Liebster 3.0!

We’ve been nominated for some Liebsters! Since we can’t just bask in the love without giving something back, here are our answers to some fabulous questions from The Crazy Ahjummas, Kdrama Endings, and Odessa at K-drama Today. Check out their blogs, they are all excellent.

Questions from Kdrama Endings!

#1 – What is your favorite album and why?

I’m not great at picking favourites, so let’s narrow it down. My favourite Jdrama soundtrack is from “River’s Edge Okawabata Detective Agency”. Here’s the song from the opening credits.

#2 – Most people have “faces” that they can’t stand and can’t explain why, is there one actor or actress whose face irritates you?

Not really. I occasionally find excessive, obvious, bad plastic surgery hard to watch, but only if it’s really bad. I can’t point at anyone who bugs me that much, though.

#3 – Since we’re talking about looks, Lee Min-Ho, Cha Seung-Won or Kang Ha-Neul?

Cha Seung Won W Magaine

Cha Seung Won. Amirite?

#4 – Have you ever been to South Korea? If so, how was it?

I haven’t, but JK went and she loved it. You can see her blog posts about it here and here. Someday, it’ll be my turn…

#5 – What is the first korean word or expression that you’ve learned from dramas?

Ahjumma! Speaking of ahjummas…

Questions from The Crazy Ahjummas!

#1 – What is the most underrated drama you have seen? One that was amazing but it seemed no one was giving it the love it deserved.

The first few episodes of “Blade Man” were pretty amazing. It went downhill pretty fast, though, so I can’t blame people for not committing to the insane premise.

#2 – On the flip side of that, what would you say was the most overrated drama? The one that everyone was gushing over and you wondered what was in their Kool-Aid.

“Heirs”. I finished it, but I regret ever picking it up.

#3 – Play, rewind, repeat. Which drama have you watched the most?

It’s between “Coffee Prince” and “Queen In Hyun’s Man”. I almost never rewatch anything, but I’ve probably spent the most time with those two.

#4 – It’s like watching myself on screen. Which drama character do you most identify with personally?

Let’s go with the character I most want to identify with: Shim Ji Hye from “Emergency Couple. She was really, amazingly cool.

Emergency Couple Shim Ji Hye 2

#5 – Since Mother’s Day is coming up here in the States, which drama momma would you choose to be yours?

The mom from “I Hear Your Voice”. She kicked so much ass.

#6 – Which drama momma would you chuck off a cliff?

Oh, man. So many horrible drama mommas. How about the mom from “Heart to Heart”? She was awful.

#7 – Pick your favorite and least favorite genre. Or even your favorite country of origin (and if your favorite is Korea, which it probably is, because, duh, they’re the best^^, then your second favorite). Or even your favorite ice cream. Knock yourself out on this one.

My favourite genre is romantic comedy… when it’s written really well. When it’s written poorly, it becomes my least favourite genre.

#8 – Casting couch. If you could recast a drama, what would it be?

I would recast “Kodoku no Gurume” with myself as the main character. Yes, I too can eat my way through Tokyo, given the chance.

#9 – Idols. In Kdrama. Pro or con?

Why not? If they can act, I’m all for it. One great recent example is Lee Joon in “Heard It Through the Grapevine”. He’s not carrying the drama by any stretch, but he’s done really well with his role. Or Im Si Wan in “Misaeng”. Or Yoon Doo Joon in “Let’s Eat” and “Let’s Eat 2”. My only sticking point is idol actors being cast in much older roles. They tend to look like kids playing dress up.

#10 – Have you ever tried a new food just because you saw it in a drama? If so, what was it and how was it?

Budae Jjigae! It wasn’t as good as it looked in the drama, but it was still pretty amazing.

#11 – Loser or Bae Bae?

Based on the weirdness of the video alone, I’ll go with “Bae Bae”.

Questions from Odessa!

#1 – What K-drama apartment or place of residence do you most want to live in (rent-free of course)?

It’s between Han Gyul’s apartment from “Coffee Prince” and the house from “Blade Man”. I can’t decide.

#2 – What drama did you expect to hate and then surprise yourself by loving?

“King of High School Savvy”. The premise was so awful that the only reason I started watching was Seo In Guk. And yet, it became one of my favourites.

#3 – What OST song annoyed you more than any other? You know, the one that made you cringe by episode 16.

“Love is the Moment” from “Heirs”. I still have nightmares about that song. When they referenced it as a joke in “Warm and Cozy”, I literally shuddered.

#4 – If you could visit Korea, what place would you most want to visit and what food would you most want to eat?

Having watched the first episodes of “Warm and Cozy”, I’d have to go with Jejudo.

Just kidding! Seoul, of course. I like big cities where I can stuff myself, and Seoul looks like it fits the bill. What would I eat there? EVERYTHING.

#5 – Did you ever catch yourself so absorbed in a drama you just read a subtitle out loud?

I can’t say I have. I did drool on my laptop during an eating scene in “Let’s Eat”. Does that count?

#6 – What is a K-drama scene that made you cry? (I’m not much of a crier, but a few dramas have had me weeping buckets.)

Only one so far, and it’s a spoiler. We wrote a whole post about it, which, if you don’t mind spoilers, can be found here. JK cries way more than I do, because she’s a sap.

#7 – If you had to choose your favorite four leads for your dream K-drama cast, who would you choose?

I can’t say they’re my favourites, but here’s a Kdrama combination I would enjoy: How about Seo In Guk, Byun Yo Han, Jung Ryeo Won and Jeon Ji Hyun? I don’t know if they’d have any chemistry, but I bet it would be funny. Make the comedy happen, people!

#8 – What are your favorite movies and/or shows that have nothing to do with Korea?

My favourite movie that has nothing to do with Korea right now is Mad Max: Fury Road, with the single caveat that if you don’t see this movie on a big screen, then don’t bother. Otherwise, it’s gloriously insane.

#9 – What has been your hardest post to write?

The hardest one to write was the review of Café Lumière. It’s much easier to write a review of something you don’t like, but I loved this movie, so it was pretty difficult.

#10 – How has your drama habit affected the people around you in real life? Do any of them watch dramas now? Or do you keep your blogging top secret?

I can’t be bothered to keep it secret, but my openness has basically forced my significant other to occasionally watch dramas with me. It’s not so bad; he got budae jjigae out of it.

#11 – What is something you’ve learned about blogging or computers thanks to your K-drama site?

I’ve become a self-styled WordPress expert. Does that count?


This may not be in the spirit of the Liebster, but we’re going to go with nominating our readers. You guys are awesome! Post your answer in the comments or wherever you feel like and let us know so we can link to you.

#1 – If someone wrist grabbed you in real life, how much would you hurt them on a scale of one to 10?

#2 – What’s your favourite Korean dish? Have you learned how to make it?

#3 – Do you ever wish someone would smile during a shower scene?

#4 – Who’s your favourite lead actress? Name the dramas that made you fall in love.

#5 – What’s your favourite Kdrama trope? What’s your least favourite?

Thanks again for the nominations!!!


  1. Nice answers to the Liebster. And thanks, Cha Seung on is ALWAYS the answer 🙂

    #1. 12

    #2. I don’t have a favorite korean dish. I have tried buddae jigae and some others but not found one I absolutely went gaga for.

    #3. YES!! And dance and wiggle a bit. That would be awesome

    #4. I think it would have to be Gong Hyo Jin. Drama- Master’s Sun

    #5. My favorite trope is a well done RomCom or Crime show. Love them equally.
    Least favorite trope- Melo or the worst is romcom that turns melo. Maddening


    1. Love your answer to #3!!! Imagine if “Disco Inferno” was the soundtrack to a brooding shower scene. My life would be complete.

      Thanks for answering… and for reading!


  2. HHAHAHAAHH I prefer Cha Seung-Won too LOL!!! Thanks for taking the time to reply, loved the answers. Hope you go to SK soon, it’s a really cool place. 🙂


  3. Loved reading your answers! Here are mine:

    1) Depends on what kind of wrist grab! A romantic, OTP one would be a 0-2, anything else would be 10. But if it’s Kim Soo Hyun on the other end of the hand…grab away.

    2) Korean BBQ. Does grilling it at a restaurant count as learning to cook it?

    3) Nah. Might be kinda weird if someone randomly smiled while showering lol.

    4) Go Ah Sung isn’t technically a drama actress, although she is starring in “Heard It Through the Grapevine.” I loved her in the movies, The Host & Snowpiercer.

    5) Favorite drama trope is the vacation/out-of-office excursion that they OTP always goes on in romcoms. Least favorite would one of the leads will eventually disappear for a couple of months in a “sacrificial” move.


  4. Thanks for answering–I love your answers! And that River’s Edge tune is very sweet. “Love is the Moment” still appears in my worst nightmares, engaged in a vicious cat fight with the other song of my nightmares, “Love is My Pain.” Shudder.

    Your questions made me smile, because I remembered 1) I once punched a man who grabbed me on a bus (does that count as 1 or 10?), 2) I haven’t actually learned to cook black bean noodles yet because I have an H-mart nearby, 3) how weird is it that no one in K-dramas sings in the shower? is that not a Korean thing? 4) my life would be poorer without Gong Hyo-Jin but Song Ji-Hyo makes me happy too, and 5) I’m a sucker for OTPs randomly meeting at sidewalk soju and snack joints. Or random meetings in general–it’s destiny.


  5. I have no idea what Liebster is, but here we go!

    #1 – In an ideal world, (if I had the strength to), probably 8 and flip them over my shoulder or something badass.

    #2 – I haven’t actually tried that many Korean dishes… but I’ll go with jajangmyun, because it’s basically zhajiangmian (炸醬麵), right? I’ve had that. It’s good. ^^

    #3 – That would… almost be creepy. No.

    #4 – Han Groo, then Park Min Young and then Park Shin Hye. I really super enjoyed Marriage Not Dating, and of course City Hunter and then Healer for the reverse wristgrabs, but I’ve seen Park Shin Hye the most and while her characters almost always annoy me (You’re Beautiful, Heirs), there’s something about her that makes me keep watching (Pinocchio).

    #5 – My favorite trope would probably be the super-nice-and-adorably-sweet second lead. Least favorite? Evil, grumpy parents/in-laws.


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