Wednesday Pic-me-up: Kim Ji Seok has a secret weapon

Kim Ji Seok never took his shirt off in “Unkind Women”, and maybe that’s why he lost the girl to Song Jae Rim. I don’t know why the writers handicapped him like that. Sorry if that was a spoiler, but just know that I wrote this before seeing the final episodes of “Unkind Women”. That was how obvious Kim Ji Seok’s imminent defeat was.


    1. But, will he?! The poor guy was up against another actor who tends to play second lead, and he still lost. He will just have to take off his shirt more often to convince casting directors.


      1. Yea that made me mad too but I assumed it was because SJR blew up recently while he’s been around for awhile and stayed low key. Not ~oppaaaaa!~ enough? *throws hands up* I say he should try villainhood.


  1. Well, that’s not the worst that has ever happened to him. Remember INR vol.2? He lost the girl to a total nutjob…I swear it was so perposterous even for a kdrama maniac like yours truly that has left me scarred.It’s not as if I’m a big “opppaaaa” fan of him, it’s not that I don’t fancy LJW more ( because I do!) but that unbelievable mess and ridiculous script were leaving no other choice for the heroine but KJS. At least for any sensible person…But of course, not for the writer. Since he had his (un)fair share of k-dramaland’s injustice, I bid him farewell and I wish him a better luck with his next project ( because 3 out of 3 can be considered a bit of a disaster, right?) 😦


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