Tasty Tuesday: Gramercy Tavern

The New York Times said it best: “Gramercy Tavern is not an exciting restaurant, but it’s a soothing, warm, rewarding one…” The Constant Comfort of an Old Friend

Marinated Scallops
Gramercy Tavern Marinated Scallops

Lobster Salad
Gramercy Tavern Lobster Salad

Toasted Tagliatelle
Gramercy Tavern Toasted Tagliatelle

Duck Breast and Smoked Thigh
Gramercy Tavern Duck Breast and Smoked Thigh

Orange: Vanilla Rice Pudding, White Chocolate Krispies and Basil
Gramercy Tavern Orange

Coffee cake with the bill as a take away
Gramercy Tavern Coffee Cake to go

Gramercy Tavern, 42 E 20th St, New York, NY

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