Let’s Eat 2 Episode 8 recap


Strawberry treats, including strawberry cake, a strawberry cream bun, strawberry juice, a strawberries and cream waffle, and strawberry ice cream
“It already feels as if my skin is getting better.”

Strawberry jam and strawberry milk à la halmeoni
“This is the best strawberry milk I’ve ever tasted!”

Pork cutlet (돈까스)

Sweet and sour pork topped with kimchi and pizza cheese (김피탕), spicy pork ribs (돼지갈비), steamed egg custard (계란찜)
“Sure, eat spicy food to relieve your stress. Eat a lot.”

Episode Recap

Insurance salesman Dae Young’s mouth runs away with him as he accidentally tells government worker, Sang Woo that writer, Soo Ji was the one who brought him the rice porridge, because she likes him. Too late to take it back, Dae Young asks Sang Woo’s feelings about Soo Ji. Sang Woo is not interested in getting involved with a woman he works with, and ends the conversation by putting Dae Young in a headlock, and forcing him to do dishes.


In the meantime, the shameless Min Ah (who took credit for making the porridge), sits with her sister, Sang Woo’s co-worker, In Na. In Na berates Min Ah for lying about the porridge, then shrugs it off, since Min Ah will get what she wants regardless. The two of them proceed to stuff themselves with strawberry flavoured treats.


Back at the villa, the grandmotherly Jeom Yi makes strawberry jam, and hands it out to Soo Ji, landlord Mi Ran and Mi Ran’s son. They stuff their faces, and Jeom Yi sends some up to Dae Young. When Soo Ji goes upstairs to give it to him, Dae Young is obviously in the throes of guilt. He becomes even more uncomfortable when Soo Ji thanks him for helping her get closer to Sang Woo, and offers him some of her family members as potential clients.


Back at the convenience store, clerk Hye Rim complains on the phone to a friend about her troubles in making tuition. She’s overheard by a overdressed female customer, who gives Hye Rim a business card, and offers her an obviously shady job, where she can earn enough tuition in a year.

Back at the villa, Mi Ran’s son is ditching class on the roof when Joo Seung comes by. Mi Ran’s son rudely talks back to Joo Seung, then invites himself into his apartment.


Walking down the street, Mi Ran comes across her son shooting at her with a BB gun. Mi Ran shakes the truth out of him, that he bought it with money given to him by a tenant. Believing he means Dae Young, Mi Ran sucks up to Dae Young with a gift. When Dae Young sets her straight, she takes back the gift, and shoos him away.


Back at the office, In Na and Sang Woo discuss marriage, as Sang Woo admits that being sick made him want a relationship. When In Na is called away, Soo Ji arrives, and asks Sang Woo about the porridge. In Na overhears, and passes on the information to Min Ah, adding that Soo Ji is no competition for her. Meanwhile, Sang Woo deflects all of Soo Ji’s attempts to get personal in conversation. In Na makes everything more awkward by making veiled references to Soo Ji overreaching in her quest for Sang Woo.


Joo Seung goes to the convenience store to visit Hye Rim, only to discover that she’s quit. Back at the villa, Joo Seung is so heartbroken over the loss of his crush, that when Jeom Yi tries to feed him his favourite pork cutlet, he weeps his refusal. Jeom Yi ends up giving the food to Taek Soo, then tells him that Joo Seung has nowhere else to get home-cooked meals, since his parents both committed suicide following a bad investment. Taek Soo praises his own excellent detective skills at getting her to give him information, then goes upstairs to eat pork cutlet.


Soo Ji finally works up the courage to ask Sang Woo out, by physically hanging on to him and asking him to buy her dinner. Any response he could make is forestalled by the arrival of In Na and Min Ah. Min Ah drags Sang Woo away, while In Na gets ahold of Soo Ji. In Na takes opportunity to warn Soo Ji off, by lying and telling her that Sang Woo and Min Ah are dating.


Meanwhile, Min Ah drives Sang Woo to a deserted area, and after coming up with a plausible explanation for her lie about the porridge, she attempts to ply him with wine. She follows that up with a confession of love, and then proceeds to dance for him in front of the car. This last tactic is finally effective, and later, she explains her reasoning to In Na, that Sang Woo is timid, and will therefore be attracted to someone free-spirited. In Na is flabbergasted, and doubly so, since it turns out that Min Ah is still dating her last boyfriend.


Taek Soo entices Dae Young out to dinner by inviting him to a famous restaurant. The restaurant turns out to be Hye Rim’s new workplace, and has a lineup of guys outside. When Hye Rim comes out to greet Dae Young, he gets glares from the guys in the lineup. Later, at the table, Hye Rim is annoyed to get a call from the woman who offered her a shady job, but Dae Young intercepts it, and tells the woman to back off.

Joo Seung’s feelings have taken a turn for the insane, as he swears at Hye Rim’s picture on his computer screen. He grabs a pair of scissors and goes out the door, muttering curses to himself. When he finally tracks her down in a dark alley, he’s prevented from attacking by Hye Rim’s assumption that he’s there to visit her. She tells him about her new workplace, then makes him walk her to the bus stop.


Dae Young finds Soo Ji miserably sitting in a park, and mistakenly believes that she found out that Sang Woo knows about her feelings. When the confusion is cleared, Soo Ji attacks him, but is too dispirited by the situation to continue. Lucky for us, it’s cherry blossom season, so even broken hearts can look beautiful as the two of them walk home.


The next morning, Dae Young watches silently while Soo Ji methodically and joylessly stuffs her face with food delivery. Dae Young finally breaks his silence when Soo Ji starts making ramyun (for dessert?). The two of them argue over the proper way to make ramyun, but Soo Ji loses patience and shoves him out.

Later, Soo Ji tosses out her diet pills and exercise gear, since she’s convinced she’ll be alone no matter how she looks. Dae Young is disturbed as she takes a work call, and arranges to work from home instead of going to the office to meet Sang Woo. Later, when Dae Young gets a call from Sang Woo inviting him to play soccer, he agrees to go, but first, kicks Soo Ji out of the house, counselling her to get over it, and take Barassi 2.0 for a walk.


Barassi 2.0 proves to be too much for Soo Ji, and she ends up crying in the park by herself. Meanwhile, Dae Young spends the entire soccer game tackling Sang Woo out of annoyance at his good mood. After the game, Dae Young explains to Sang Woo that he’s angry because Soo Ji is suffering while Sang Woo plays soccer, but Sang Woo seems more worried about potential awkwardness between himself and Soo Ji.


When a drunken Soo Ji calls Dae Young to come and get her from the park, it’s Sang Woo who shows up instead. Soo Ji is too drunk to realize that she’s talking to Sang Woo, and not Dae Young. She grabs him by the hair and berates him for spilling the beans about her feelings to Sang Woo. When he detaches himself, Soo Ji attempts to beat him up as he laughs at her wild swings. When Soo Ji falls over, she starts laughing too, but it quickly turns to tears. Soo Ji passes out before Sang Woo can respond.

The next morning, Dae Young goes over to Soo Ji’s apartment, and finds her in the throes of a terrible hangover. He goes off to buy medicine, and Soo Ji stumbles back to bed, leaving the front door unlocked.


Of course, the first person to show up is not Dae Young, but Sang Woo, to return the container for the porridge, but this time full of soup for her hangover. When a completely flustered Soo Ji asks how he knew about her hangover, Sang Woo tells her about her grabbing his hair and attempting to beat him. As she screeches out her embarrassment, he asks her to date.


Seriously, nothing says romance like a drunk woman attacking someone, and then accidentally confessing her love. But, let’s talk about everything else before we get back to this development.

What’s with this sudden creepiness, Joo Seung? You were more entertaining when you were just hostile rather than insane. Also, when someone wants to feed you delicious pork cutlets, the thing to do is graciously accept, and eat your heartbreak away.

As for In Na, I kind of had her pegged for an insensitive loudmouth, but she’s basically a total jerk. I mean, sure, it’s nice to be on your sister’s side, but this is taking things a little far. And Min Ah seems almost as bad, with her manipulative dating tactics.

But, back to Sang Woo and Soo Ji. Since we’ve never seen real Soo Ji interacting with real Sang Woo, anything’s possible, including a fantastic future relationship for these two. Which would leave the way clear for Dae Young to return to Seoul, and reunite with Soo Kyung and Barassi 1.0. Therefore, I approve!

Back to dramaland reality, Sang Woo was legitimately pretty cute at the end of this episode, if not terribly demonstrative of his affections. Is that second lead syndrome I’m feeling? No, that’s crazy talk. I would never fall for a guy who doesn’t like to eat.

This week’s food was pretty sexy by my estimation, basically because I love ribs, pork cutlet, and fresh strawberries.

Strawberry treats, including strawberry cake, a strawberry cream bun, strawberry juice, strawberries and cream waffle, and strawberry ice cream
Hooray! It’s strawberry season in Korea’s bakeries.

Strawberry jam and strawberry milk à la halmeoni
And, in halmeoni’s kitchen. I love strawberries.

Pork cutlet (돈까스)


Sweet and sour pork topped with kimchi and pizza cheese (김피탕), spicy pork ribs (돼지갈비), steamed egg custard (계란찜)


I watched this show while hungry, and it was a mistake. There is now no more food left in my fridge, but I still didn’t get what I really wanted, which was ribs (I didn’t find the cheese thing that exciting).

Let’s Eat 2 (식샤를 합시다 2)

Coming April 6: Let's Eat 2

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  1. “But, back to Sang Woo and Soo Ji. Since we’ve never seen real Soo Ji interacting with real Sang Woo, anything’s possible, including a fantastic future relationship for these two. Which would leave the way clear for Dae Young to return to Seoul, and reunite with Soo Kyung and Barassi 1.0.” I completely agree!

    I always thought DY and SK were indestructible as a couple (or at least in my mind…), therefore LE S2 owes us an explanation as to why they broke off. The drama has skirted around the issue far enough, imo.

    Anyhoo, Sang Woo is beginning to appreciate the subtleties of fine dining courtesy of Dae Young. Will that be enough to change your mind? Thanks for the recap! I love it.


    1. YES. Where is the explanation for their breakup? Are we only going to get that tease at the beginning? Or are they not explaining it because they didn’t break up? Dare to dream.

      Thanks for reading!!


  2. If this drama is going to make Dae Young pair up with Soo Ji I will be seriously pissed. First of all, although they have great chemistry – I think it’s as close friends only. Making them lovers… it’s just not going to work.. (are they going to fight everytime they eat?)
    Also, in my opinion, I think it’s best if Dae Young is single. I don’t like Soo Kyung from S1 if I’m honest but Dae Young’s already said that he’s not looking to date – he’s in a bad financial situation and his job is too unpredictable. It just feels right for him to be more work-orientated..
    If they’re going to turn into the classic main-lead-feels-heart-ache I will cry in frustration.


      1. Here, here. Also, I do agree with you both, particularly with that “friend” vibe with SJ because it’s just that…they’re behaving more like how normal friends would. I differ with DY & SK though, I found them cute in S1. 🙂


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