Let’s Eat 2 Episode 10 recap


Intestines (곱창)
“On the bulpan, there should be meat only.”

Episode Recap

Creepy roof dweller, Joo Seung carries a suitcase down the stairs and up the street in the middle of the night. He’s stopped by neighbourhood Pomeranian, Barassi 2.0, but scares him off.


Fast-talking insurance salesman, Dae Young is roused from bed by a knock on the door from his neighbour, Soo Ji, who wants to go out to eat intestines for breakfast. Dae Young gives her a weird look, but then confesses that he was craving the same thing. They go off to eat, where they proceed to argue over whether vegetables belong on the same grill as meat (I’m with Dae Young on this one: eat the intestine and vegetables harmoniously). They manage to agree over when to add rice, then proceed to stuff their faces orgasmically.


After demolishing the meal, Soo Ji mentions that she doesn’t eat while out with Sang Woo since he rarely gets hungry. Dae Young is appalled at Sang Woo’s lack of manners, but Soo Ji is too lovestruck to care. On the way out, they both take offence when the restaurant owner mistakes them for a honeymooning couple.

At a bath house, Joo Seung’s crusade of creepiness continues as he washes up, while a news report plays in the background about a dismembered body found in a suitcase.

At the supermarket, landlady Mi Ran, asks her son what he wants for Children’s Day. When it turns out to be a day off from studying, she gives him money instead. Jeom Yi is there as well, and she spots Joo Seung buying a mountain of cleaning products. He shiftily explains that he’s cleaning the container, then goes home to do just that.


Back at the office, In Na directs nasty looks at Sang Woo during a meeting while Soo Ji simpers. When he’s called away, In Na informs Soo Ji that Sang Woo has a girlfriend, and bitchily tells her to get over him. Soo Ji encourages In Na to speculate on how great his girlfriend must be.


Later, when they meet for a date, Soo Ji loses her shoe à la Cinderella, much to Sang Woo’s amusement. When he suggests going for a bike ride, she suggests an out-of-the-way place, so as not to run into anyone. Later, when deciding what to wear for their date, Soo Ji suddenly remembers that she sold her bike. Rather than ask to borrow it back for the day (since Dae Young will nag), Soo Ji goes and buys another one on her credit card.

In the meantime, Taek Soo and Dae Young are wandering around, when Taek Soo notices a doll to give to his daughter for Children’s Day. When Dae Young points out that Taek Soo’s daughter is too old for dolls, Taek Soo is taken aback. He’s even more taken aback when they go to the noodle restaurant where Hye Rim works, only to find her absent.


The next day, Sang Woo and Soo Ji are enjoying their bike ride, but it’s not long before their fun is interrupted by the surprise appearance of In Na, who was shopping for property in the area. When In Na questions the fact that they’re together, Soo Ji stops Sang Woo from telling the truth, and comes up with a stupid lie about her tagging along with Dae Young and Sang Woo.

Sang Woo pretends to take off to the washroom, but instead calls Dae Young on the sly. Dae Young is reluctant to go along with this stupid lie, but is enticed into it when Sang Woo promises to buy insurance. On his way, Dae Young runs into a lonely Taek Soo, and borrows his bike.


When Dae Young finally arrives, In Na immediately notices that Dae Young and Soo Ji have the same bike, and points out to Sang Woo how good the two of them look together. Sang Woo is forced to agree, and they split up, so that Dae Young and Soo Ji can have a date. The two of them proceed to argue over Soo Ji’s repurchase of the bike, but then later, end up at an arcade.


When Sang Woo manages to ditch In Na, he calls Soo Ji, who pretends to be drinking coffee rather than playing games at the arcade. Dae Young is annoyed again, and tries to leave, but Soo Ji asks him to stay in case they run into another co-worker.

Jeom Yi visits Joo Seung’s rooftop hovel, to find him in the middle of putting away what looks like Hye Rim’s stuff. He tries to conceal it from her, but her sharp eyes spot it regardless. Her speculation on why Joo Seung has women’s clothes is cut short by the arrival of Hye Rim.


Jeom Yi is appalled that Hye Rim is staying at Joo Seung’s house (while he stays at the sauna), and drags her away to lecture her. But, when she learns that Hye Rim has a poor family and doesn’t want to worry them, she does little more than give her tissues. The two of them end up watching a drama together, until Joo Seung comes to check in. Hye Rim sends him away, then massages Jeom Yi’s legs for her.


Back at the bike ride, Soo Ji, Sang Woo and Dae Young end up at Soo Ji and Dae Young’s old school. They decide to play The Rose of Sharon has Bloomed, and eat ice cream. Soo Ji tries to suck up to Sang Woo by taking his side against Dae Young in an argument, then dodges the question of what she was like when she was young. When Soo Ji’s stomach rumbles, Dae Young tries to get them to go to dinner, but when Sang Woo denies being hungry, Soo Ji goes along with it, much to Dae Young’s annoyance.


Later, in the car, Sang Woo asks why Soo Ji dodged the question of her childhood, and Soo Ji admits she used to be fat. Sang Woo’s response is to tell her that she would cute if she was fat, and then to sneak a kiss (on the cheek). As they make plans to go backpacking the next weekend, Soo Ji speculates on how weird it was to find In Na alone in the park.


In Na is not only alone at the park, but eating dinner by herself in a packed restaurant, while looking longingly at other people’s families. She’s asked to share a table, since the restaurant is so full, and her seatmate turns out to be Taek Soo. Over dinner, Taek Soo speculates that In Na is in the same situation as him, living alone in Sejong while her family is in Seoul. When he brings up kids, In Na gets annoyed and Taek Soo apologizes.


Dae Young, Sang Woo and Soo Ji arrive back at the villa. Sang Woo asks Dae Young to come along to backpacking with the two of them, to be their cover, but Dae Young angrily refuses and storms off into the house. When Sang Woo realizes that Soo Ji has no camping equipment, they immediately go shopping. The total comes out to an outrageous sum, and Sang Woo tries to pay (as a gift to the girl he likes), but Soo Ji prevents him. Having now racked up a total of $2860 on her credit card, she’s ecstatic that he likes her, but nervous about the bill.

Back at Jeom Yi’s house, Hye Rim finagles an invitation to stay over. When she goes outside to throw out the garbage, she runs into Joo Seung, who offers to buy her an apartment. Hye Rim laughs at the idea, since he lives on a rooftop, and goes inside, but Joo Seung is adamant that he has a lot of money.


Sang Woo drops Soo Ji off at the apartment, and gives her a pair of running shoes to match his own as a gift. Soo Ji is excited, but unsure of what backpacking entails. She looks it up on her phone, and realizes that they’ll be spending the night together camping. Her imagination runs away with her, as she pictures a sleeping bag seduction scene, and giggles to herself.

In the next apartment, Dae Young is reading comic books when it also occurs to him that backpacking means spending the night together. He dismisses the thought and goes back to reading comic books.

Regardless, the next morning, when Soo Ji and Sang Woo arrive at the mountain, they run into Dae Young, who follows them around on their date like an irritable third wheel. When Sang Woo is called in to work, Soo Ji and Dae Young continue to the camping area, while Sang Woo goes back down.


Back at the parking lot, Sang Woo meets an older woman, who turns out to be a fortune teller , and asks for a ride to the bus stop. Along the way, she correctly identifies him as someone who was born in Seoul and raised in comfort. She also states that he does not attract good companions then offers her business card so he can contact her if he wants more insight into himself.

Back on the mountain, an hour later, Dae Young and Soo Ji are struggling to reach a destination that was supposed to be 10 minutes away. When Soo Ji complains about the weight of her backpack, Dae Young takes it, and they keep hiking.


You know, even if she doesn’t end up with Dae Young, Soo Ji’s decision-making abilities are so impaired when she’s with Sang Woo that I worry whether she should be with him either. Not only does she spend $2860 on two dates, but she also drags Dae Young into it to perpetuate a stupid lie. If I was Dae Young, I would react the same way, alternating between worry at the unnecessary facade she puts up for Sang Woo, and annoyance at being dragged along as a third wheel on their dates.

Despite Dae Young’s near-constant presence on Soo Ji and Sang Woo’s dates, I’m not convinced that Soo Ji and Dae Young have any romantic chemistry together. She seems to have zero interest in him, and I can’t interpret their bickering as love; it looks more like siblings than anything else.

By comparison, Sang Woo and Soo Ji seem pretty cute together, aside from Soo Ji’s bizarre spending habits, and Sang Woo’s disinterest in food.

Sadly, thanks to Sang Woo, they didn’t eat much this episode, and aside from the briefly glimpsed Juju bars (쭈쭈바) and In Na and Taek Soo’s steak, the sole meal was intestines. Lucky for me, I like innards.

Intestines (곱창)


Let’s Eat 2 (식샤를 합시다 2)

Coming April 6: Let's Eat 2

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  1. Thanks for the recap, great as always. I now understand the convo between the old lady and Sang Woo. Hmm, so it seems like the writers are hinting at the possible scenario between the three. Third wheel DY and SJ will develop feelings for each other and would probably hide the fact from SW with another of their elaborate schemes. A hurt SW will seek the sanctuary proposed by the old lady? Hehe

    Also, regarding SJ’s irrational spending habit, the girl has too much pride. She’s more comfortable leading a pretentious life of “financial independence” rather than actually admitting the truth. Ah, the lies one weaves for show. Anyhow, if the writers are hell bent on making DY and SJ the endgame, both their precarious financial states would make a relationship between them seem improbable. (Maybe DY will regain his Insurance King status and the new Let’s Eat blog would include SJ – who coincidentally is a great writer?)


    1. That would be kind of reasonable… Though I would prefer them as co-bloggers over a romantic relationship. Then again, it’s only episode 10… They have eight more episodes to fall in love. Who knows? Maybe they’ll convince us.


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