Let’s Eat 2 Episode 14 recap


Bean noodles (콩국수)

Fried rice (볶음밥)
“Cooking is the taste of fire.”

Episode Recap


Back at the villa, writer Soo Ji argues with neighbourhood Pomeranian, Barassi 2.0 about the events of the night before, where her heart fluttered at the words of her neighbour, fast-talking insurance salesman, Dae Young. Her over-analyzing is interrupted by the man himself, poking his head out of the window to toss a water bottle into the recycling bin. Faced with his slob behaviour, Soo Ji decides to forget any flutters in her heart, and asks Dae Young out to breakfast. The two of them inevitably argue over how to eat their noodles, before orgasmically stuffing their faces.


Soo Ji attempts to pay for the meal, but Dae Young forestalls her, then gives her money for the bus. As they walk back to the villa, Soo Ji starts giving Dae Young the third degree about his non-existent girlfriend, demanding to see a picture. When he can’t produce one, she makes the leap that his girlfriend must be getting ready to dump him. Dae Young wonders why she’s so happy at this idea.


Back at the villa, elderly resident Jeom Yi examines beauty blogger, Hye Rim’s ID card to check on her eyesight. Convinced that her eyes are fine, she wonders why Joo Seung’s ID had a different photo on it. When she asks Hye Rim if Joo Seung possibly had plastic surgery, Hye Rim laughs off the idea. Jeom Yi is at a loss to explain why Joo Seung looks nothing like his ID photo.


During a work meeting, Soo Ji turns down her boyfriend, Sang Woo’s offer of a date, since she hasn’t been paid yet. Sang Woo makes the assumption that she’s working on her novel, instead. When their co-worker, In Na arrives, she assumes that the weird atmosphere is due to Sang Woo reprimanding Soo Ji. The two of them are relieved not to be caught in their relationship, while In Na gets a nosebleed from too much exercise (what? Is that a thing?).

At the dry cleaners, Dae Young is changing clothes when he gets a call to go play video games with Sang Woo. Soo Ji sees him as he drives away, and gets cranky on the assumption that he’s off to see his girlfriend.


Meanwhile, at Sang Woo’s home, Dae Young is not surprised to find that Sang Woo hasn’t prepared any food. He takes the sad leftovers from Sang Woo’s fridge, and makes fried rice. My head explodes into hearts and flowers as Sang Woo pronounces the final result better than his mom’s cooking. The two of them settle into playing video games, and stuffing their faces with fried rice.

Soo Ji, meanwhile, can’t seem to concentrate on writing her novel, and so goes up to the rooftop to spend time creeping on Dae Young’s blog instead. She spots a possible reflection of his girlfriend (obviously Sang Woo) in a photo of a spoon just as Hye Rim comes to the rooftop, and Soo Ji tries to involve Hye Rim in her quest to find Dae Young’s girlfriend. When Hye Rim points out that she’s acting like a jealous ex, Soo Ji protests, but accepts Hye Rim’s invitation for a free massage.


As they’re getting changed, Hye Rim notices that Soo Ji’s underwear are mismatched, and figures out that Soo Ji and Sang Woo haven’t slept together, yet. Hye Rim offers to teach Soo Ji about the kinds of underwear men like, but her real intentions come out when they’re in the spa: Hye Rim asks Soo Ji if she can live with her instead of Jeom Yi. Soo Ji is only partially convinced by the end of the massage.

Jeom Yi’s curiosity gets the better of her, and she tries to snoop around in Joo Seung’s apartment again, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Joo Seung, himself. He angrily tells her to stay out of his business, but Jeom Yi isn’t put off. When she runs into Taek Soo, she asks him about insurance payouts, and to look into something for her.

Landlady, Mi Ran accidentally steps into Barassi 2.0’s poop. She scolds him, but the next day, when he presents her with money, she not only forgives him, but gets him a dog-house as well. Dae Young is surprised to find Mi Ran fawning over Barassi 2.0. The source of Barassi 2.0’s funds is revealed: out in the woods, Joo Seung’s luggage has come open, with money lying around it.


Back at the government office, Soo Ji, Sang Woo, and In Na are having another meeting, but Soo Ji can’t stop looking at her phone to see whether her pay has come in. I lament the state of banking in Canada, as Soo Ji finally gets the text she was waiting for, alerting her to a replenished account. In Na, meanwhile, takes advantage of the situation to get Soo Ji to treat them all to dinner. Both Soo Ji and Sang Woo avoid the invitation, and give In Na the finger under the table.


At the insurance company where they work, Dae Young comments on Taek Soo’s uncharacteristic burst of energy. Taek Soo explains that he’s looking into Joo Seung, since he also finds him suspicious. Taek Soo asks Dae Young for a drink after work, but he’s busy playing soccer. Taek Soo immediately jumps to the conclusion that Dae Young is meeting Sang Woo, and gets jealous.

Back at the government office, as they’re all leaving, In Na discovers a deal to visit Japan for the weekend, and invites Soo Ji to come along. Sang Woo looks concerned, but the price is higher than Soo Ji’s monthly salary. In Na doesn’t believe that Soo Ji’s salary could be so low, but Sang Woo intervenes before it gets worse, and sends In Na packing with an admonition to do her work rather than think about travelling.

After In Na runs off, Soo Ji receives an offer for work from a college professor. In place of a date, Soo Ji and Sang Woo go for coffee, which Soo Ji is determined to pay for. She leaves her phone behind when she goes to get the coffee, and it’s not long before it rings. While Soo Ji is in the coffee shop talking herself into eating cake, Sang Woo discovers for the first time that she was assaulted, and that they’ve caught the perpetrator.


Sang Woo is understandably angry when Soo Ji returns, but his vehemence startles her into spilling coffee on herself. He calms down and asks her why she didn’t call him. When Soo Ji admits that she didn’t want to worry him, Sang Woo points out that since they’re lovers, they should share both the good and the bad. Soo Ji explains that she only wanted to show her good side so that she won’t be lacking as a girlfriend. Sang Woo reassures her that she’s amazing, and asks whether she was hurt during the attack. When Soo Ji denies any injury, he characteristically curses the attacker.

Later, Soo Ji wanders into a college festival, where a band is playing (a cameo by Jannabi), and thinks back to her sad college life, when she was friendless and fat. She imagines meeting Dae Young then, and hearing his reassuring words from the other night. She wonders if she would have liked him, but dismisses the thought.


Hye Rim meets an overdressed Joo Seung outside of the festival, and brings him in. When her friends comment that she looks old standing next to him, she gets upset, but she’s more annoyed at how slow he is at making a move on her. Hye Rim announces that they should date, and Joo Seung happily agrees. They proceed to go through the festival.


On the soccer pitch, Sang Woo confronts Dae Young about him not mentioning what happened to Soo Ji. When Dae Young points out that Soo Ji is not comfortable with Sang Woo, Sang Woo finally snaps and punches Dae Young. Dae Young punches him back, and the rest of the soccer players break them up as it devolves into a fight.


Back at the festival, in a haze of happiness, Joo Seung goes to buy himself and Hye Rim some churros. While he daydreams at the truck, a student at the school recognizes him and calls him Ahn Chan Soo, a high school classmate who disappeared. Joo Seung denies it and runs away, then drags Hye Rim out of the festival. Back at the villa, Jeom Yi has taken the opportunity to look more closely at his fake ID.


That evening, Dae Young drives up just as Soo Ji gets home. When he doesn’t greet her, she grabs his arm and discovers that his face is bruised and battered (the Kdrama version, meaning he has some blood on his lip). He shakes her off and goes to his apartment, but she can’t leave well enough alone, and follows him to apply medicine. When she won’t leave, Dae Young tells her that his girlfriend hates her, and to orders her to get out. Soo Ji protests, but he points out that she’s crossed the line, and throws her out again. Their eyes meet and hold for a long moment, and then Soo Ji leaves wordlessly. Dae Young’s angry face crumbles into sadness.


Back at her apartment, Soo Ji is prevented from crying by a phone call from Sang Woo. Dae Young, meanwhile, thinks better of his harshness, and goes over to Soo Ji’s apartment to apologize. But, she’s not there to answer the door, because she’s outside with Sang Woo.

Sang Woo tells her he dropped by, because he missed her, but Soo Ji silently starts crying. Sang Woo wonders what’s wrong, and then just holds her. Dae Young, meanwhile, looks miserable as he watches them from the upstairs window.

Back at the festival, Joo Seung and Hye Rim decide to go to Yeosu by train, when Joo Seung notices that he doesn’t have enough money. He makes an excuse to Hye Rim and goes back to the villa. While he’s there, he runs into Jeom Yi, who confronts him about the fake ID. When he tries to take it from her, they struggle in the stairwell.

Meanwhile, Taek Soo gets a call as he leaves the office, that someone has sent him Joo Seung’s file. He decides to go home rather than return to the office to look at it. Back at the villa, Jeom Yi falls down the stairs as Joo Seung looks horrified.



The problem with Soo Ji and Sang Woo is that they both depend on Dae Young for the kinds of interactions that they’re not getting with each other. When Soo Ji needs comfort, or to casually hang out with someone, she calls Dae Young. When Sang Woo wants to unwind and have a relaxing day at his house, he calls Dae Young. It’s patently unfair for Sang Woo to hurl accusations that Dae Young is getting in between them, when it’s the two of them that keep dragging him in. And, getting angry at Dae Young for not telling him something that was Soo Ji’s responsibility to tell is ridiculous; keeping Soo Ji’s confidence – the actual victim of the assault – is obviously more important than keeping Sang Woo informed. If I feel bad for anyone in this situation, it’s Dae Young, who not only has feelings for Soo Ji, but considers Sang Woo a good friend. Their reliance on him to bridge their communication gap is, at best, annoying.

As for Soo Ji, well, I really can’t see how she’s going to end up with a guy she can’t be honest with. Dae Young had a point when he told Sang Woo that she wasn’t comfortable with him, but he said it to the wrong person; the fault for this situation lies with Soo Ji. Her inability to be honest with Sang Woo is beginning to border on the pathological, though at least, in this episode, she bought coffee instead of spending another $1000. On the other hand, Sang Woo’s misdirected anger screwed up the only healthy relationship on this show: Sang Woo and Dae Young. Sigh.


One thing I’ll add here: the actors have all been good at balancing the more dramatic moments with the humour. All of the leads have been believable, whether they’re being ridiculous or serious, which is a tough line to walk. Anyway, we were so taken up with drama, what with the love triangle theatrics, and Joo Seung’s secret identity, that there wasn’t much food. On the plus side, I discovered a new dish. How exciting!

Bean noodles (콩국수)
I’d never even heard of this prior to watching this episode, and now I really want to try.

Fried rice (볶음밥)

Let’s Eat 2 (식샤를 합시다 2)

Coming April 6: Let's Eat 2

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  1. I had that bean soup for the first time the day before the episode aired. It had canned pineapple chunks in it! The waitresses were concerned I wasn’t putting enough salt in it, which is hilarious. It’s super easy to make and I think it will become a go-to this summer.


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