Let’s Eat 2 Episode 17 recap


A variety of Korean pancakes (전)
What did they put in here? Drugs?

Acorn jelly salad (도토리묵 무침)

Salt Grilled Shrimp (새우소금 구이)
You eat just the salt. I’ll eat all the prawns.

Octopus Shabu Shabu (낙지샤브샤브)

Episode Recap

Civil servant, Sang Woo is driving as a montage of moments with his ex-girlfriend, Soo Ji plays out in his head. He makes a abrupt u-turn and is waiting when Soo Ji comes out of her apartment. Soo Ji awkwardly asks why he has shown up unannounced, and Sang Woo offers her a ride to work. He nervously pretends like she did not break up with him the night before, and Soo Ji reluctantly gets into his car. Insurance salesman, Dae Young exits just in time to watch them drive away. At that moment, he receives a call from his colleague, and decides to accept the job in Seoul.

Lets Eat 2 17.1

When they arrive at work, Sang Woo attempts to plan a date, but Soo Ji can only stare at him with pity, and apologize. Sang Woo reveals how lonely he was until he started dating her, and asks if they can try again. Soo Ji turns him down without preamble, and accepts that he might resent her for her decision to break up. She leaves behind the expensive necklace that he gave her, and wipes away a tear as she walks away.

Meanwhile, on the villa rooftop, land lady, Mi Ran feels relieved to have gotten rid of the illegal dwelling. Dae Young gives her and beauty blogger, Hye Rim a positive update on the trial of former rooftop resident, Chan Soo. Just then, Mi Ran’s son, Joo Won arrives, and though his mother is hectoring him about math tutoring, he becomes lost in Hye Rim’s smile. Dae Young notes that all men fall under Hye Rim’s spell.

At the government office, In Ah notices a chill between Sang Woo and Soo Ji, but attributes the mood to it being Soo Ji’s last day of work. When Soo Ji attempts to take leave without ceremony, In Ah stops her and badgers Sang Woo into treating them to a farewell dinner.

Lets Eat 2 17.2

Dae Young’s colleague, Taek Soo proudly announces that he has resolved the case of insurance fraud concerning Joo Seung and Chan Soo. Dae Young disputes this, but agrees to buy him drinks and dinner, anyway. When Taek Soo dismisses Korean pancakes, Dae Young launches into another food lecture about what a great source of egg and oil they are. Taek Soo quickly shoots down his logic by citing his health problems resulting from too much protein and oil. Dae Young readily gives in to Taek Soo, who comments on how strange it is that Dae Young is being so good to him.

In Ah is the only one enjoying herself at Soo Ji’s farewell dinner, and it turns out that she is celebrating her divorce. In Ah still notices that the interactions between the couple appear strained, but attributes it to them pitying her divorcée status. When Soo Ji and Sang Woo refuse to do a love shot, In Ah does a self love shot.

After dinner, Dae Young continues to fulfill all of Taek Soo’s dreams by taking him to a noraebang and inviting him to live in his apartment. Then, Dae Young drops the bomb: he is returning to Seoul. Taek Soo drops the microphone in response to this betrayal, begs Dae Young to stay, then sings of his heartbreak while staring at Dae Young. It is as if he is reading Taek Soo’s mind when Dae Young objects to the sentimental montage playing out.

Lets Eat 2 17.4

In Ah and Soo Ji drag a near unconscious Sang Woo to his car to meet the hired driver. When Soo Ji attempts to send Sang Woo off, In Ah shoves her in beside Sang Woo. Soo Ji ends up helping Sang Woo into his apartment, past two hard working robot vacuum cleaners, and into bed. When Soo Ji attempts to leave, Sang Woo catches her wrist, and begs to know what he can do to stop her from leaving. Soo Ji looks miserable and says nothing.

The next morning, Sang Woo wakes up in bed, and finds Soo Ji sleeping in a chair in his living room. Soo Ji is half-asleep as she explains that she did not feel like she could safely leave Sang Woo alone in his inebriated state. Sang Woo accuses Soo Ji of giving him false hope of a second chance, and when she apologizes, he tells her to stop doing things that she will have to apologize for. He lies about Dae Young not having any feelings for her, and Soo Ji states that the break up is so she can focus on herself and build her self-confidence. Sang Woo optimistically asks if he can find her when she becomes a successful writer.

Lets Eat 2 17.5

Dae Young goes to notify Mi Ran of his imminent departure, but reassures her that he has already found a replacement tenant in Taek Soo. Having resolved the issue of rent, Mi Ran is freely expressing regret at Dae Young’s leaving when she receives a call informing her that her elderly tenant, Jeom Yi has finally woken from her coma. They run into Soo Ji coming home, and she immediately decides to join them for a visit to the hospital.

Upon their arrival, a healthy looking Jeom Yi instantly asks where Joo Seung is. When Mi Ran reveals that he was incarcerated, Jeom Yi assumes that he was arrested for pushing her down the stairs. The visitors all looked shocked by this revelation before Mi Ran reveals that the reason was identity fraud. Jeom Yi’s subdued reaction betrays prior knowledge of this, but she quickly denies this. Later, Soo Ji wonders why Jeom Yi protected Joo Seung. Mi Ran reveals that Jeom Yi lost her son when he was Joo Seung’s age.

Hye Rim learns of Jeom Yi’s awakening and shares the happy news with Barassi 2.0 who does a little roll in celebration. Joo Wan appears and when he learns that Hye Rim will have to move out now that Jeom Yi is back, he offers to let her live on the third floor for free since he is the owner of the building. Hye Rim dismisses his claim then leaves. Taek Soo arrives at that moment and Joo Wan challenges him, again as the self-identified owner of the villa. Taek Soo reprimands Joo Wan for his bratty ways, and sends him running.

Lets Eat 2 17.6

Soo Ji inadvertently finds out that Dae Young is moving back to Seoul, and is haunted by the memory of being left behind by Dae Young as a child before she had a chance to confess her feelings. However, Soo Ji recovers sufficiently to jovially invite Dae Young to eat grilled shrimp, and he readily accepts the invite. In the car, Soo Ji is caught staring sadly at Dae Young. She explains that she does not know who she will drag out to eat with when he is gone. Dae Young has his own memory montage of their gluttonous ways, and then, their camping trip.

At the restaurant, Soo Ji and Dae Young argue about the relevance of salt being in season, and the correct way to eat shrimp. Dae Young’s method is definitely faster since he does not remove the shell like Soo Ji does. Dae Young then sticks a live octopus right into the boiling pot. In spite of this gruesome display, they eat ravenously, pausing every so often to give each other longing looks. The restaurant proprietor mistakes them for a couple and offers them a room in the attached guest house. Dae Young and Soo Ji react in horror.

Lets Eat 2 17.10

While walking along the beach, Soo Ji spots an amusement park. Since she has never been to one during her lonely childhood, Soo Ji convinces a reluctant Dae Young to go with her while wearing ridiculous head gear. A ride operator also mistakes them for a couple.

It turns out that Dae Young does not have the stomach for rides, so Soo Ji challenges him to a shooting contest in which the loser will grant the winner a wish. Dae Young is confident since he was a marksman during his tour of duty. Soo Ji wins and gloats as Dae Young peevishly demands to know if she also served in the army. When asked what she wishes for, Soo Ji sobers up and stares at an expectant Dae Young.

Lets Eat 2 17.11


It is unfortunate that the writers decided to turn Sang Woo into a desperate person who can’t take “no” for an answer, because he was a strong second male lead until this episode. Perhaps too strong, so they had to reduce him to begging. In comparison, Soo Ji looks dignified, with her firm insistence on breaking up. However, it was back to status quo the morning after Sang Woo’s drinking binge, with Sang Woo regaining some self-respect, and Soo Ji giving the flaky “it’s not you, it’s me” spiel.

Two characters who improved considerably in this episode were In Ah and Taek Soo. In Ah was hilariously giddy about being newly divorced, which brought about great moments like the double high five left in limbo, and the self love shot. Taek Soo was also fantastic in his heartbroken noraebang performance, and then, in putting the bratty Joo Wan in his place. If only they had made these two side characters this likeable from the beginning. Then I would have found them more amusing, and less annoying.

I must agree with the sexually liberal restaurant proprietor and the obnoxious ride operator: Soo Ji and Dae Young are looking like a couple. It will be a relationship based on gluttony, but at least they appear at ease and happy with each other.

The food porn was fantastic as usual, though I think I will skip the octopus being boiled alive.

Korean pancake (전)
Lets Eat 2 17.3
The oft repeated advice in this episode was to eat Korean pancake while it is hot. This is because it becomes a greasy, unappealing mess when it is cold.

Acorn jelly salad (도토리묵 무침)
Lets Eat 2 17.12

Salt Grilled Shrimp (새우소금 구이)
Lets Eat 2 17.7
Sometimes I eat shrimp with the shell on like Dae Young, and sometimes, I take the time to remove it like Soo Ji. It all depends on the cooking method and the competition. In this case, I suspect that the shell would probably be pretty tasty thanks to the salt.

Octopus Shabu Shabu (낙지샤브샤브)
Lets Eat 2 17.8
To be honest, I am not a fan of cooking something to death. Please kill it quickly then stick it in the pot.

Let’s Eat 2 (식샤를 합시다 2)

Coming April 6: Let's Eat 2

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  1. I made jeon this weekend, although I only get to make pajeon since husband doesn’t like kimchi jeon, my favorite . Imma make him watch this series with me sometime, but we’ll skip the octopus scene, too.


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