Wednesday Pic-me-up: Kwon Yool winks and smokes

“Let’s Eat 2” finishes next week. If it wasn’t for the two episode extension, the K-drama would be over by now. Then, we would have time to check out the Kwon Yool movie that Sang Woo and Soo Ji enjoyed, Roaring Currents.

Here’s another photo of Kwon Yool from Elle Korea, because the second season of “Let’s Eat” needs two photos to cleanse the palate. Thanks to

Kwon Yool Elle


  1. Can’t wait to see it! Am trying to block a weekend for it so I can watch it back to back
    Will you be doing a Let’s Eat 2 menu list again? Think that was how I found your blog to start with….

    I am going to make sure I will have lots of Korean food stocked up so I won’t be drooling all over while watching


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