’s personal affairs just as Apple steps in the door. Apple’s mother is happy to hear that her daughter was with Valentino, and Tai Shu feigns indifference.

Madam Cutie on Duty 19.4

Alone in their bedroom, Apple reveals to Tai Shu that his mother intends to return to Japan, then bitterly throws his words about her not being his real wife back at him. She elects to sleep on the floor, and they both lie awake, wide eyed and upset.

Meanwhile at Fung Nei’s (Kaki Leung) beauty shop, undercover cop, Ga Lun is waiting for her to mend his split pants. When Fung Nei’s husband arrives, his pent up jealousy explodes. Ga Lun grabs his pants, and runs into the mall with Fung Nei’s husband in pursuit. The mall patrons are treated to the sight of two men in a tussle, which is broken up when Fung Nei attacks Ga Lun with a metal thermos.

Madam Cutie on Duty 19.5

Fung Nei’s mother-in-law returns home to a tense, silent standoff between her son and daughter-in-law. Fung Nei’s husband finally blurts out accusations of infidelity. To his surprise, his mother defends Fung Nei, confident about her daughter-in-law’s character even if she never approved of their marriage. Ga Lun arrives to assure the husband that it really was a case of ripped pants. The husband stubbornly refuses to believe Fung Nei, driving her to leave in despair. He is then abandoned by his exasperated mother, and a curt Ga Lun.

Fung Nei finds comfort with her neighbour, Dan Dan (Mandy Wong), Apple and single mother, Lin Heung (Rachel Kan). She decides to spend the night on Dan Dan’s couch.

Back home, Fung Nei’s husband is already feeling remorse at driving his wife away, and asks his mother to call Fung Nei back. His mother tells him to go be a man, and beg for his wife back. The next day, he takes this to heart, and publicly declares his mistake, slaps himself, and uses baby talk while pouting to win Fung Nei back.

Madam Cutie on Duty 19.6

Fung Nei, her husband and her mother-in-law are happily having dim sum when a fellow diner turns out to be an acquaintance from the older woman’s Chinese opera days. When the man’s nurse shows up, Fung Nei’s mother-in-law thinks she is being talked into moving to a nursing home. It turns out that Fung Nei was only trying to get her mother-in-law to teach Chinese opera to the nursing home residents. Everyone encourages the former Chinese opera star to make a comeback.

After receiving a notice addressed to her loan shark brother of overdue payment on a locker, Ching is convinced that she will find the missing $3,000,000 dollars there. She goes to retrieve the cash, and unbeknownst to her, she is tailed by Ga Lun. Ga Lun has no support from his colleagues, because Tai Shu and Apple are at the estate football match, and Ga Lun ends up losing sight of her.

Madam Cutie on Duty 19.7

Ching finds a gym bag full of cash in her brother’s locker, as she had hoped. The bag also contains more compromising photos of Dan Dan, and all the loan agreements. Ching is leaving with the valuable gym bag when she is spotted by Apple and the women. They realize what Ching might have in her possession, and confront her. During the struggle, their identical gym bags get mixed up. Adding to the chaos, loan sharks arrive in a van, and fight over the four identical gym bags. In the commotion, Ching manages to escape with her gym bag, and the loan sharks kidnap every woman left behind except Apple. The men, minus Tai Shu, come on the scene and jump into a taxi to rescue their women. The two undercover cops are left in the lurch.


After spending 20 years cursing his wife, and teaching his son to hate her, it seems unrealistic that Tai Shu’s father would forgive her so easily, and wholeheartedly. Plus, the reconciliation was ridiculously sentimental, what with Bak and Suki each crying and blaming themselves, then bringing their maudlin show to their son. Tai Shu’s reaction is more understandable, because though he secretly misses his mother, he cannot simply abandon his resentment. It is too bad that Edwin Siu decided to play Tai Shu like a whiny boy rather than an angry man.

On the other hand, Priscilla Wong was pretty fantastic as Apple in this episode. She challenged Tai Shu with conviction, without becoming shrill in her anger or intimidated by his rage. Then, she binges on an alcohol infused cake, and compels player, Valentino to join her, with the faint hope of getting lucky. Here are the highlights.

Madam Cutie on Duty 19.9 Madam Cutie on Duty 19.10 Madam Cutie on Duty 19.11Madam Cutie on Duty 19.12

Madam Cutie on Duty (師奶MADAM)


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